Sex Education- More Dangerous than Bullets and Guns

By Rashid Khan

sex education

No man can claim to have spent a day without thinking about sex, while some suggest they think it as frequently as 8 times in a minute. But a cell phone manufacturing company recently drew a lot of criticism for going against the social sensibilities and civility by using word “sexy” in one of its ads. Many came forward as strongly as the ideology of state was somewhat challenged by this word which happens to be a universally accepted praise elsewhere. Most recently, our countrymen were recognized as world’s third sexiest by an American website and it was celebrated as a national pride, unsurprisingly because it was not the sexiest women but men. During last Cricket World Cup, the whole nation was replenished with pride in spite of dismal performance by our players when an Indian Twitterati labeled Pakistanis as “Hotter” when compared with their Indian neighbors.

Where Sex Education is considered significant in aiding young ones in maintaining their sexual health and coping with sexual complexities globally, but it is not even under consideration here under any stage among our “sexies”. Two thirds of the Pakistan’s population is under 30 years old and it is no surprise that Pakistanis rank among top porn streamers worldwide. It clearly indicates toward the curiosity regarding sex among our youth especially in the context of early puberty phenomenon, where minds as young as 10 are not able to cope with their sudden physical changes and emotional desires. The confused hatred toward “sex” is not new to our society. I still remember my time in school when we always failed at finding any word that has any sexual connotation in local English-to-Urdu dictionaries but erotic newspapers were displayed openly on stalls.

Although sex education is more than necessary in Pakistani context as it is being faced with problems such as Child Marriages, Child Molestation and Early Puberty, still our nation is not ready to include Sex Education to our school syllabi. We do not have problem with having chapters of Warriors demolishing worship places but we take inclusion of sex education as a threat to kids’ morality and religiosity. Millions of Rupees are being spent every year on campaigns aiming at the correction of misconceptions pertaining to polio vaccine but hardly any ad dares to refute the skepticism that the vaccine causes sexual impotence in kids as world powers are afraid of growing Muslim population.

Lately I came across a news story in which an Indian teenage girl with the help of her school teacher was able to put her family members behind bars for repeatedly raping her over the period of time. It provides an anecdotal evidence to the notion that sex education can be used to eliminate cases of child molestation as wounds of kids will be better exposed before their teachers when they will start discussing sex more openly. A common rebuttal that sex education activists encounter is that the teachers are not ready to teach it as a subject due to their conservative backgrounds. But irony of affairs is that the same teachers are being trained to fight religious extremists and are learning to handle deadly arms but they probably think sex is more dangerous than guns and bullets. Some suggest that parents should take responsibility of their kids but it sounds absurd given that the majority of them are either illiterate or have very little knowledge of the subject. On the other hand, commonly referred as ultraconservatives, the Madrassas in the country are interestingly more liberal in explaining concepts of sexuality and religious instructions in this regard. You can easily find dozens of books that are no less fascinating that the Kama Sutra and are written by clerics for the guidance of pious believers in matters of sex.

Summarizing, the inclusion of sex education not only can be used to help kids with the questions related to sexuality and sexual health but can considerably assist kids in coming out loud against any sexual violence that they may encounter. Sex cannot be separated from any individual’s life and as a society we need to grow tolerant toward an education that is essential for our population welfare and wellbeing.


Rashid Khan is a Web Journalist and a social activist with focus on population welfare. He is also the co-founder at the “Council for the protection of Worship Places, Pakistan” and tweets as @RashidGujjar.

  • Kamath.

    Every child above a certain age-as determined by educational psychologists and social scientists- should be given sex education in schools. It should also be accompanied simultaneously by lessons and proper behaviour to women . This is should be made one of the a priorities in educational system in the entire South Asian continent. This is what is needed that makes people better citizens

  • timely

    The arab religion is hell-bent on carying out a demographic aggresion against non-muslims. So the women of this religion have to be kept pregnant as much as possible. And when poverty and disease result in the population then blame the “evil” non-muslims.

    What a dirty-tricks ideology from Arabia.

  • observer

    timely says:
    June 14, 2015 at 9:04 pm
    The arab religion is hell-bent on carying out a demographic aggresion against non-muslims
    timely koi arabi tumse doctor doctor to nahi khelta tha.such such batao.i will keep it secret.

  • observer
  • observer
  • tajender
  • observer
  • Farah

    Totally agreed!

  • timely

    to observer

    You call yourself “observer” but don’t see (and don’t want to see?) that islam is an imperialist, totalitarian, misogynic, tribal ideology.

    So what do you observe all day – the empty space between your own eyes?

  • KhalidS

    Reply to Timely:
    What an absurd and ignorant assumption that Islam is an Arabian religion. Out of 1.6+ billion Muslims, only 15% are Arab. Arabic is the language of Islamic holy Scripture the Quran, nothing more. Jesus was not born in Europe, USA or South America, yet these are the regions with Christian majority. And relating Islam with more population and poverty showed your ignorance yet again. South america is all Christian, so it central and south Africa, why is the poverty levels so high in those regions, but not in America and Europe, isn’t that a majority christian region??? So please spare us with more of your…

  • Paul


    Arabic is the language of Islam’s sole authority. You are not allowe dto translate it into any other langauge on earth.

    Heroes of Arabs are your heroes. Scholars of Arabic are your final authority. Their actions are your traditions.

    You pray facing Arabia five times a day no matter where you live.

    You are require to present yourself to arabia at least once in your life if you have the means.

    In education Muslims are at the bottom of the heap in all countries. Wealth does not bring enlightenment. Only knowledge of more Arabic.

  • Paul

    I have visited Muslim countries. Funniest part is seeing Muslims dressing like Arabs and trying to look like Arabs.

  • Kamath

    Paul: I think you are mixing up the role Arabic language played in the history of Islamic civilization and the Quran which Muslims revere!
    As a non-Muslim, let me not get into arguments about Quran. But I would like to point out to you that Arabic played the role of a primary language for science, business , power and politics when Islamic world was during its heydays. It’s contribution to Spanish language in poetry and literature was considerable during Muslim rule in Spain. 800 to 1500 AD circa. In turn Spanish did in turn influenced some European languages. There was a chair created in one of ObBridge universities as early as 1600s. Even today Arabic plays an extremely important role in politics and it is a recognized language in UN. Remember Arabic literature and vocabulary as is far more advanced than any MODERN Indian language like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi,Gujrathi … Etc.
    What happened to fate of Muslim world after the rise of the West after 1500 AD and Renaissance in Europe is a different story .
    Soon started the rapid , almost precipitous, decline of Muslim world’s power, glory and triumphalism. That is a
    discussion for another time.

  • KhalidS

    To Paul,
    I am sorry, but Arabic is just a language or arabia. Quran is already translated into more than 60 languages together with the arabic text next to it, so the exact text cannot ever be changed, unlike the Bible where nothing is left of the true essence and message, and is open to alteration every so many years.
    And you are one of those heavy misinformed anti-islamist who have learnt about Islam from FOX, CNN, BCC ABC NBC and xyz. You are arrogant too, since you have already assumed my heroes, my scholars, and my traditions!!!so its needless to talk about it or share anymore. Just in short. from 1.6 billion muslims, they all have different traditions, different heroes, and different scholars as well.
    Muslims face 5 or more times a day towards Mecca to pray, because according to their belief, the Kaaba is the first house of God ever built. Same goes for all religions, they all have some sacred place or region. I don’t know why People don’t want to understand that a certain Place has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with Culture and traditions only. Jesus was nor american neither European, and he was definitely not from the far eat, yet Christians are in majority there! oh yeah, and nobody speaks Aramaic or Hebrew there either.
    You are required to do the Pilgrimage once in a life time if you have the means, if you are healthy, if the journey is safe. not only means. Pilgrimage of different kinds is normal in different religions as well.
    Lastly Education. In short, the modern sciences, medicine economy, astronomy etc where the Greeks had left it, Muslims with the help of Quran took it further to new heights that were never imagined before. After the downfall in Spain, Christians took it further.
    Dr. Abdus Salam was a Pakistani Nobel laureate in Physics, one of the founding fathers of the so-called Higgs Boson.
    Wealth does not bring enlightenment, indeed, that’s the only thing i can agree with here. Rest is just prejudiced assumptions and false perceptions.

  • Paul


    “And you are one of those heavy misinformed anti-islamist”

    And you are one of those well-informed Islamaniacs who lie to misinform others. Quran has not been translated like the Bible where nothing is left of the true essence and message, and is open to alteration every so many years. Why are you deliberately misinforming people? Are you a member of some cult wanting to change Islam?

    “According to their beliefs”? What else did anyone mean? According to Muslim beliefs they must pray toward Arabia five times a day, visit Arabia at least once in their lives, celebrate Arabic heroes, many even dress and attempt to look like Arabs. 15% Arab masters culturally and religiously rule over the 85% non Arabs. Even Turkey and Iran have not been able to break away from Arab hegemony.

    “Muslism with the help of Quran”? Within a few centuries of its arrival, Islam destroyed the cosmopolitan Arab culture and scientic Arab temper. The whole of Muslim world is a barren land became denuded of any progress, rational ideas, achievement except a few individual cases despite Islam.

    “Dr. Abdus Salam” who was the man? Was he a Muslim? In which country is he an Islamic hero and how did he become a great scientist with “the help of Quran”.

  • Paul


    “As a non-Muslim, let me not get into arguments about Quran.”

    Stay out of the discussion.

  • haroon


  • haroon

    christians annihilated millions of aboriginals in america south america europe and australia and was supporting the killers.istamboul cairo dubai kualampur jakarta are most beautiful and advance cities of world.
    general population is far more happy than common man of europe or america.
    only thing u are expert looter and killer.what u are doing in africa.what u did to iraq and syria.paul u should be ashamed of the deeds of ur brothers everywhere in the world.
    islamic civilization of europe was the base of they want to loot the wealth of muslim world so their toilet paper media is working as trojan horse.
    in mediavel ages u macared 25 million women ,calling them as witch.crusaders killed millions of jews and muslims in their foolish venture.original cross was never in jerusalam.
    jesus moses and mohammad were all arab.arabic is the language of heaven

  • Paul

    arabic is the language of heaven – tell that to Kamath and KhalidS.

  • haroon

    “Dr. Abdus Salam” who was the man? Was he a Muslim? In which country is he an Islamic hero and how did he become a great scientist with “the help of Quran

    he always claimed himself to be very conservative muslim and strong noble laurate of bangladesh.

    ur hero alexender was nothing in front of babur.institutions in england were built with loot of indian wealth.muslims had universities in spain egypt,500 years before oxford and cambridge.
    ibn rushd is considered father of medicine.

  • timely

    to khalid

    A muslim stands under the compulsion to glorify islam, kuran and Mohammad. So your arguments are the talk of a man whose mind is captive and imprisoned.
    Islamic history-writing is ful of such self-glorifications.
    I hope you get over this islamic-centric fascism.
    Islam de facto brings hegemony of arabs over non-arabs. To deny that means to be a liar in the service of this fascism.
    (I hope you know the phrase “de facto” and what it means).

    Islam’s long-term goal is to decimate/exterminate the non-muslims, as they have done from region to region during the past 1400 years. If you deny that then too you are either a naive guy or you are lying.
    Every child born to muslims will prove to be a danger to every child born to non-muslims.
    The demographic aggression by muslims is going on right now. Can you deny that? Hence we non-muslims have to regard islam as an evil ideology.

  • Paul

    He might have claimed Arabic is the language of heaven. How does that matter? Where is he a hero of Muslims? Name a country of Muslims.

  • Paul

    ibn rushd is considered father of medicine.

    In fifteen hundredn years of barren history, if a few people achieved some scientific crdentials despite Islam and Quran, that is an evidence against the effects of Quran and Islam

  • Mohan

    Nadeem F. Paracha ‏@NadeemfParacha
    Breaking: Axact ki building sey fake Ramazan ka chaand bramad.

  • haroon

    a hero of Muslims? Name a country of Muslims

    we are full of india we built hundreds of beautiful cities from murshidabad to ahmadabad.lahore to in spain cordoba had 59 gardens.concept of library came from muslims.cordoba had library with 1 million books.chemistry came from word chemia.most of the chemicals starts with al ,like alchohal,alkaline etc.taimur conquered 6 subcontinents and 68 countries.aurangzeb was ruling 25%of world had gdp more than china.european rulers were jahil.vatican was headquarter of evil activities.

    i advise u to read ibn sina and ummar khayyam.

  • Paul

    haroon of Arabic language of heaven

    You didn’t answer who Abdus salam was and in which Muslim country he was a hero of Islam and Muslims.

    I advise you read about ibn rushd, ibn sina, omar khyaam again and more deeply. Find out what they had to do with Islam and what they learnt from Quran. Also read about the achievemnets of people of your own country.

  • timely

    to haroon

    you can never stop your perversities of pseudo-knowledge.
    your islamic history-writing is perverted and self-centered and self-glorifying.
    Scoundrels like you like this fascism and will try to repeat these fakes for another 1400 years.

    Islamic is what comes from kuran and kuran only.
    From kuran comes nothing of importance or goodness for the well-being of mankind in the 21st century.
    From kuran comes only fascism and that is seen in the way you (haroon, rex etc.) write and abuse and lie in order to glorify the Aurangzebs and other muslim killers and rapists.

    From the kuran comes no mathematics, sxciences, sociology, honest analyses etc.

  • tajender

    direct effect of vegetarianism,

    India hit a new low with their “humiliating” loss to tiny Guam in World Cup qualifying, the country’s media said Wednesday.

    India, once hailed the sleeping giants of football by FIFA president Sepp Blatter, were outclassed by the Pacific island minnows on Tuesday night.

    The 2-1 defeat was made even more embarrassing as India, with a population of 1.25 billion compared to Guam’s 160,000, are 33 places above Guam Matao (174) in the FIFA world rankings

  • observer

    kya moota hai jawab nahi timely.

    aurangzeb was great tolerant ruler of india.demonized by britishers and their local indian agents.

    Scoundrels like you like this fascism
    idiot where is fascism in quran.geeta is mother of apartheism and fascism.timely do u agree.

  • timely

    Being defeated in football is no reason to be ashamed.
    Not all 1.25 billion indians were playing on the field – were they?
    So what is the new perversity in your islamically bedeviled brain?
    You can feed the PTH with new and old perversities of your islamic brain.

    Kuran claims to be the final revelation, and this finalism is exactly fascism. Every finalism leads to fascism.
    Muslims are so sunk in self-glorification that they will not understand this quickly enough. Not surprising at all.

    Some of the fascism in the kuran is very hidden and subtle. Fools do not recognize it until they are under its boots.
    Some in Pakistan have begun to realize it.

  • Paul

    Meat-eating Pakistan is producing world chamption teams in football and geniuses like Tajender.

  • observer

    guam america france and germany are meat eaters.only few jews and their satanic cousins in india are vegetarian.all big scientists and important people were meat eater.
    for your information ranking of bangladesh and pakistan is better than india.
    tajender is meat eater too like mohan.

  • Paul

    Meat-eating produces american, guam, france, and germany. Meat-eating combined with Islam produces Pakistan and tajender.

  • observer
  • timely

    some humans must eat meat.
    how else will we get rid of dead animals?
    we can’t be burning or burying them all.
    so long meat-eaters don’t want to aggress or ingress into the living spaces for vegetarians, it’s ok.
    vegetarians have never forbidden meat-eaters from clearing up after the animal has died.
    however accelerating an animal’s death causes a mentality in the human killers of the type seen in some of these muslim head-cutting videos, of which the muslims are so proud since 1400 years.

  • Aaron

    Great Article!