Hues of Thar

By Andaleeb Rizvi

The condition of the Nagar Bazaar Temple speaks volumes about the Sindh government’s Department of Antiquities. This Jain temple was functioning till 1947.
Selling kumbies (mushrooms) near Mithi. This delicacy is only available after rainfall in this desert. It can provide some missing proteins to the locals, however, they prefer selling these mushrooms to earn a few extra bucks.
Yes the peacock live, thanks to the reverence the locals have for this beautiful bird.
The perfect arrangement of a close community that has to move to barrage areas every drought.
Rain is the summons to return home in the green desert.
Don’t miss the ‘cake-da’ (crab or caterpillar). These refurbished, over-hauled remnants of the WWII are one of the available modes of transport.
Lord Shiva at the Aakhara Sant Nenu Ram may one day perhaps be able to transform Thar into a thriving desert for the locals.
A musician at the Aakhara Sant Nenu Ram provides the perfect ambiance for you to forget you live in a country stricken with the wrath of extremism.
Don’t you have a thing for these mile markers?
Karoonjhar Mountains with an abundance of granite turn green after the first few drops of rain.
Technology matters for this shepherd who charges his phone and a bulb with this solar panel to help him navigate the desert at night.
Inside the Durga Mata Temple, Nangarparkar, just a few kilometers from the border of India. The temple would have become history if the government patronized contractors had their way.


There across the green lies the Katch, separated by barbed wires that became necessary due to infiltration.


The writer is a Sub-editor at The News and Teacher at Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi. She tweets @andaleebRizvi

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