TheFunKids- A Brand New Pakistani Start-up With an Educational Agenda

By Sidra Javed


When I said told my 10 year old one afternoon to throw out the garbage, he rolled his eyes at me, paused his PSP game and stomped off to do the chore I’d been asking him to do since morning. If I would have come to my son’s room hours later, my guess is that he would still be playing video games, or watching TV- and that has been his routine during the entire vacation.
Now I’m not saying that he’s a bad kid- in fact he’s a very good kid; he’s kindhearted, creative and funny. But during moments like these when he reacts to a request to do a chore as if I’ve asked him to give me one of his eye, I have to pause and ask myself if I am raising a child who expects the planet to revolve around him ? The thing is, I don’t think this attitude is the exception in our country, in fact in any country where people indulge their children.
All we do is blame the things these children have but in the end we are the ones who provide them with these things. Parents today either can’t or won’t set limits for their children. Instead of disciplining them, they hover and coddle and bend over to protect their self-respect. The result is that we’re raising a generation of undisciplined kids who expect everything to go their way, and it won’t be pretty when their sense of entitlement crashes into the unforgiving real world. We can’t cut them off from all the things they enjoy doing like using internet, play games, and watch TV. All we have to do is find an alternative which will gives us a new and better way to keep them from resorting to inappropriate media which affects their personality.
Just last week I was browsing the web to see if there were any good websites that featured non-violent games and videos targeted towards Pakistani children and I encountered The Fun Kids. This new website not just offers free games and videos for young kids but also has an educational fun facts section that increases your child general knowledge. I was able to connect with many other concerned mom on the sites forum and was very happy when my son started to spend time on it.
Right now our country is in a transition phase- many projects are being initialized that not just support educational causes but social causes as well. The government should also get active and start supporting these causes as well as take initiative like these on its own as well.