Wajid Shamsul Hasan and the Punjab Assembly


Pakistan’s ex-envoy to London Wajid Shamsul Hasan spoke last week at the annual Ahmadi Convention. It was a frank talk which hit home certain important points, the gist of which was that declaring Ahmadis Non-Muslims was a huge mistake on part of Pakistan’s National Assembly -which has destroyed the social fabric of the state. Wajid Shamsul Hasan comes from a family which has been committed to Pakistan. His father Syed Shamsul Hasan was a close confidante of Mr. Jinnah, famously compiling his personal correspondence under the title “Plain Mr. Jinnah”. Coming from a generation and a family that believed in the idealism of Quaid-e-Azam Mahomed Ali Jinnah and his mission, Wajid Shamsul Hasan is obviously dismayed at the wrong turns Pakistan has taken. Every true Pakistani who feels for the country feels similarly.

What is the price for speaking out for Jinnah’s Pakistan in Pakistan? The Punjab Assembly passed a resolution against Wajid Shamsul Hasan and condemned him. Half educated and illiterate MPAs sitting in the Punjab Assembly declared that Wajid Shamsul Hasan was an enemy of Islam and an agent of the Qadianis. The leader of Pakistan People’s Party – that bastion of liberalism- even called for an FIR to be registered against the ex-envoy for blasphemy. All because the man said that it was wrong for the state to interfere in the personal faith of an individual or a community.

One can only remind the members of the Punjab Assembly – that Punjab Assembly which has always been a fortress of reaction and bigotry – that long before Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Mr. Jinnah, the founder of this country, had said something very similar:

“I have been asked a disturbing question, as to who among the Muslims can be a member of the Muslim Conference. It has been asked with particular reference to the Qadianis. My reply is that, as far as the constitution of the All-India Muslim League is concerned, it stipulates that any Muslim, without distinction of creed or sect, can become a member, provided he accepts the views, policy and programme of the Muslim League, signs the form of membership and pays the subscription. I appeal to the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir not to raise sectarian questions, but instead to unite on one platform under one banner. In this lies the welfare of the Muslims. In this way, not only can Muslims make political and social progress effectively, but so can other communities, and so also can the state of Kashmir as a whole.”

“Mr. M. A. Sabir tried as hard as he could to persuade the Quaid-i-Azam to declare Qadianis as being out of the fold of Islam. But the Quaid-i-Azam stuck resolutely to his principle and kept on replying: `What right have I to declare a person non-Muslim, when he claims to be a Muslim’.

(23rd May, 1944,  Srinagar)


  • saadhafiz

    The Express Tribune 28 Aug 2015

    Punjab Assembly adopts resolution against ex-envoy’s comments on Ahmadis

    Resolu­tion demand­s legal action agains­t Wajid Shamsu­l Hasan for opposi­ng a consen­sus decisi­on of the Nation­al Assemb­ly

    LAHORE: Punjab Assembly unanimously adopted on Friday a resolution condemning former High Commissioner to UK Wajid Shamsul Hasan’s statement allegedly declaring members of the Ahmadi community as Muslims.

    The comments which had been attributed to Hasan by an Urdu daily caused uproar in the House on Thursday and sparked debate which concluded today with MPA Waheed Gul putting forth the resolution.

    The resolution condemned the former envoy’s comments in which he stated that former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s decision to declare Ahmadis non-Muslims was wrong.

    Stressing that the remarks hurt the sentiments of Muslims, the resolution called upon the federal government to initiate legal action against Hasan for making a statement in opposition to the decision that was taken by the National Assembly in the past.

    Read: Furore in PA over ex-envoy’s comments on Ahmadis

    On Thursday, MPAs from both the treasury and opposition benches demanded that a joint resolution be passed to condemn the statement. Raising several slogans during the session, lawmakers including MPAs Ilyas Chinioti, Dr Farzana Nazeer, Mian Aslam Iqbal and Qazi Ahmad Saeed, took to the floor to condemn the alleged statement.

    Mian Aslam Iqbal said that Hasan should be stripped off all government titles and awards. Pakistan People’s Party parliamentary leader Qazi Ahmad Saeed proposed that an FIR be lodged against Hasan.

    He urged the government to take strict action against the former high commissioner.

  • Down__Under

    `What right have I to declare a person non-Muslim, when he claims to be a Muslim’. @ Jinnah

    That was Jinnah’s ‘theory’ then. Later when politically expedient, he could have declared that theory dead and Ahmadis non-Muslims. His followers are following his lead.

  • HistoryBuff

    “You can send your money in annas and rupees, by cheques, drafts, and registered post parcels. But it must be sent to me direct. I am responsible for the control and accounting of funds before the Muslim Nation. Our accounts are open to any bona fide Muslim (Laughter). I am glad you realise the meanings of bona fide.”

    Jinnah, Address to the Muslim students of local colleges, Lahore, Jan 17, 1946

    Note: this speech is against the Unionists, which was the Muslim-Hindu-Sikh ruling coalition in Punjab at that time. Clearly Jinnah meant that Unionist Muslims were not bona fide Muslims.

  • Kamath

    History Buff: Where did you get the stuff, I mean the source.? If one were to parse words, one can twist anything to suit your agenda.

    To my mind – MAJinnah took the approach of BG Tilak who vowed – ” Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it “. MAJ moved ahead and said ” Pakistan is my birth right and I shall have it.” He did not care the cost to be inflicted upon those millions who had to glee in the middle of the night to the opposite side.

    Then of course his admirers of course always quote his speech, ” you are free, …….bull-shit…”.. In his Aug 1947 speech. What a tragedy. Flip a switch one suddenly brings forth light!

  • MOIN

    Wajid’s Statment is against Parliament of Pakistan, democracy as well as against of Mr.Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, ex PM of pak

  • timely

    See how this discussion about being muslim is ruining all good possibilities of human existence.
    7th century fascism determining the 21st century.
    Such words alone provide for clarity.

  • Parliament certified Muslim

    The closing paragraph of this article above, reads:

    “Hazrat Maulana M. A. Sabir tried as hard as he could to persuade the Kafir-i-Azam to declare Qadianis as being out of the fold of Islam. But the Kafir-i-Azam stuck resolutely to his principle and kept on replying: `What right have I to declare a person non-Muslim, when he claims to be a Muslim’.”

    Painful as it may be for me, I have to admit that here, for once, Mr. Jina was right. Why? Because, being a Kafir himself – rather being the Kafir-i-Azam – to be exact, he was in no position to declare anyone a “Muslim” or a “Non-Muslim” anyway. This authority lies only with the all-knowing and all-consuming powerful Ulama, and solely with the Ulama. This authority becomes enhanced, however, when it is supported (funded) by heavenly kingdoms such as Mumlikat al Arabia al Saudia.

  • When Punjab was being divided in 1947, and much was at stake. Different organizations were submitting their point of view in front of boundary commission. President Muslim LeagueTehsil Batala also submitted a memorundum. I quote a part of this memorundum.
    ” If religious places and shrines are to be considered, Qadian town situated in jurisdiction of Batala Sadar Police station, requires special attention. Among the Mussalman’s, Ahmadis acclaim the late Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet. This prophet was born and bred up, lived, died, and buried. Qadian is the very cradle of Ahmadi faith…..And Qadiani’s have declared in un-equivocal terms in favour of Pakistan.”
    (The Partition of the Punjab vol. 1 p 472)
    The word Qadianis in this passage shows that no Ahmadi was involved in writting it. But when it was required for the benefit of Pakistani Punjab, it was being declared that Ahmadis are Muslims and they are in favour of Pakistan. But now Punjab Assembly is throwing a fit on the ground that why Mr Wajid spoke against second constitutional amendment. What a U turn.

  • majumdar

    Observer mian,
    In 1947 Mussalmans were dealing with a 800 lb gorilla called the Hindoo. There was no time to get into hair splitting. Now that the gorilla is gone, there is no need to keep up pretenses.

  • Mohan


  • Bin Ismail

    The last paragraph of the article reads as follows :

    “Mr. M. A. Sabir tried as hard as he could to persuade the Quaid-i-Azam to declare Qadianis as being out of the fold of Islam. But the Quaid-i-Azam stuck resolutely to his principle and kept on replying: `What right have I to declare a person non-Muslim, when he claims to be a Muslim’.

    Incidentally, it is narrated in Sahih Bukhari that while the Census of Madina was taking place, and the Sahaba entrusted with the duty of counting were not sure about who they were to include among the count of Muslims and who they were not to, they asked the Prophet. The Holy Prophet replied: “Uktuboo lee man talaffaza bil Islam” meaning, “Write down for me, the names of all those who call themselves Muslims”. The simple principle, here, was that it is for the individual to determine his or her religious identity, not for anyone else.