Top Tweets March 16: Youhanabad Mob Lynching converted Social Media into a Battle Ground

Malik Omaid

March 16th Pakistani twitter and facebook looked like a social media battle ground. The Youhanabad Mob lynching enraged many Paksitanis and the incident was given a sectarian and religious color. Many Pakistani showed their contempt to the Christian community and condemned the act in a religious manner. Those who closely watch Pakistani social media will know that the common Pakistani notion on incidents like Joseph colony and Kot Radha Kishan was that the mob does not represent “Muslims” but yesterday the trend almost changed upside down. Raza Habib Raja explained the matter in one of his facebook posts:

“Many Pakistanis who never had even the basic morals to condemn countless incidences of mob violence against the Christian community have now suddenly started to show extreme pain for the two lynched individuals. What happened is sad, but remember mob action after a bomb blast which killed dozens of Christians, still ranks way below to what happened in Gojra, Joseph Colony and the gruesome burning of a Christian couple in Kot Radhakishan. We treat our minorities such as Christians in a manner which is extremely condescending. We habitually call them choras and treat them as subhuman. And yet, one act of mob violence, which too occurred after dozens of them were brutally killed by bomb blasts, has sparked such an outrage!”





The Debate on Mob lynching:





Many people were outraged on mob lynching in Youhanabad. Some pointed towards the religious identity of the mob:


The reaction from the victims was unprecedented and many also pointed towards its changed nature. I myself is of the view that it is a good sign minus the lynching and destruction that victims have started to tell the state they will not accept it in the future:

Many people argued mob violence should not be linked with social injustices towards minorities:



But many argued that this was not the first mob lynching incident and it is becoming a trend:

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The Flag burning picture roaming in the social media:


Another issue was also present yesterday about the Model Ayyan Ali’s money laundering case. The new angles of the were discussed:


Her special treatment in Jail was also a matter of discussion in twitter “Gup Shups”: