Open Letter to Chairman Imran Khan

By Abdul Kundi


Salam Chairman Imran Khan

PTI is going through tough times as there are concerns raised about its ability to lead the nation as well as questions raised about its internal cohesion and team work. The most important item that needs your attention Mr. Chairman is to unite the party and bring it back to its ideological orientation. To facilitate you in this process, I have voluntarily decided to stop participating in the email chain discussions and change the scope of my mass emails to party member. In return Mr. Chairman we expect that our suggestions will be considered and our voice will be given due representation at the decision table. The history of our past suggestions should be a guide that party could have benefited from it if considered.

Through this email I would like to humbly submit following suggestions for your kind consideration:

     1. Mr. Hamid Khan and his committee drafted the 2012 constitution of the party. During the drafting process I sent them many suggestions and raised concerns about the structural weaknesses apparent. Those suggestions were rejected and party constitution was adopted but never adhered to by the party office bearers although it was developed as per their own guidelines. Yet again there is another draft prepared for a new party constitution and efforts are underway to implement it without due process. I request you to prevent this from happening because the real importance of a constitution is in its implementation not just drafting of words. New draft should be adopted after careful reconsideration and through proper amendment process laid down in existing 2012 constitution.
2. Former PTI President Javed Hashmi, Zubair Umar of PML N and many op-ed writers are of the view that there was involvement of establishment in PTI Dharna politics and that some people in the decision making position were involved in it. These are serious allegations which have not been adequately answered thereby giving credence to the perception that PTI is hand maiden of establishment. To counter this perception I request you to establish a party inquiry commission to investigate the decisions related to dharna, resignation and strikes to ascertain if there was any involvement of outside party elements. The commission should also identify those responsible for these decisions and suggest corrective measures to prevent such things from happening in future.
3. Mr. Chairman you had a detailed meeting with SCAD members and had a chance to hear their point of view. It is important that the show cause given to them is formally withdrawn and allow them to continue with their important work to institutionalize the party.
4. It is heartening to see that you had a good meeting with Justice Wajihuddin that headed PTI Election Tribunal. Orders of the ET should be implemented in letter and spirit.
5. Interim organizers do not have any constitutional authority to make decisions on behalf of the party. They should operate on the single point agenda of participating in LG elections in Sindh and Punjab while refraining themselves from making any other decisions related to party organization. Tickets for LG should be given on merit and the criteria should be announced for it publicly. All those involved in LG tickets award should strictly adhere to the agreed merit criteria.

I hope that you will favorably consider the above suggestions and incorporate it in your decision making. We look forward to work with you to rebuild PTI as an institution and an ideological platform to transform this country.

Thanks & regards

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

  • timely

    Islamic upbringing means that no good leaders will arise from the fold of islam.
    if a good leader arises then it will be due to his contacts with non-muslims and his ability to learn from them.
    But such a good person will be quickly thrown out by the muslims.

    A muslim society can be ruled only by fascist leaders by keeping muslims in a state of hate and anger against non-muslims.
    If there are no non-muslims in the vicinity then they will go for each others’ throats in the name of the arab god and his “blessings”.

    Islam forces muslims to give up their intelligence and honesty if the two oppose islam’s totalitarianism, imperialism and fascism. This is so since 1400 years.

  • tajender

    timely u are ..,

    A US based journalist and Director of Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University USA, Steven Youngblood Friday termed Indian news channels as “right-wing propaganda machines” and compared them with Fox News USA for their ‘conservative bias’ and ‘judgmental reporting’.
    Youngblood however expressed satisfaction over the reporting by Kashmir’s local media for their “careful and professional use of language and terminology about sensitive issues.”
    “When I landed here I started following the television news and newspaper reportage. And let me tell you honestly I was shocked after watching Indian news channels. I think they have started following Fox News and its unethical journalistic practices for which it has been criticized across the globe. Like some of the American news channels Indian media is also indulging in selective bias and judgmental reporting,” he told Rising Kashmir on the sidelines of an event here.
    He is on a maiden visit to Kashmir and India to participate in a workshop at Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST), Awantipora in collaboration with the Department of Journalism.
    The journalist said there seems to be no end to the examples our world produces that demonstrate the need for a better approach to journalism in this part of the world.
    “The latest example occurred on Wednesday in a neighboring state, Punjab, where 10 people were killed during an attack in Gurdaspur. Three attackers were also killed after a prolonged standoff. The coverage of this event on News X, Times Now, and CNN-IBN was reminiscent of American cable news coverage of mass shootings or attacks. I think the Indian cable coverage was sensational, one sided, finger-pointing, and distorted. This coverage I viewed last night was irresponsible, pointing the finger of blame at Pakistan immediately after the attack and before any investigation was conducted,” he said.
    He termed screaming animated graphics on Times Now announcing “Attackers were from Pakistan” before this was proven as “ridiculous.”
    “The other channels were only a bit more subtle, announcing in their graphics ‘Pak(istan) hand nailed?’ and ‘Pak hand?’. Not only were no voices advocating calm or peace heard, the cable coverage here even went as far as to dismiss efforts at peace (India pays price for appeasement’, Soft on India haters,’ ‘Talks or Terror: Time to Decide.’). Finally, although the Pakistan foreign minister condemned the attack, only CNN-IBN mentioned this during my 90 minutes of viewing, and that mention was only a 10-second flashing of a graphic,” Youngblood said adding that this cable TV coverage provided grist for a day-long discussion he had with students at IUST, Awantipora.
    He said his Centre was planning to start an initiative where journalists from India and Pakistan would come on a common platform to promote peace journalism and address issues related to journalism.
    “I would love to have a common platform in Kashmir for such interactions,” Youngblood said.