Wake up Pakistan

By Shehla Ahmad

Ikram Ullah

Another Ahmadi Muslim was murdered; another celebration was made. I am talking about Mr. Ikram Ullah, a 37 year-old young man who owned a pharmacy in Taunsa Sharif, Punjab. On August 19, four gunmen on two motorcycles came to take his life and did this heinous act. As the assailant drove away, they were heard to proudly proclaim that they had killed a Kafir (disbeliever).
Without getting into the debate that who has the actual power to judge the belief of anyone, I wonder if this fanaticism of takfeer (excommunication) would have any end. But what surprises me most is how would a Muslim try to justify killing a kafir just because he is a kafir (even if at all) and celebrate it as a virtuous act? Just because some one does not endorse another’s religious views no one has the right to take away a life which is considered sacred in the eyes of God. No religion condones it. If the perpetrators are not willing to listen to the call of the Quran or common sense, then it’s impossible to expect them to empathize. Will such Muslims still declare it as morally, ethically or religiously justified act per their same criteria if God forbid a so called “true” Muslim according to their definition is hated for his beliefs by a society where he is a minority?
Mr. Saleem Ud Din, The spokesperson of Ahmadiyya Community, Pakistan was correct in his recent statement after this tragic incident when he said, “Continuous, seditious propaganda against Ahmadis all over the country is a primary reason of these kinds of incidents.”
Wake up Pakistan; it’s already late; may it not be too late.

  • gaurav

    This world would be a better place if we take religion easy.

  • timely

    Arab god and his agents will destroy non-muslims and non-arabs.

  • Maham

    Nice input!
    It is interesting that the killers are always so eager to take the “credit” of taking a life. They are also zealous in their efforts to spread Islam, to convert the whole world to Islam, yet when and Ahmadibclaims to be a Muslim, they just can’t stand it!