Fake Quote: Laboratory of Islam

Fake Quote attributed to Jinnah

This is how history was distorted in Pakistan in General Zia’s brutal dictatorship. The quote here has taken a life of its own; it has even made it to textbooks. Here is the problem:

1. Jinnah was not even in Peshawar on the said date. He was in Karachi on 13 January 1948.
2. Jinnah did not refer to Pakistan as an Islamic laboratory.
3. He spoke at Islamia College Peshawar on 14 April 1948 and the said speech which is part of Jinnah papers contains no such reference.

This is not to say Jinnah did not refer to Islam but it was always that Islam was compatible with modern democracy and human rights.

  • saadhafiz

    The Express Tribune Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015

    The 21st century Jinnah

    INDIA: There’s a new kid on the block, and he can pack a punch. This one takes the shape of Asaduddin Owaisi, dubbed the “superstar of the Muslim community” in India.

    Owaisi, a third-term Member of Parliament from a small party in southern India, is seen as an inspirational leader who hopes to see a better future for the Muslims of India, where Hindu nationalist forces are on the rise in India.

    Last October, nearly 60,000 Muslims congregated at a dusty parade ground in Aurangabad to hear Owaisi.

    Amid chants of “the lion has come”, he took the podium and recited a short prayer before launching into a bold speech about the discrimination faced by Indian Muslims in finding jobs, accessing loans and encountering the police.

    In his address, he told the youth to pray regularly and pursue education, adding, “This is our country as much as it is yours. We are not renters; we are also owners of this land. We should get our rights.”

    Reveling fans climbed onto the stage to meet him, with many finding a messiah in him.

    “I have never seen such a fearless leader before,” said Syed Jawad, a 22-year-old dairy shop owner who watched Owaisi in his city around 200 miles from Mumbai. “Owaisi is the new messiah for us.”

    In an interview in New Delhi, he addressed Muslims’ lack of voice in India, saying: “Every community in India has progressed except Muslims.” The dropping numbers of Muslims in Parliament coincide with his concerns.

    Owaisi caused controversy by speaking for Muslim prisoners on death row, specifically Yaqub Memon, who was hanged for his alleged role in the 1993 Mumbai bombings, because he believes capital punishment has become a political tool. However, he continues to strive for justice for Indian Muslims.

    “Call me provocative. Call me anti-national. But first, answer all the questions I am posing about discrimination and injustice,” he said.

    Owaisi grew up in Hyderabad and is the son of a lawmaker.

    Arshad Alam, assistant professor of sociology at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, admires Owaisi and believes he has the traits of a good leader that the Muslim community of India requires but wonders if Owais will engage in politics for the harassed only or go further.

    Owaisi’s critics say he could fragment the country’s fragile multi-religious social fabric.

    “He is pandering to the Muslim feeling of insecurity,” said Ram Madhav, general secretary of the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. “His politics [are] dangerous for India because it deepens the sense of alienation and separateness among Muslims.”

    Madhav went on to say Owaisi “is trying to become the 21st century Jinnah,” a controversial comparison to Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

    The article originally appeared on The Washington Post

  • timely

    Owaisi is the face of islamic fascism of now and of bootlicking of arabs.
    Muslims know how to vilify hindus and then make use of some quisling hindus to slander the self-respecting hindus.
    Owaisi – typical lawyer – like Jinnah – knows how to give mendacious answers and laugh contemptuously over the hindus.

    Owaisi wants to please the arab god by slandering and decimating non-muslims.

  • saadhafiz

    Hindus Need to Become Human Bombs: Shiv Sena Outlook India Mumbai| Aug 18, 2015

    Sena Sena today defended its founder Bal Thackeray’s ideology saying he created “a fear of Hindus” solely in “national interest” and hit out at a weekly magazine for its article against the late party supremo.

    “People have lot of love and respect for Balasaheb Thackeray and feel proud of his nationalist ideals. He surely instilled the fear of Hindus among people,” an editorial in Sena mouthpiece Saamana here said, rubbishing the contents of an article published in the magazine.

    Sena workers had yesterday staged protest at Nariman Point area in South Mumbai against the magazine, tearing and torching its copies. A case was also filed in adjoining Thane district in connection with the article.

    The outfit today said, “Hindus should be able to live in this country with pride and his (a Hindu’s) voice should roar like that of a lion. If an answer has to be given to Pakistan extremists, Hindus will also have to become highly religious.”

    “To answer Pakistan, Hindus need to become human bombs and invade their country,” it said in controversial remarks.

    Defending the thoughts and ideology of Thackeray, the Sena said, “If his stand that Pakistani extremists should be responded in their own terms can be called as terrorism, then this kind of terrorism was in the national interest.”

    Thackeray considered all religions equal and so, after the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination in 1984, he appealed for calm in the state, the party said.

    “It was because of him that the Sikh community could live in peace in Mumbai and other parts of the state,” it said.

    “Today, even if we don’t want a magazine to gain unnecessary publicity by publishing false information on Balasaheb, but if people’s anger rises then the already dead magazine will be further crushed by them in the market,” the Sena said.

  • romain

    Saad Sb,

    I kinda like owasi. Did you know that he is UK educated Lawyer? Whatever he does or says is about 80% for political gain. His politics actually hurts the so called “secular” parties.

    In between the rhetoric, he touches a raw nerve among IMs. One cannot fight with his message either.

    I have seen him in action on Paki TV courtesy Youtube. He thrashed the Paki commentators. He was more Indian than the other two Indians. Suffice to say, he has been never invited back again.
    I only wish he would tone down his more radical brother and some of his speeches (not all). Perhaps he is the leader IMs need.
    No question though, his approach can be divisive at times. But then which politician is not

  • HistoryBuff

    A quick survey suggests that Muhammad Iqbal first used the “Laboratory of Islam” in the 1930 Muslim League session. Jinnah allegedly used it in 1946:

    “We do not demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we want a laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles. (In 1946, at Islamia College)”

  • HistoryBuff

    Liaqat Ali Khan also alleged used the “laboratory of Islam” trope after independence.

  • HistoryBuff

    Raja of Mahmudabad also referred to Pakistan as a “laboratory wherein we may experiment in peace, the greatest experiment that was ever tried – re-establishing the government of Islam…”

  • HistoryBuff

    Allama Mashriqi later complained to Jinnah about the treatment meted out to him by thousands of hooligans {of the Muslim League} on January 13, 1946, at Islamia College, Lahore, after Jinnah left a meeting there.

  • Ashish

    Denying real quotes. Manufacturing false quotes. This is Pakistani history.

  • timely

    Laboratory of islam is cooking up (deadly, bomby) chemicals since 1400 years.
    It began with the extermination of jews in Madina.
    This laboratory is the biggest producer of lies, and slander against non-muslims, and saliva upon arab feet.
    When Hitler gassed the jews, the muslim mufti of Jerusalem wrote to him congratulating him and requesting a similar solution for the jews in Jerusalem (before 1948 AD).
    The extermination (over 1200 years – finalized in Pakistan) of hindus from their Sindhu river homeland by the quislings of islam is also well known.
    What a “scientific” laboratory this one!

  • saadhafiz

    Romain sb: this view of AO agrees with yours.

    Owaisi has suddenly become an attractive option for some Hindustan Times | Rajdeep Sardesai | June 12, 2015

    With his oratorical skills — he is a bar at law from London — Owaisi is seen to represent a Muslim identity which is aspirational but rooted in religious beliefs.

    It isn’t just a BJP problem though: Being a Muslim leader isn’t easy in contemporary politics. The 16th Lok Sabha has the lowest number of Muslim MPs in parliamentary history, just 22. There isn’t a single Muslim MP from Uttar Pradesh while Bihar with a sizeable Muslim population has thrown up just four. Clearly, a growing Hindu majoritarian consciousness, especially in the Hindi heartland and western India, has meant that the ‘winnability’ quotient of a Muslim candidate has reduced.

    Stepping into the political vacuum has been an Owaisi-like figure, someone who now claims to be a flagbearer of his community’s identity in politics. Owaisi’s party, AIMIM, has its roots in the turbulent and, at times, overtly communal walled city politics of post-Nizam Hyderabad, but he is now seeking to spread his net further, from Maharashtra to UP, by feeding on a growing sense of fear and anxiety among Muslim youth in particular. With his oratorical skills — he is a bar at law from London — Owaisi is seen to represent a Muslim identity which is aspirational but rooted in religious beliefs.

    In a sense, the rise of Owaisi is an indictment of the so-called national parties who claim to represent Muslim interests under the guise of secularism. Each of these parties stands accused of promoting vote bank politics while seemingly bringing little real benefit to the minorities. The Sachar committee report has graphically brought out how the social and economic conditions of Muslims have remained well behind their counterparts.

  • timely

    to saadhafiz

    muslims remain backward due to kuran, shariah, kuran-centered fascism and mullahs.
    but blaming non-muslims is a politically motivated lies and necessity for the muslims.
    and the congress party has pandered to the most reactionary muslim leaders for getting their votes.

    the long term result of islam is extermination of non-muslims and increase in muslim poverty and violence.
    had it not been for the petrodolars blackmailed by muslims from the non-muslims, this situation would have been rampant in muslim societies long ago.

    Pakistan shows the same social sicknesses as of the muslims in India, but much worse and far more violent and sickening.

    fascism is unavoidable in the self-glorifying society of a religion that allows no honesty and criticism.

  • saadhafiz


    Suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, who had taken on then Chief Minister Narendra Modi over the 2002 Gujarat riots, was today sacked on the ground of “unauthorised absence” from service, an action which he said followed a “sham inquiry” on “completely fabricated charges”.

    “Yes, it is true that my services have been terminated. This was expected. They have been conducting a completely ex-parte inquiry. I got the letter (sack order) from them (the Home ministry),” Bhatt told PTI this evening.

    Bhatt also tweeted saying:

    Finally removed from service today after serving 27 years in the Indian Police Service. Once again eligible for employment. 🙂 Any takers?

    — Sanjiv Bhatt IPS (@sanjivbhatt) August 19, 2015

  • Kamath

    Saadi and HistoryBuff et al:

    If one were to reply or comment on statements made by individuals and looney tribal politicians like Thakeray, it would drive any one crazy.

    Anyway, personal physician of Bal Thackeray now long dead was a Muslim!

    You see these @@@holes making sweeping comments about saving Hindus and Indya, is pretty ……!

  • Kamath


    ” the IPS officer Sanjiv Bhat was dismissed because of his “unauthorized absence during Gujju riots where two thousand victims- citizens of India- were dead , some of them in a horriblely in the pogrom……..”
    I am absolutely sure of this, for my own family friends who were working in the city, described this ghastly terror.

    I think Narendra Modi should have been fired and taken to gallows for his unauthorized absence.

  • HistoryBuff

    Well, I’m unable to ascertain whether Jinnah said something about “laboratory of Islam” on January 13, 1946 in Lahore or on the January 13th of some other year at some other place.

    Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah: a chronology, by Riaz Ahmad, published 1996, attributes this to Jinnah at Islamia College, Peshawar, January 13, 1948.

  • HistoryBuff

    Full citation:
    Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah : a chronology / prepared by Riaz Ahmad ; rev., enl., and edited by Sharif Al Mujahid, Yousuf Saeed
    Main Author: Ahmad, Riaz.
    Other Authors: Saeed, Yousuf. , Mujahid, Sharif.
    Language(s): English
    Published: Karachi : Quaid-i-Azam Academy, 1981.

  • Ranger997497

    “I think Narendra Modi should have been fired and taken to gallows for his unauthorized absence.”

    Hey Kamath, the people of India care so much about what you think that they made Narendra Modi their Prime Minister. HAHAHAHAHA 🙂

  • timely

    Guys like Kamath are interested in flattering the agents and quislings of islamic imperialism and fascism. That is their opportunism in order to save their own possessions since they expect the final victory of these agents and quislings soon.
    Should Jinnah not have ben sent to the gallows when he, as GG, presided over the extermination of hindus in Pakistan in 1947.
    Kamath has never written that about Jinnah before.

    Muslim population in Gujarat had increased considerably after 1947 and hence it is correct to say that the muslims had already committed an act of aggression against hindus before 2002.
    The anger of the hindus had/has this reason.

    Bootlickers of muslims like Kamath are ready to sell their mothers and sisters to the muslims.

  • Kamath

    In keeping up with the long tradition of fighting for Kashmiri Independence for thousand years if necessary, Sartaj Aziz (SA)said Pakistan will not invite Speaker of J&K assembly to the Commonwealth Meeting to be held in Pakistan. India said it would boycott if there is no invitation. It has been decided by Sartaj Aziz to move the meeting to New York!

    This would internationalize K issue according to the venerable , statesman SJ and Maleeha Lodhi in UN. BTW it would also give SA an opportunity buy a brand new $1000 suit and $1000 eye glasses too.

    I wonder who blinked first?

  • test


  • Kamath

    timely: Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.!
    I wonder if you are a progeny of street toughs and Hitler Jugend of Germany who beat up the Jewish men and women, now inching to beat Helpless unarmed Muslim boys?
    Did you beat. Any one today ?

    Heil Golwnalkar!

  • Kamath

    Saadi Hafiz: Are you there listening?
    Could you or anyone there tell me why any Pak politician is so immaculately dresses in very expensive clothes in their, publicly office?
    Nawab Shabrif, for,mer president Zardari, ….. Now Sartaj Aziz, Hina Khar etc. Could it be the founder of Pakistan preferred expensive Saville a Row suits, gold wrist watches, black/white pump shoes, English breakfast in hot and humid Bombay climate and hotter than hell Delhi weather in those days?

  • romain

    Kamath mian,

    unfortunately, timely is parroting what is becoming an international phenomena


  • Kamath

    Romain: I have seen more privately circulated true UTube video clips of these murderous iIL and Boko Haram beasts. It will make your stomach upside down also nightmare is guaranteed to follow you.

    Note to Timely: Hello timely, have you volunteered to serve as Hindu Bomb to guard the honour of Hindus. Let us know please.

  • timely

    to kamath

    Why have you taken a hindu name and are trying to keep your loyalty to islamic fascism a secret?

    Muslims are increasing their population so that they can achieve kuran’s goal of exterminating non-muslims. Simultaneously the muslims are pretending to be victims. This is a very evil tactic and trick by them.

    Anyone who denies that islam’s goal is to exterminate non-muslims is helping muslims achieve this goal more easily.

    I take my info on islam from Pakistani newspapers and muslims’ statements only. I have never read any hindu-vadi publications. I never bothered about this arab religion till about 10 years ago. Then I started reading pakistani newspapers on the internet. They have revealed to me how evil and fascistic islam is in its core spirit, methods and goals.

    Conflicts between muslims and non-muslims are due to the fact that islam’s long-term goal is to exterminate non-muslims. In these conflicts muslims too suffer and this is used by the muslims to create the impression that the muslims are innocent victims.
    How long will the non-muslims get fooled by this?

    Muslims’ sufferings are due to kuran and islam and the terror gangs and fascist dictators which they and their religion have themselves brought forth.

  • saadhafiz

    Kamath: On 31 August 1920, Gandhi took the khadi vow: “From today for life I declare that I shall purchase for my (wear) only khaddar cloth hand-made of hand-spun yarn, cap or head-dress and socks excepted.”

    I guess Pakistani politicians haven’t taken such a vow!

  • The Observer

    haha musle alias kamath ‘Mohan:
    ” the IPS officer Sanjiv Bhat was dismissed because of his “unauthorized absence during Gujju riots where two thousand victims- citizens of India- were dead , some of them in a horriblely in the pogrom……..”
    I am absolutely sure of this, for my own family friends who were working in the city, described this ghastly terror.
    I think Narendra Modi should have been fired and taken to gallows for his unauthorized absence.’

    You pissoffs are like the mutants of X men series. Naam badalne sein kya hoga ? You must realize though , you carry the same subcontinent gene pool like us hindus n hence, we catch you in a matter of a few seconds

    What makes you think we shall forget Godhra ? Wanna try that again ??

    This bhatt guy got it back in full, during the last lok sbha elections, his wife stood on behalf of the congress , sanki nahin hain hum… There is logic to every action that is being taken. Let law take its course

  • The Observer

    kamath ‘Note to Timely: Hello timely, have you volunteered to serve as Hindu Bomb to guard the honour of Hindus. Let us know please.’

    Why not , boli magne neenu chikka beeja itkondu canada hogi baayige bandaddu baritiya nayi, pukulige oditene magane , idu namma desha bevarsi

  • The Observer

    neenu bolimaga saaiba aagidiya antha oorella aagabeka , kantri naayi, GSB community maryaadi tegitiya

  • The Observer

    bolimagne ninna community goa bittaddu yaake ? Oorige bandaddu yaake ?that too in droves … Because of persecution isnt it ?

    Kachada bevarsi

  • The Observer

    kamath ‘ timely: Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.!’


  • Rex Minor

    Mr Owaisi is a non subjec;tan was not his creation it matters not what Mr Jinnah said or or the lunatic military man said or wanted, the question was what sort of denomination the land of majority muslim culture be given once the Inglez were supposed to decolonise their empire in accordance with the agreement made by the allies before entering into the war against the third reich! Pakistan was the name choosen by the wise men and the credit went to Mr jinnah and co. The plan was that Indian army will be controlled by the Brits and the Indian territories were to remain under the Crown! Neither Nehru nor Jinnah were given any control over the armed forces; this however changed when the wazirs and the yousafzai tribesmen marched into kashmir to dethrone the Mah and mosquesaraja of Kashmir and India became the battle ground of the rightist groups within days and weeks for which the British parliament decided to rid itself of the responsibilty.

    Todays Pakistan is ruled by both civil and military business corporations, carrying the banner of Islam which is only practiced in Madrassas and mosques.

    One day the history writers will correct the records.

    Rex Minor

  • tajender
  • timely

    The laboratory of islam will produce more liars for the “glory” of islam and more killers for the expansionism-totalitarianism of islam.

    Unfortunately – some humans of hindu stock have been fooled into joining this labor work and have created this Pakistan as the most ebulient laboratory for bullies, braggarts, bewakufs and baddies to bamboozle the bastis and borders.

    Creator god is a sadist-cynic, so he allowed the creation of this arab ideology to torment the decent humans.
    Liberal muslims are there only to camouflage this fascism and make this fascism more efficient in its aim of exterminating non-muslims.

    So how is this “grand” laboratory functioning guys?

    Sounds so funny or evil when they come up with praises and songs of glorification for this ideology and its leaders.

  • Rex Minor

    I do not need to learn from others who the jews are; the cousins of arbs, and what Zionism is all about. have a deep look at the Us dollar bank note and the current world wide accepted capitalist system.

    Rex mnor

  • Kamath

    Saadi Hafiz: you say,”…I guess Pakistani politicians haven’t taken such a vow!…”. You are right here.

    Then there is a saying in the ancient Sanskrit literature in India . It says, ” Yatha Raja, Tatha Praja” . It means – the way the king is, so also are the subjects. Usually leaders set up the model and subjects follow . In India, great leaders set example of honesty, courage , moral integrity. But followers have been following a culture of corruption, crassness, insensitivity and intolerance. The world has turned upside down.”….

    Khuda Hafiz

  • MilesToGo

    Sanitizing Islam is a full time job for Muslims. Next generation Pakis will deny that Osama was caught in Pakistan.

  • timely

    to Kamath

    Then there is a saying in the ancient Sanskrit literature in India

    “payah paanam bhujangaanaam kevalam vishavardhanam”

    “Feeding poisonous snakes with nutrition will only increase production of poison.”

    Everything that muslims got from non-muslims in terms of knowledge, money, technology, sympathies, protection, tolerance, rights, land, immigration rights, missionary rights etc. has only led them to become more arrogant and hate-filled against non-muslims.