16 Memes Explaining Pakistani public opinion on Yemen War

Malik Omaid

After the Saudi Arabia and its allies did intervention in Yemen’s civil war and their subsequent request to Pakistan for entering into this mess, the whole focus of Pakistani social media shifted towards this ‘evil war.’ Secular pages literally bombarded their walls with memes and slides which shifted the public opinion on social media forums like twitter and facebook (facebook particularly being more popular in Pakistani masses using internet) and forced Supporters of Saudia into a defensive state. Public opinion against Pakistan entering the war was so obvious that these voices asking for country to enter Yemen began to go unnoticed. Two facebook pages worked a lot during these days, namely Roshni and Pakistani م. Their slides and memes were largely shared. Some of the slides and memes which went viral in social media are selected for our readers.

Why has Pakistan gone mad in this Saudi and Houthi Marriage.



Exactly my reaction when I heard this hullabaloo on social media. What has Pakistan to do with this mess. With Saudi and GCC insistence, desi analysts and right wing activism made me ask myself how could foreign interventions became halal only if Saudi Arabia does it.

I am the servant of sons of house of the Saud.
Upper Image: Pakistan will defend Saudi Arabs sovereignty, Khawaja Asif.
Lower Half: And Pakistan’s sovereignty should go to hell!
Under this flag we are all Sheikh.

Soon after the some what assertive body language of ruling Party especially the Sharifs of Raiwand social media broke (ehm, something related to Kim Kardashian) with memes and slides with mocking Nawaz Sharif on being the servant of Saudis and more concerned about his investments in Saudi Arabia then his own country. Even Imran Khan mentioned this in his tweet:




Cartoon Depicting Saudi King: I intent to intervene in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya to appease USA and looking for help by Bakistan, O Bakistan help!!!!



“Rent an Army” could be called a slogan on social media and everywhere. ‘Are we again renting out our army?’ Articles, slides, memes, statuses and tweets were filled with disapproval towards a possible decision. Another slogan is, “Are we going to help the Saudis kill more Muslims?” Statistics were going viral comparing last year’s death toll of Israeli bombardment on Gaza and Saudi intervention in Yemen. Saudi imperialist intentions that has ruined Middle East (part of the problem is also Iran and You know who) were largely criticized.

Then came the parliament’s decision to not to enter the Yemen mess and be facilitator of talks in the region.


Hmm, what would be the decision had there been a General instead of a parliament… umm do you remember the famous phone call?


PM Nawaz: Sorry, mighty king, but we can’t send troops. It’s the Parliament’s decision not to.
Saudi King: Who is this Parliament? Why haven’t I met him yet?
PM: It’s not a person. It’s persons. All elected.
King: What’s an elected person?


After the UAE minister was seen throwing tantrums on twitter, Pakistani social media was unanimous in condemning the Arabs. The sentiments are still so high that even right wing columnist Abdul Qadir Hassan, who once called Osama bin Ladin as Mujahid-e-Islam, also condemned the Arabs in his express newspaper column.


This cartoon by an Arab newspaper mocking Pakistanis was also making rounds on dozens of pages.

Those Mullahs who become deaf, dumb and blind when mosques, churches and schools are attacked are now shamelessly doing rallies in favour of Saudi Arab.


Ironically, the cult which was the most silent after the Peshawar APS attack of 16th December 2014 on condemning the terrorists and those who opposed the military operation against Taliban were protesting parliament’s decision to stay away from Yemen. In response, Social media demanded all of them to be sent to the Gulf for good.



Word fail to explain this last meme!



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