10 Awesome yet Crazy Hanging Bridges of Pakistan

Malik Omaid

Pakistan is full of wonders. On one hand we can admire the awesomeness of these ‘terrifying’ bridges but on other hand the reality is these places need Govt. attention. Hey! these places need some safe infrastructure! they will yield you more revenue if you can provide some safe tourism to the locals. Jail road Lahore can wait for signal free corridors for some time. These bridges may look awesome but they are hanging deaths.

Bridge that lead way to Ishkoman located in Ghizar Valley is no less then a wonder in term of beauty.


This is one of the longest hanging bride of Pakistan that connects Gilgit to Danyore. However the old bridge was constructed half a century ago.


Alam Bridge, the bridge that is capable of handling heavy load is made of wood and iron, This Bridge provides the route between Gilgit and Baltistan.


Hussaini Hanging bridge is not only awesomely amazing but also the most dangerous bridge of World. It is made by Wooden Planks and is situated in the Upper Hunza to cross the Borit Lake.


Another view of this incredibly dangerous and equally breathtaking bridge.


Hanging Bridge along Indus River Gorge near Skardu. This is not even funny but a potential threat, its going to fall any moment wasting precious lives.


Ambor Bridge is next to Dhanni in Muzaffarabad. Ambor is a populated place and the bridge has major sociological significance for the town.


The bridge on Ghizer river to Sher-Qila. The bridge is located on Ghizer River, which is known as Gilgit River in Ghizer valley.


Buber bridge Suspension bridge at Gilgit river at Buber Village of Ghizer valley.


Sialkot Bridge Sialkot is known for its fog. Try traversing a hanging bridge when you can’t see two feet in front of you.



This article was originally posted on Dispatch News Desk website with the title, “17 Most Terrifying Awesome Hanging Bridges that are located in Pakistan

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    How adventurous it would be and how wonderful it would be to walk across one of these bridges and spend a week in an outdoor tent enjoying the beauty of the land!

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    beautiful very beautiful.will see them ,if allah wish.

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    you will have to wait until the bridges and the overall infra structure improvement is carried out by the Chines who plan to set up their bases in these picturisques spots.

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