Distorting Pakistan’s history and identity

By Umer Ali


Ever since Pakistan came into being, it has faced different challenges of various magnitudes. Right after its creation, Pakistan lost its father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. With his body, the hope for a better, progressive Pakistan was gone as well. After the death of Jinnah, a campaign started which led Pakistan to where it is now – radicalized, intolerant and on the verge of destruction.

Pakistanis are living through lies and myths presented to them. I, like an average Pakistani am confused over what is right and what is wrong. People like me fail to understand, even after 68 years of independence that what was the purpose of creating Pakistan? The answer comes immediately from our textbooks, constitution and the religious right: Pakistan was created so that Muslims were able to practice their religion freely and live peacefully. In simple words, it was created on the model of an ideal Islamic state, where Islam was the supreme binding force.

Doubtful, I went through the history to find out an entirely different answer.

The Jinnah’s speech of 11th August 1947 gave an idea of how he wanted Pakistan to be. He clearly envisaged a state where everyone would be able to practice his/her religion freely, where Muslims would cease to be Muslims and Hindus would cease to be Hindus when it came to the matters of state.

Pakistan consists of various ethnicities, cultures and religions. The first problem Jinnah faced was to choose a national language. Urdu was chosen because the perception was that since Urdu didn’t belong to any particular ethnicity, province or religion, it would be accepted unanimously. Contrary to what was expected, the issue turned out to be divisive as Bengalis started protesting against it. The issue became so grave that it sowed the seeds of Bengali separatism.

After Jinnah died, the constituent assembly decided to play the religion card to curb the increasing ethnic tensions. The Objectives Resolution was passed against the wishes of minorities, terming Islam to be the ruling force. Criticizing its terms, Sris Chandra Chattopadhyaya, the leader of the opposition, said on March 12, 1949:

“In my conception of state where people of different religion live there is no place for religion in the state. Its position must be neutral: no bias for any religion. If necessary, it should help all the religions equally. No question of concession or tolerance to any religion.”

One of the biggest opponents of Pakistan movement, Mudoodi migrated to Pakistan with his extremist ideology and a radical party, Jamat-e-Islami, the Mudoodi who termed Pakistan to be “a fool’s paradise” and “an infidel state of Muslims”. Along with him, the likes of Ataullah Shah Bukhari, who used to call Pakistan “Palidistan” (the land of impure) also shifted to Pakistan. The Objectives resolution provided them with a cover to popularize their radical agendas and only 6 years after its creation, a nationwide, violent movement, incited by these radical parties started with the demand of declaring the Ahmaddiya community as non-Muslims. The riots resulted in 3 months of martial law and deaths of hundreds of people.

In 1974, when Ahmedis were officially declared a non-Muslim minority, Bhutto, a known socialist, who was a liberal in his personal space, was the prime minister. Even in 1977, when “Tehreek-nizam-Mustafa”, the movement for the implementation of prophetic system was at its peak, Bhutto began Islamizing the country even more. Zia, a notorious military dictator took this process to another level by enforcing a strict version of Islam under the supervision of Saudi scholars, which led to the rise of extremist groups like Sipah-e-sahabah.

Today, Pakistan has been radicalized to such an extent that not a day passes when someone is killed due to his faith, when a fatwa is decreed to declare someone a non-Muslim or a mob lynches someone to death over suspected blasphemy. We need to determine what went wrong?

Until 1946, it was not certain that Pakistan would come into being. Until then, Jinnah had accepted the proposal of forming a Muslim majority group under the central government of Delhi. After its creation, Pakistan was faced with an identity crisis. An identity for the newly born country was needed to distinguish itself from India. People on both sides have been living together since centuries and it was difficult to part them off. An effort to rewrite the history was sponsored by the state, to identify Pakistan as a totally different nation from India.

To do so, history was manipulated to an unbelievable extent.

While there were extremists on both sides, who agitated every now and then, Hindus and Muslims, had been living together for more than a thousand years. In the textbooks and official history of Pakistan, the impression was made that both communities were at war with each other. For that purpose, the invaders like Muhammad bin Qasim, Mahmood Ghaznavi and Muhammad Ghauri were glorified as heroes who attacked the subcontinent to propagate Islam. Akbar was presented as a villain because he married a Hindu woman and tried to include them in his ruling circle. On the other hand, Aurangzeb was referred to as a hero for his extremist views and his “services” to Islam, completely ignoring the fact that he murdered his brothers and put his father in jail to empower his rule. Hindus were identified to be our eternal enemies. Likes of Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi and Shah Waliullah were taught as great scholars due to their anti-Hindu stance, again forgetting their views regarding the Shia sect of Islam, thus increasing the sectarian tensions in the society.

Since the start, India has been identified as our eternal enemy and our foreign policy has always revolved around the anti-Indian stance. The wars we fought with India have been glorified as Jihad and a dangerous misconception has been developed in our children that Pakistan won those wars. The blame for the separation of East Pakistan has been entirely put on India that it was due to their conspiracies that we lost a part of Pakistan. Our young generation has been criminally kept devoid of the knowledge on mistakes we committed in Bengal and why they revolted against us.

The governments have systematically manipulated our history to cover their mistakes and flaws and in a desperate attempt of distinguishing ourselves from India, they have kept our young breed away from the true facts, resulting in confusion among my generation of who we were, who we are and what our future would be.


Umer Ali is a student of journalism.

  • NFK

    Never been confused all my life. Pakistan was created for betterment of Muslims. Islam was not endangered in India. Muslims were. Jinnah opted for Pakistan after Congress refused his simple & logical demands for a minority. Pakistan was not created for Islam. It was created for a minority, namely Muslims.

  • johnny

    This issue has been discussed upteen times in various Indo-pak forums. You may twist the facts to any extent to suit your ideas and views, but the basic premise on which Pakistan was based was Two-Nations Theory..TNT. Nobody can deny that.And TNT divided the two peoples not on the basis of history, geography, science, mathematics, engineering, medicine,poetry,literature..nothing but RELIGION and only RELIGION.That HINDUS AND MUSLIMS ARE TWO SEPARATE NATIONS. And when the basis of creation of Pakistan was religion, how can you deny it now just because the new country failed to meet your expectations.My own views on TNT are that yes, Hindus and Muslims of Hindustan are two separate NATIONS but they form one COUNTRY.Because nations is all about history,culture,geography,languague and other day to day customs and habits but countries are all about law, vision, future,economy,health and general wellbeing of the masses.There Jinnah was totally wrong as he mistook country to be equal to nation.Nehru was right here as he correctly read that the diverse qaum of Hindustanis can be fused to make one country. And it was a fatal mistake on the part of Jinnah which cannot be corrected now.

  • HaHa

    “dangerous misconception has been developed in our children that Pakistan won those wars.” Seriously they believe it? So how is Bangladesh explained. Gifted away despite defeating India. Kashmir still with India. No questions huh?

  • HaHa

    @johny Miyan, not sure who’s going to bell the cat in Pakistan. Everyone seems to be busy in creating their own facts. If one group is engaged in giving a spin to Pak ideology, Indo-Pak wars, religion etc. the other is busy putting a halo on Jinnah.

  • silkroute

    The same old lamentation starts every week with a “new” article.

    If you are intelligent and honest and courageous, then you know why Pakistan has failed and ruined lives.

    It is due to an 7th-century arab-tribal-fascist religion. A religion which increases arrogance and conceit, and makes for closed and narrowed minds.

    The worst of this religion is yet to come.

    But Pakistan has its “positive-useful” side too.

    It is a proof that a good human society cannot be built or maintained on the basis islam.

    Pakistan could not have been created without letting loose lies, slander and hate against hindus. Even the “father” Jinnah practised this evil art in his lawyerly-liarly “clever-concealed” fashion.

    Honesty and muslim-ness will never go together. A muslim must lie in order to glorify islam, arabs, turks and hate non-muslims. If a muslim gives up these lying ways then he is blown away from islam.

    So when is the next lamentation article due Mr. RHR?

  • ahmad kamal

    If you are intelligent and honest and courageous, then you know why Pakistan has failed and ruined lives

    bullshit and wrong

  • HaHa

    Tajender, UAE might throw out Pakistanis. Do you call yourselves an Indian or a Pakistani or simply a rafiq?

  • ahmad kamal
  • HaHa
  • tajender

    Do you call yourselves an Indian or a Pakistani or simply a rafiq?
    i am indian.pakis are neccesary evil of their life.pakis cheated them but isreal and america came to their rescue.today one major general and lot of saudi officers kkilled.saudi attack on yemen was big mistake.they cannot win.

    mohan in america whenever my car stops on lights,lot of beggars surrouns.many women i met told me that they keep 2 boyfriends and cheat both to make living.majority has deppression.surplus in clinton days came from loot of kuwait and iraq.now again they are deep in debt.for migrating indian birds ,america is heaven on earth.

  • tajender

    ha ha ..nauman was burnt by relatives for property.

  • haroon
  • HaHa
  • HaHa

    Muslim refugees arrested in Italy for throwing Christians into sea over religious differences


  • silkroute

    to ahmad kamal

    Pakistan could not have been created without bootlicking arab and turk marauders and imperialists.

    Pakistan could not have been created without slandering the hindus and the hindu ancestors of the muslims in the indian subcontinent.

    Jinnah was also cleverly spreading this slander against hindus and their leaders – sometimes by putting his gun on someone else’s shoulders, from behind some muslims fascists. And he was so elated to get his Pakistan and become famous (god-like) in the islamic world.

    This is where the pakistanis/muslims are INCAPABLE of becoming honest.

    Islam and honesty must exclude each other. Muslims must avoid honesty otherwise islam will collapse. Islam can survive only through dishonesty and terror and fear and briberies.

    The whole muslim world is proving this since 1400 years.
    And the more we bring it to the notice of the muslims, the more they become dishonest and violent.

    And then they try to distract attention from this crucial fact by pointing to some ill-deeds by some non-muslims.

    The worst of islam is yet to come. And muslims are walking into it by slandering non-muslims.

  • haroon

    ha ha christian are killing millions al oer world.they are also robbers of highest order.

  • tajender
  • tajender
  • HaHa

    Haj and umrah are excuses for Muslims to sexually assault other Muslims. Tajender goes every year. Why?


  • HaHa

    Muslims shoot twice in the head a doctor and an educator for being a US national.


  • silkroute

    to haroon

    There is a competition between muslim and christian fascists in killing all over the world.

    Christian fascists and capitalist fascists own and control USA.

    Islamic fascists and tribal fascists own and control muslim countries.

    Chinese fascists are also playing their dirty deals but pretending to be intelligent friends.

    Religions based on revelations and prophethoods are robber ideologies and arrogant imperialist-fascist ideologies.

    Now the muslim and christian fascists are competing with one another.

  • HaHa

    Tajender, 2000 Muslim families flee as other Muslims attack to kill them


  • tajender

    SC asks KP govt to get Hindu temple rebuiltThe Newspaper’s Staff Reporter — Published about 2 hours ago Whatsapp 0 Comments Email Email
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    The order came after Additional Advocate General Waqar Ahmed told a two-judge Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk that efforts were being made for an amicable settlement of the matter. — Reuters/file
    ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court ordered on Thursday the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to get a Hindu temple in Karak restored and reconstructed.

    The order came after Additional Advocate General Waqar Ahmed told a two-judge Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk that efforts were being made for an amicable settlement of the matter.

    Read: SC asks KP to take steps for reconstruction of temple

    Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, a PML-N member of the National Assembly from Tharparkar and patron of the Pakistan Hindu Council, had invited the attention of the apex court to the frequent incidents of desecration of Hindu temples in the country, especially occupation of Shri Paramhans Ji Maharaj’s Samadhi in Teri village of Karak district by an influential mufti.

    Dr Vankwani said he had met the provincial chief secretary, the inspector general of police and the local commissioner, but he had been informed that the Hindu notable in whose name the temple was built had converted to Islam. Besides, if the temple was allowed to be constructed it would encourage “sleuths of Indian intelligence agency RAW to settle in the area”.

    Also read: Supreme Court’s attention drawn to desecration of Hindu temples

    But the court reiterated its order issued on March 11 and directed the KP government to restore and preserve the Karak temple.

    Dr Vankwani argued that the local community acknowledged the right of the Hindu community over the temple, but local religious leaders had resisted its reconstruction.

    A letter written by the-then deputy commissioner of Karak to a deputy secretary of the provincial home department in Feb 2014, which was submitted to the Supreme Court, had traced the history of the unrest in the area.

    According to the document, a Hindu shrine was constructed at a place where Shri Paramhans Ji Maharaj died in 1919 and buried in Teri village. His followers used to visit the place to pay their respects and the practice continued till 1997 when some Muslim fanatics dismantled the temple.

    Consequently, followers of Shri Paramhans Ji tried to build the temple on the place allegedly occupied by a local religious leader even though the property belonged to the Auqaf department.

    Hindu elders from Sindh then intervened and tried to negotiate and even paid Rs375,000 as cost of the land to the mufti in 1997. But despite receiving the money from then minority MPA Gian Chand, the mufti did not vacate the property.

    The MPA met the-then KP chief minister to seek his support for getting back the land. Several meetings between ulema led by local notable Maulana Mohammad Sharif and Hindu elders from Sindh were held but the Maulana, who had a great influence in Banda Daud Shah tehsil, was not ready to let the Hindus get their right.

    A meeting presided over by Maulana Sharif and attended by about 75 ulema decided on Feb 15 this year that a committee would meet JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and inform him about the resentment of Muslims against reconstruction of the temple.

    But the meeting, which did not fix any date for the meeting with Maulana Fazl, also decided that in the wake of the current law and order situation the permission for reconstruction of the temple could not be granted, said the letter submitted during the last hearing.

    Dr Vankwani told the court that the federal government had placed before the National Assembly a Hindu Marriage Bill, but parliament could not adopt it until the provincial assemblies passed resolutions in this regard.

    The Supreme Court requested the provincial assemblies to consider passing the required resolutions and submit their report to it in a month.

  • HaHa

    Tajender, can you Muslims get this woman’s life saved from murder by Pakistani government?

    On death row for blasphemy, Asia Bibi makes final appeal to SC


  • HaHa

    Reality of Christian suffering at the hands of Muslims in Pakistan


  • Mohan

    Now everything is going to be all right. Our messiah, Rahul Gandhi is back. I still remember the day when Ram, Sita came back to Ayodhya after 14 years of Vanvas Feels the same now.
    Poor Rahul, for the sake of India, he had no choice but to leave all the Sitas back in Bangkok.

  • Hasan

    I read the article and was thinking about replying to the distorted “facts” of the liberal fascists but then I read that the poor chap is a student of journalism. You tried but you failed miserably!

  • romain

    Tejinder Mian,

    You cannot be an Indian. You see Jinnah created a separate homeland for the muslims of India. It is called Pakiland. He was encouraged to do so by your forefathers who were from UP. You should move there and claim citizenship by reason of you being a muslim. Otherwise there is no hope for you. No matter how hard you try, UAE will never give you citizenship. They do not care that you are a muslim. They just do not like Indian muslims, who are half hindus because they read and write in Hindu. You might stand a better chance as a Paki. But these days, they don’t like Pakis either, because Pakis are not willing to rent/sell their army. This change is something UAE doesn’t understand. For that matter nobody else does either. Why would anyone want to rent an Army that surrenders at the first sign of trouble is beyond me.Maybe UAE and Saudis need to tell the Pakis that Yemen is full of women and children only so that they get a better response.

  • Mohan

    I had read similar views on Kashmir last year which you were talking about. Excerpts from the article.

    So all talks with Pakistan while good to just keep in touch more than anything else will not produce any tangible result that leads to peace. Peace is not something that Pakistani Army seeks with India. If there was peace,it would be seen as a “surrender” to Hindus which strikes at the very ideology of Pakistan.

    Given the facts, there cannot be any “political” or “diplomatic” solution to the Kashmir issue. Pakistan wants entire Kashmir & nothing else and India won’t under any circumstances redraw its border.

    So why would India let go of what its enemy calls it its jugular vein? In fact India should and will keep its hold tight on this jugular vein of an enemy bent on keeping inimical position against India and suffocate it. The result is there to see as Pakistan in its attempts to bleed India to get its jugular veins released has hurtled towards failing as a state. It is gripped with sectarian violence promoted by the very people it propped to fight against India. The same people are looking to topple the state and establish an Islamic rule. Pakistan has bled economically. One economist said that Pakistan’s economy would have been four times its current size if it had not pursued the kind of policies it did against India.

    Pakistan will continue its confrontational policy against India no matter what. For India,keeping status quo for the moment suffices till its hold on Pakistan’s jugular vein suffocates Pakistan to its death as a state.

  • romain

    Yes Mohan Mian. This realization has sunk into the think tanks of the West. And if the some of these think tanks are to be believed, it has sunk into the thinking of the Pentagon. The only reason Us will give aid to Pakis will be a bribe to maintain some sort of influence as per Bruce Riedel and Christine Fair. Paki Army believes that only it is capable of stopping India’s rise. While they might slow it by 1 to 2 per cent of GDP, they wont be able to do anything else. Indian economy grew to twice its size while Pakis had full war in Kashmir on, while the Paki economy halved. So let them keep Kashmir on the boil.Unlike UPA and congress, Indians should triple its funding of BLA and TTP.

    Let fun and games begin

  • romain

    Unless Paki Military stops peddling these kinds of stories, there isnt much hope for Pakiland. You guys should just wrap it up and go hide somewhere – pretend to be something else


  • Can anyone explain me, what is actually the purpose of the creation of Pakistan? If ‘Islam’ is not a purpose, than why Muslims created Pakistan?? India is a secular state. Liberal and secular people can go to India. Why are you living in Pakistan. And mostly people, who used to realize the so called purpose of the creation of the Pakistan, they are Qadiani or Qadianis supporter. And one more thing, Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari was a great man, religious political leader, founder of All india Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam, great party of the great people of Sub-continent. You people write his name in bad manner just because he was a great role in Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Movement.

  • haroon

    romain says:
    April 19, 2015 at 6:49 am
    Tejinder Mian,

    You cannot be an Indian. You see Jinnah created a separate homeland for the muslims of India. It is called Pakiland.

    romain..sorry for awnsering late.hind was given to hindus as recognition to their servitude towards them.pakiland was given to muslim landlords for the same reason.jinnah never wanted pakistan.it was given to him by rss as it was not easy to fk hindus in the presence of 30percent muslims.population tranfer was not clause of partition.zoiists were torturing and killing palestanians rss was copying same here in india.
    so in fear people of border areas migrated here and there.both say same isreal hamara hai yeh kahte hain india hamara hai/jaise loot ka maal hai.common man is fkd with same ferocity in both countries.

  • romain

    tejinder Mian,

    see this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yzD8QDJYIQ. Like I said why do you call yourself an Indian? It just doesnt make sense that a sane rational person would like yourself an Indian unless you are a zionist or too scared to be called a Paki

  • Paul

    romain, this is the kind of Muslim zionist Tajender is

  • arshad mahmood

    romain i dont need certificate of indian ness from u.blog is good and very sensible.most of the point they are right.one man goverment is zoinist concept not islamic.indonesia was never ruled by muslim but entire population converted.india was ruled but never converted.imperialists were muslim by birth but not by deeds like taimur.because of people of ur thought we stand 117.modiji is trying to change scenerio.we should help him.

  • arshad mahmood
  • arshad mahmood

    paul and romain,

  • tajender


  • Paul
  • Paul

    romain to Tajender – why do you call yourselves Indian?

    Muslim zionists call themselves Indian for the same reason the perfect terrorist Muslim Zionist called himself David Coleman Hadley.


  • Paul
  • oracl

    No one allowed to be more intelligent on the PTH than tejender and rex. The two are the supreme examples of muslim intelligence and muslim upbringing.

  • tajender

    David Coleman Hadley.

    paul he is jew.cia agent.merican jails has no record of him.

  • Paul

    tajender, jihadi Muslim zionists like you are dogs infested with rabies. Humanity has no record of you.

  • Paul

    Lashkar asked Daood Gilani to change his name to David Coleman Headley: memoirs

    ANWAR IQBAL — PUBLISHED In Dawn 3 days ago

    Headley is serving 35 years in a US prison for his role in the Mumbai attack.

    WASHINGTON: David Headley, a key plotter of the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, has claimed that Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) persuaded him to change his name to make it easy for him to visit India.

    “He now informed me I would be going to India, since I looked nothing like a Pakistani in appearance and spoke fluent Hindi and Urdu it would give me a distinct advantage in India,” Headley claims.

    Published in Dawn, April 23rd, 2015

    Like the Muslim Zionist Tajender, Daood Gilani was raised to hate India and Hindus. These mad dogs are brought up to hate Hindus in India, Christians in Europe, Buddhists in Buddhist countries.

  • silkroute

    to Paul

    Daood Gilani’s father is a pakistani muslim.
    So what good can you expect from him?

    May be the following:

    In a few years time he will repent in the prison and admit that islam is evil and misled him and misused him and ruined his life.

    Islam is distorting Pakistan’s identity and making them bootlickers of fascism and arab scoundrels and tribals.