Twitter Corner: Karachi, Karachi and Karachi!!

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from its foundation has been facing the allegations of using violence for political gains. In 90’s a grand Karachi operation was conducted and many MQM workers were killed extra judicially. There were allegations of MQM working for India and a parallel media trial of the party in hope to finish it or divide it. Haqiqi was formed for this purpose but to no avail. Same MQM was in the lap of establishment during the military dictator’s regime. Today we see another episode of 90’s operation with copy/paste of tactics. Media trial/ foreign agent allegations and a ground ops going on. The results will be same. No political party with such immense support and vote bank can be finished with these tactics and will only result to more bloodshed. Political problems need political solutions. One social media analyst said whenever MQM starts to lose its vote bank establishment helps them regain by these tactics. Some tweets to understand what happened yesterday in Karachi and how the public responded.










Meanwhile many were like this…


Just in case someone missed

In reply to Altaf Hussain’s telephonic address came the early morning tweets by DG ISPR Gen Asim Bajwa




Some gems from the Urdu twitteratis.




Half of the Karachi go to India to meet their relatives, are they all agents of RAW?

Last in,

  • Mohan

    Dedicated To the People of Burning Karachi

    By: Mohammad Mubeen

    Yahan Har Shakhs, Har Pal Target Hone Se Darta Hai
    Khilona Hai Wo Mitti Ka Fana Hone Se Darta Hai

    Ghar K Kisi Kone Me Ik Masoom Sa Bacha
    Barron Ki Dekh Kar Lashen Barra Hone Se Darta Hai

    Ajab Hai Zindagi Ki Qaid Me Is Sheher Ka Insan
    Rihai Mangta Hai Aur Riha Hone Se Darta Hai

    Mohabbat Itni Gehri Hai Ke In Weeran Galiyon Se
    Nikalna Chahta Hai Par Juda Hone Se Darta Hai

  • M. Emad

    Can someone translate the full recent speech of Altaf Hussain in English.