Top Tweets Feb 19: JuD?! Peace Talks with Afghan Taliban & Pakistan’s Blasphemy Problem

Malik Omaid


There was a lot of laughter on Chaudhry Nisar’s wardrobe and his personality resembling some “actor” during his current US visit by the Pakistani Twitterati but as Omar Qureshi reported yesterday this statement by our Interior Minister is crueler joke. Pakistani Govt. does not have much data about JuD. Well ask the Army!

While there was a lot of criticism on KPK Govt. for allowing teachers to keep weapons and providing them training, eventually they had to stop. Now it’s the PPP led Sindh Govt. which has started to follow the same notorious step.

  Imran Khan asked very pertinent questions regarding the destroying of the Pakistani boat by Indian authorities. According to Naxatra News India: “The opposition parties had pulled up the government after it was aired on the media that Indian coast guard foiled a 26/11 like attack in India chasing a Pakistani boat off Porbandar in Gujarat on Dec 31 night. The boat reportedly laden with explosives was exploded and sunk into the sea after the crew of the boat set itself on fire when the operation team warned them to stop.”



Dawn reported:

“Earlier, a Reuters report had quoted senior Pakistani army and diplomatic officials as saying that the Afghan Taliban have signalled through the Pakistani military that they are willing to open peace talks, which could be held later in the day.”

Reuters Pakistan correspondent tweeted.

& retweeted.

Pakistan’s Blasphemy problem is worsening day by day. These charts and the report by Dawn tells the story.


Meanwhile Shia Killing continued as a “blow back” to operation Zarb-e-Azb. It is an irony that terrorists responds to military operations and militant executions by sectarian killing. SIGNS for the faithful!


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