Macaulayism breeds Dynasty Education

Andaleeb Rizvi

Expensive Education

Unemployment is such a boon for the activist. Going to protests holding placards and chanting slogans against whomever. The government too likes it this way. The angry unemployed going around on streets asking for one thing or another, while they themselves languish in their lavish abodes with offspring sent to boarding schools and foreign universities at the cost of the unemployed.

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When they come back, their favourite jobs are at the top of the corporate ladder. Though a few guilt ridden ones, who had too much of socialism at their local or foreign college campus turn to become comrades of the unemployed.
They lead them on streets and in alleys and in front of press clubs. Talking to them of the oppression they face, and how it is turning them sub-human. The blood of the unemployed is charged by the elite school graduate’s wise words.
There are so many of such great philanthropists in Pakistan. Some who run NGOs, others who run political parties, and some others who spread such ideas through their music. There’s a dearth of these bleeding heart types who claim they climbed the social ladder because of their talent, and not their daddy’s bank account.

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It just does not stop here. The stratified education system also plays a role in getting jobs as clerks or as executives. The fresh graduate of a state-run university is worthy of a low-paying job, whereas the elite school fresh grad, who hardly can come on time, and is mostly wanting to go on vacations every few weeks is given a salary twice as much as the local-Urdu medium type.
This category of Urdu-medium is not because he is from an Urdu-speaking family. Mostly it is to do with the class he comes from- the working class.
Higher on top of both of these is the one who graduated from some obscure foreign university. This person, even without the right qualifications, qualifies for the job.
And much higher, beyond the reach of these ‘humbles’ is the Oxford, Ivy-league grad. These kinds, who mostly attribute their success to either meritocracy or talent, refuse to accept their access to abundant resources was more responsible for their success. Also, they don’t forget to remind you of a very few individuals who struggled from day one to get a scholarship at the top-global institutes.

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A recent incident, narrated by a friend, the guy on the top refused to employ a ‘maila-Urdu medium’ with at least five years of experience because he thought an IBA fresh graduate, with no experience ‘looked better’.
This sad occurrence is not isolated. This discrimination starts very early in life. With 25 million children out of school, and hardly any hope for their future, it is not a wonder that those who are lucky enough to go to school, college, and then university have a long struggle ahead.

مزید پرھیے:

محترم عمران خان صاحب !  کلاشنکوف کمپنی کے اراکین نیا پاکستان میں سکولوں کے اندر” بندوق پھیلاؤ”مہم میں آپ کے شانہ بشانہ ہے

Creating jobs for such ‘lucky’ ones is not on the agenda, for they’ve already utilized their share of available luck. The jobs are kept for the haves, have-nots are better off at getting hired to chant slogans at political rallies or religious sit-ins.
The British might have left, but we still prefer hiring the Macaulay breed.
This breed might forever rule us as long as we have dynasty politics. But it is not just the political system in Pakistan that is a victim of the dynasties; the educational dynasties aren’t very much different either.
And perhaps one may even propose abolishing dynasty education to get rid of dynasty politics.

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The writer is a Sub-editor at The News and Teacher at Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi. She tweets @andaleebRizvi