Enchanting colors of Coastal Highway of Balochistan

Malik Omaid

Balochistan coastal highway lets one witness captivating scenes throughout the journey which consists of places like Hingol National Park, Zarabad, Kund Malir and Makran till the Gawadar port. We are posting amazing photos selected from Instagram for our readers.

بلوچستان کی ساحلی ہائی وے کے ساتھ ساتھ قدرت کے دلفریب مناظر نظر آتے جن میں ہنگول نیشنل پارک ، زر آباد، کند ملیر اور مکران کے علاقے گوادر تک شامل  ہیں۔  ان مناظر کی دلفریب تصاویر انسٹا گرام سے منتخب کر کے اپنے قارئین کے لیے پوسٹ کی جارہی ہیں۔

Coastal highway1
Natural Sphinx, Makran coast
Coastal highway2
Beauty standing alone. Hill at Hingol.
Coastal highway3
Mars on the Earth, Kund Malir coast
Coastal highway4
Another view from Balochistan coastline.
Coastal highway5
A view from coastal Balochistan Hingol.
Coastal highway7
Astonishing view from coastal highway, Makran.
Coastal highway9
Kund Malir coastline.
Coastal highway11
A view form coastline Zarabad.
Coastal highway16
Hingol National Park.
Coastal highway19
Gawadar coast.

Coastal highway6 Coastal highway8 Coastal highway10 Coastal highway12 Coastal highway13 Coastal highway14 Coastal highway15 Coastal highway17 Coastal highway18

These Photos were taken from the Instagram accounts @umairulhaque, @matheenwatan @aal_mafia.

  • Kamath.

    Spectacular and beautiful! Save it for now and the future generations. lest there will be soon lots of hotels and motels !

    Now I can understand why vast number of troops of Alexander’s army after their invasion of India , perished in Baluchistan desert on their way back to Greece!

    This part of the country worth visiting!

  • awesome

    Invasion of India? You mean Persia.