Thirteen Pakistani Memes that perfectly describes Pakistan vs South Africa Match

Malik Omaid


From the beginning of this world cup Pakistani social media is in frenzy. We have forgot almost all national issues and these days World Cup is on top priority. Even senate elections cannot match the way cricket is being discussed. Part of this is because of “unpredictable” nature of Pakistani team performance. I have yet to remember a tournament when our qualifying to next level is not connected to the performance of other teams. After the defeats from India and West Indies this world cup fever became madness and even Wasim Akram had to ask public in social media to “criticize a little less” as this will create more pressure on team performance. Moeen Khan’s casino controversy added fuel to already “mad” crowd in social media but as Pakistan started to win matches from Zimbabwe and UAE things started to slow down and overall criticism on the team was less but it was Nasir Jamshed and Waqar Younis who were under constant criticism for giving him constant chances despite bad performance and not believing in Sarfaraz Ahmad. This became a controversy in itself. South Africa’s match was actually written off from over all Pakistani conscience. We were calculating our Run Rate and the points of others because we could not believe we would defeat South Africa so the overall debate was how we will come 4th in the group. Today during and after the match as the whole nation was in joy so was the social media and everyone dozens of memes were made to describe today’s match. Some of them are here for our readers.

The before match assumptions and emotions:

Sarfaraz Started to perform well, actually surprise us all:


The moment Pakistani batting started to crumble and “Misbah’s Critics” started blaming him:


Then the things started to become better. Good I woke up after Pakistan’s innings after all I had really written off this match. “Ki vekh ke karna“.


Moeen Khan was not forgotten during the match and many twitteraties continued to pay him tribute.


and this one also


Pakistani public before the match and after the match started to turn in Pakistan’s favour.


All during the match Sarfaraz was in highlight.


Indian touch is always present in Pakistani social media.


Yes this is not a lie, I prayed for the rain!!!


Star Sports did not stopped trolling Pakistani spectators through out the tournament so this one was for them.13

Finally Pakistan beat South Africa in World cup. Now who would have thought that?


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  • Namboodiripad

    Yakeen tau nahi araha but great job! Thumbs up for the ‘before and after’ cat and the maachis milegi memes.

  • all so true

  • Wonderful sharing.. keep it up..