Jang publishes Pak Tea House’s article of Wajahat S Khan but fails to mention its Original Source

Malik Omaid

Daily Jang published the translation of Wajahat S Khan’s exclusive article ‘The Article Nobody Will Publish – by Wajahat S Khan’ but intentionally ignores to mention the name of the source, instead uses ‘a Social Websit.e’ I remember the same way Axact mentioned Declan Walsh’s in response to NYT story as ‘Some reporter’. It looks these Media houses and newspapers think there is no other media house, newspaper or website other than theirs. Geo News has already apologised in their show ‘Aaj Kamran Khan ke Sath’ for not giving coverage to the attack on Raza Rumi after an assassination attempt on Hamid Mir. It seems the group has failed to learn any lesson from those days.

Here is a tweet by Raza Rumi questioning Daily Jang on keeping the anonymity of PTH and some responses by journalists.