Top Tweets Feb 23: Apology by Mullah Abdul Aziz, Moin Khan in Casino and a Perfect Pakistani

Malik Omaid

Justice Rana Bhagwan Das passed away yesterday, the only person in “Islami Pakistan” to whom everyone had faith and trust but the most talked about topics yesterday were about Moin Khan going to casino and fikar e Maududi. Such is our behavior towards our real heroes. While I leave fikar e Maududi to his followers there was another very important issue which was in yesterday twitter trends and it was the “apology of the Notorious Mullah Abdul Aziz”. While Interior Minister claims that Mullah Abdul Aziz submitted an apology to police on defending APS attack on 16th December the spokesman of the Lal Masjid denies any such claims.

A jingoistic trend #APerfectPakistani trended yesterday. Many gave satirical signs of our usual national behavior.

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