A Telefilm on Interfaith Harmony

Pakistan’s first ever film on the subject of interfaith harmony and social cohesion. Titled ‘Aasha – Ik Ummeed’ was telecast n PTV Home on the Easter eve. The telefilm critically comments on our general attitude towards the followers of different faiths in Pakistan. The simple but gripping story depicts our attitude as a society towards non-Muslim countrymen that frustrates them at every level.The writer and director Kashif Nisar through his artistic portrayal and convincing script tries to remind us how our one-sided narrative in school syllabus reinforced by our hateful attitudes has taken our non-Muslim citizens away from Pakistan. Though the story teller Amir Raza has made the issue of education as its peg but the simple symbolism tells a bigger story – story of a Pakistan where much is needed to be done to take everyone along. The core message is ‘let Pakistan be our Faith’.

It has got brilliant reviews, here is how BBC has covered it:

Here is the promo

آشا، اک امید – Promo by razarumi1

The entire film can be watched online. Its duration is 61 minutes and you can watch it here with English subtitles:

  • silkroute

    to PTH

    I saw the film for an hour and more.

    Islam’s long term goal is to decimate/eradicate non-muslims.
    This sin can’t be washed after 1400 years of jubilant islamic fascism and imperialism and arab racism.

    Jinnah was a (typical) muslim liar and scoundrel and the nation founded by a scoundrel can never become better.
    A scoundrel can make place only for a greater scoundrel.

    This explains not only pakistani developments but also development in all the muslim countries and societies.

    Allah is an arab fascist god-concept and islam is fanatically wanting to enforce this allah on mankind. Arab fascists will rule over mankind and non-arab muslims will be licking their boots, foremost the pakistanis.

    Whoever denies this is practising deceit or self-deceit. And that is going to push (or pull) us into a deeper abyss.

    The worst of islam is yet to come.