Here is a poem that writer, art aficionado Fakir Syed Aijazuddin composed on the massacre of 43 innocent Ismailis in a bus in Karachi on 13 May 2015.


I have no more blood to spill.
My veins are dry, but still
My heart beats, pumping clots of remonstrance.

I have no more tears to shed.
My eyes are no longer red,
Instead ringed Saturns of grief and shame.

I have no other life to live,
No sacrifice left to give
To propitiate that Satan of a single bullet.

I have no words left to say
A farewell to myself the day
​​De​ath, ​like Edhi’s van, shall come for me.

  • timely

    Muslims have been writing such excruciating poems since 1400 years. But their religion is the biggest contributor to these tragedies. And that will become worse in the coming days due to their self-deceits.