Bol Exodus, House of cards started to fall

Malik Omaid

NYT story on Axact which uncovered the business of fake degrees had been the talk of the town since last monday. Our readers would know that Pak Tea House did a followup story of twitter responses on the report on Axact by NYT. Axact in return sent a legal notice to Pak Tea House upto Rs. 500 million claiming for defamation of the company. We have shared it to our readers as it is equal to curbing our free speech and was unprecedented to sue a blog on merely reporting the events.

After the Axact scam there was lots of talks on whether there will be resignations on ‘principles’ by heavy weights or not. My view was that if even one heavy weight Anchor leaves Bol it will generate an exodus from the group. This happened in the same fashion. Kamran Khan this evening announced his resignation from Bol and a long list of resignations followed afterwards. This has done a great damage to the yet to be on-air ‘Pakistan’s largest Media Group’. There were huge reactions on twitter, some of which I am adding. These are initial responses and will keep them updated as the story follows.

The Resignation!

But Nusrat Javed was not happy on the way Kamran Khan resigned. I totally second him, if you were the person acting as captain then you should act like one.


I do not agree most of the times with Mushtaq Minhas but here I think he do have a point. In my opinion the mass resignations have less to do with principles.

Beena Sarwar highlighted a very valid point that the lower staff will be greatly affected by this crisis on Bol. Many who left their jobs to join Bol following their seniors.

I totally agree this is really in a very bad taste. The exodus was followed by a lot of crappy reporting especially by Express News.

In the end the moral is: