Twitter Corner: No Women in Lower Dir only Men & Goats

Malik Omaid

women vote

On Thursday, during the Bye-Polls for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly in Lower Dir constituency, PK-95, women were allegedly barred to vote. None of the women from 53 thousand registered voters showed up on Thursday to exercise their constitutional right of voting. This incident was widely condemned on social media, including Twitter. Demands for nullifying the election results and re-polls were made. Pashtoon tribal culture was also part of the discussion, some were using it to justify the act while others rejected (Pashtoon themselves) this idea. If Pashtoon women could vote during the 1946 elections how can this argument be used in 2015? Are we moving backwards? Siraj ul Haq was condemned and a target of satire in both Urdu and English twitterati discussions who claimed all women in the constituency voluntarily decided to avoid voting. According to him women had “more important” works to do rather than voting. This is a clear case of male chauvinism. Men do not want women to decide their future. I demand ECP to reject this sham election and nullify this result. We have to set an example for the future so that this practice is not followed again. Same reports are coming from Gilgit-Baltistan where the local elections are set to be held, say that all political parties have agreed for barring their women to vote in elections. If this happens and goes unnoticed then ECP will be deemed complicit in this crime. We demand the politicians to look in this matter and legislate against this heinous crime.













The formal condemnations by Political Parties:






Pashtun culture was used to justify this incident hence many Pashtuns themselves criticized this notion:





There was an Urdu trend with the tag Women should be given the right to vote:





In the end we cannot forget our Urdu twitterati, there were a lot of noise, analysis and satires on this incident.