Policy statement on Yemen by PM and twitter responses

Malik Omaid


After the tweets by UAE minister threatening Pakistan of consequences of it neutral stance taken by its Parliament, a response was needed by the government to clear its position afterwards. There were speculations that Pakistan would be forced to change its decision because of extreme pressure from the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia. Hence the announcement of policy statement by PM Nawaz Sharif was greatly anticipated. Here is the statement given by the Prime Minister and reaction on social media.

PM POLICY STATEMENT from Zeeshan Waqar on Vimeo.





There was some criticism by former ambassador Hussain Haqqani. Haqqani has been critical to Governments foreign policy in recent past. See his tweets on UAE minister’s threats here.



There were some humorous responses on the present situation. Mohsin Hijazee as usual dealt the issue with his comical tweets in urdu.



Rightly after the policy statement there were reports of arrest of prime suspect of MQM’s former central leader Imran Farooqi’s murder from Karachi.



  • silkroute

    There are no holy places in arab lands. The arab lands are sources of fascism and racism and en-slavery since centuries.
    Pakistan was formed by the bootlickers of the arabs for the bootlickers.
    Jinnah was a fool that he lent his intelligence to this evil enterprise.

  • tajender

    The minorities in India have loyally accepted d rule of the majority whish is basically a communal majority & not a political majority.

  • slk

    to tajender

    Minorities in India are very variegated.

    Muslims are not like other minorities.

    But muslims are always trying to create the impression that they represent all other minorities.

    Muslims are loyal to arabic racism and imperialism and their monotheistic totalitarianism. Muslims are dangerous to non-muslims even as minorities.

  • romain

    Raza Rumi’s tweet is the smartest of them all.

  • Mohan

    Asad Munir’s tweet is even better IMO.

  • Rex Minor

    Raza Ruumi and Husain Haqani have not yet realised that they are the outcastes of their land and now live in the land of amendments where the jihadist Evangelist and Hugonots as well as Amish also live and even practice a strict prohibition and sharia.

    Rex Minor

  • RajToo

    Arab Sunnis are finding out that Pakis are backstabbers, whose talk is like they are licking your arse clean, but when it comes to support when they need it, they would try to wriggle out and make excuses, and that too despite all the money and support the Pakis received from the Gulf.
    Shame on Pakistan! Or are Pakis browning their pants at the thought of fighting Houthis!
    Paki cowards should go and do some fighting and not let Arabs know what Indians know already since 1971! Go earn some respect! Otherwise the Saudis would stopping feeding their poodle!

  • tajender

    Learning for the day : Corporates and power cannot compensate for intellect and a dignified personality !

    rajtoo i agree with u here.