Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria- An enchantment for Western women

Muqeet Tahir Malik british girls“Women”,a word conveying deep meanings but defined as an adult female. Have you ever wondered that how do militant wings attract women? How are they agile to cajole  women to marry? What is the consaguinity of Naïve romanticism with western women joining isis? How efficacious is social media in the campaign of “Jihadi Brides”?  Did you ever try to figure out relationship between Liberal fascist and religious extremists? Aforementioned are pertinent questions that are to be answered ever in near future. The women history in battle field is a long one that sprouted from the renaissance to world war 1,and then female warriors in Armies on the principle of” Maximise resources mobilisation” .  Similarly, the Hindu Right party, Nazi women, and the renowned abetting or the Ku Klux Klan.   IS, islamic state or “Daish” in urdu burgeoned up from a town near Baghdad to the largest banned extremist force in middle east .
When ISIS took over the Syrian city of Raqqa in 2013, a female security force was indispensable  to certify  that domestic  women complied with Islamic dress code laws .However, the inclusion of women brigades like 111 Female brigade in Al Khansaa of IS is a fundamental change in militants .Al- Qaeda’s chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri  had denied any women presence other than Mujahid’s household prerequisites but  this group has overpowered  it too. Organisation has began recruitment of women soldiers on a myriad scale,galvanising, them to marry Jihadis in order to act as  bondage to them. By bondage,they mean that once a Jihadi has a son or daughter then he would remain loyal to IS  or else would be punished as ingrained in Sharia jurisprudence. It begin from Algeria where Al-Qaeda soldiers were in wedlock with Tunisian girls. Islamic pre early warfare had some resemblance to this concept but women were never utilised as tools for reproduction.

Secondly, ,the cases for joining IS for women are to  be expounded upon. There are official reports of 80 to 100 women from Europe according to BBC distinctly belonging to  United Kingdom,and France  have travelled to Syria en route  Turkey to agglutinate the militant extremist movement Islamic State (IS).The Tunisian border has been unsecured as infiltration of women to Syria has continued in accordance to Arab league report on Syria.  Disciplined groups are complemented in IS consisting of a mixture of cultures from Europe blending with middle east. Renowned women joining ISIS through social media are Aqsa mahmood, Khadija Dare, Umm Al-baraa,and probably Yusra Hussain whose case is being run  at court.  Now ,to assess the case regarding the other three, the circumstances of their life in Europe coerced them to contract with militants. It involves  a  concatenation  of factors on smorgasbord from  the ban on Hijab in France to the ravaged mosques in United States; making muslim grievances infuriate over time. Muslim women are proving themselves for cooperative atmosphere  all around the world in the shape of Sharmeen Obaid, Malala Yousafzai,Sayeeda Warsi and several others. These include some who cover their heads,and some who are more liberal minded so, why is their an inherent discrimination with hijab? In my viewpoint, as I stated in my previous article the role of ECJM of King’s university in advocating hatred against Muslims,similar to this is anti- Hijab movement. Theory of extremists is to exploit the weaknesses in other’s abilities. Charlie Hebdo photographs, stringent body scanning of Muslims, and unabated Propaganda all inflict muslim’s introspection of dignity.  IS is in lure of such fallacious practices in Europe in order to capitalise them  as  shield for nefarious designs. For instance, a well to do woman Sarah B. said she is convulses only due to her religious beliefs and appearance in France.Conseuently, she has no other choice but to leave for good. Now, women have left their families owing to the behaviour of certain christian extremists towards muslim women. However, all of such muslim girls believe that France is a country to which their hearts are attached;  but the polarising ban,and post ban trauma has forced them to scare social acceptance. A handful of  them are now contracting the sanguinary, Islamic state which can prove to be counter productive to Global terror war. The elucidation to this lies in  muslims,and western ideological scholars passing  a unanimous agreement to alienate any hate law in their countries such as the advise forwarded by Pope Francis.  Incremental diffusion is the chalk out process with which all countries will work to castigate religious politicised clerics .

Secondly, the Islamic state ability to entice such women is also eminent which needs to be analysed . Islamic state, a ferocious  group has offered a home,stipend, handsome husband,no work nor any other liability to the women except mere  love a husband.A generous 14 multiple visit visas  are also provided by means of affiliates of IS working at certain authorities like the Syrian opposition too.  Pivotal roles provided to females are intelligence, women checkpoints ( Al-Raqqa) , report gathering,engineers,doctors and devotion to Jihadis.This is all that  IS is doing through reforms like independent women brigades, groups joining together to defend. Moreover,pictures of housewives making nut ella bread ,breakfast,food and living a luxurious life  are on Social Media.  However,such women should realize that sooner or later,they will be trapped into this war being victimised. For instance, the 19 year old teenager Shennan  who joined IS with a heart warming intention has now been sentenced to 4 year jail along with $ 200,000 by US court. She admitted that she was used to exploit others but now vowed to back away from such false jihadis. Moreover, she became a part only  to defend European Muslims rights, and judge also passed his comments saying that to provide unequivocal rights to all. Islamic state has brought in women to cast themselves  as  soft ideological outfit to  showcase themselves as protectors of women. Analysts like Catherine of Kings college has claimed that ” Women accounts are being used by their husbands in IS to immaculate themselves as charming jihadis”.
European women may have been captivated  owing  to the attractive ideology. Ironically,in  European youth, the peculiar quality is to accept  mandates  build upon a desire to establish fundamentalist  supremacy.  Unfortunately, ISIS has been successful in carving themselves as pro female empowerment in governance in limitations . It is without doubt, an antic of the militant wing to downgrade Western society.   European governments have to stand out to inter religious comparative harmony through licensing all religious  institutions. By this, we mean to monitor all speeches ,and demonstrations against any  In addition to this, Christian women in west are facing an inferiority complex. They fallacious believe is that on joining  IS would give them a way to make themselves imperative in eyes of others. Working to conceive an Islamic empire in opposition to nation hood concept has compelled them to join empire building mindset. British counter terrorism chief Mr. Richard Walton possess similar views upon women mindset. Europeans freedom of expression right has to be diverged into plethora  communities,and not only bent upon Paidega,a German militant wing.  Women suffragette rate has to be enhanced in Southern Eastern Europe where women are still  unemployed like Balkan States.  Although,such ambitions  are not full filled as husbands are not beautiful novelist type Jihadis rather women have to even wash everything from  toilets ,wounds to all Jihadi wishes.  Thus, it is suggested to lay the foundation of citizen social contract with country in a more robust manner; transformation in Religious laws ( Freedom of speech) , immigration, visa policy, and zero tolerance for extremism is necessary.
If we stretch upon the strings of migration ,many muslims have migrated is 5 million. Muslim population in Europe amounts to twenty million ,and expected to rise on account of high fertility rates. Albeit, it would not be plausible unless Europe has regulated  immigration policy or generated greater quota for muslims, particularly,women. Repercussions of failing to do so would mean the heightening of movement to Syria. China has worked upon maximisation of labour force regardless of creed,colour or religion as with a low 3% unemployment. It may even be a dilemma for security forces if security does not  remain beefed up on three International Airports; Heathrow, Istanbul, and Damascus.

Thirdly, there is always a chain in such brandishing groups that acts to coordinate recruitment. Islamic  Women Jihadi union has been constituted  specifically,for sub continent convened by Umm-e-Muhammad.   She remarked ” The duty of Muhajirina ( Female Mujahid) is to love her Jihadi ,and reproduce to expand Muslim ummah”, She has sugarcoated her words but has sent a vulnerable message to global village. In order to counter this group, my view is to strengthen cyber security. For example, twitter has been a facilitator for IS; one can easily find like minded IS activists on Internet. Cyber networks help this union to conceive a nexus of people willing to join IS in various areas. Then the mailing address, and all other details are revealed through a private firewall of IS. Consequently, multiple aero flights  are booked to bring the fanatics to Al-Raqqa, a town of syria. Even fellow women advise their counterparts on what to wear, eat,and even read as interspersed in Quranic injunctions.  Similarly, in subcontinet  such breed grounds   trend can appreciate if the authorities are not proactive in targeted intelligence.  We have the case of Yousaf, wing commander of IS  arrested in Lahore,Pakistan. Recent blast on church can also be carried by IS in retribution  to our brave pursuit of extremists. Women with joins to IS have to be captured or else the contour  of IS  Khilafat  could gain ground. Women are the only ingredients required for a nation build up as seen in Islamic warfare even crusades . Therefore, it is of utmost priority to provide safeguard to this delicate gender from joining IS.

Alternatively, European Women can also chose to join some other working Muslim females as an inspiration in the form of Kurdish Party workers,productive spaces of Muslim women, cival society members of Syria along with some  females of Ba’ath party. The cival society organised scores of rescue operation with women building a trench in Rojava in unfriendly conditions. Above all, this 100 km passage way was cleared by women alone in twenty four hours, and finally, took away tide from the IS. Furthermore, the Kobane ladies also take part in battle field but work with independence in all spheres of life. Our perception as a Umma is the forming of a grid lock around women though, the Hadith allows women to earn a living. Holy Prophet’s daughter Hazrat Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with her) was instructed to wash off wounds of injured at Karbala. Monotonous theory of Islam has been espoused by us rather all men, and women are uniform before God. An epitome of Islam is Iran, and Turkey in advanced society  where women are elected in parliament along with freedom of transition granted at all levels. Turkish women have been 40 percent part of the ongoing progress in all drivers of economy.

Lastly,the linchpin of everything is to extract a pattern of both extremes- Ultra Liberal women, and Religious militancy. If we contemplate over situation pre ,and  post-Peshawar attack, there were some contradictions in speeches. Pre Peshawar assault,the Left minded people were inclined towards human rights. They were casting aspersions on Zarb-a-Azab in particular,the human rights watch of Pakistan. Today, are actively pursuing operation but also in contrivance to death penalty. Death penalty is the only liable  punishment that can be given to such mono maniacs. Left ,and right of middle class composition of public have to bridge together in order to break the shackles of top notch with militancy. Anticipation is better than realisation at  the end of the end thus, women belonging to all classes should summon together for forming blend classes. By blend classes, it is meant that to form assortments of the Rich,middle class,and poor too. Leadership council would comprise of liberal (Women activists) as well as religious women delivering lectures on true Islamic living  norms. It is corroborated that such practices are productive like in independence of black women  in South Africa through trust deficit building. Fear prevails that Islamic State may try to initiate  gruesome brutal attacks on working  women in Pakistan. Gang rapes of Yazidi,Shias,Ahmedi women by IS is an alarming fact around Baghdad. However,our sisters are with us in annihilating the ideological divide put in by IS. Elucidation to such orthodox narrative is the disposal of literature that advocates for pre early Islam easily available even in metropolitan Urdu bazaar. Even some political movements surrounding the Muslim world have radicalised Islam to women warfare. A prototype of such is Article 12 of Hamas constitution book that states ” A women,and slave  can anticipate in warfare without prior punishment of guardians”. Such laws are to be reviewed along with British, Israel  laws too,  showing that loving  Humanity is above all constituents.

In a nutshell, this scenario is a phantasm for British as well as other communities of women joining ISIS. Muslim women are in between a situation of  rock and stone. Europeans have to eat humble pie ,and realize their suffrage. These young cohort women will soon be part of a ever growing Muslim population thus, Europe has to mould them in society.  Muslims have been ghettoised as extremists as opposed to our religion even housing problems, and consequently, cornered by Jihadi grooms. Britain has to challenge the fool notion of so called Female empowerment of IS rather than mere voluble denunciations.  I end on my  note that ” Europeans have to oversee the palpability that Pakistan,Jordan,Turkey,and Lebanon all host refugees then why anti favourable immigrant policies?”