Social Media Campaign #ProfileForLove for Ahmadis in Pakistan

By Kashif N Chaudhry

Profile for Love
It was great to see messages of peace trend between India and Pakistan a few days ago. After the success of #ProfileForPeace, we thought it would be a good idea to show some love to fellow Pakistanis who only see hatred back home. I therefore asked Sunnis and Shias to share their love for Pakistan’s Ahmadis using the tag #ProfileForLove.

A few Pakistani activists participated, showing their love for fellow Ahmadis on twitter and Facebook.


Though not part of this particular initiative, soon after, it was also refreshing to see actor Hamza Ali Abbasi tweet in support of the freedom of conscience of Ahmadis in Pakistan.  

Apart from many simply not being aware of the initiative, we believe #ProfileForLove did not take off because of the strong taboo attached to the Ahmadis in Pakistani society. Apparently, it is much safer to speak in support of our Indian brothers next door than in support of fellow Ahmadis here at home. The demonization runs deep. The fear of the ghairat brigade prevents many otherwise good people from speaking up in support of the equality and basic rights of the ostracized Ahmadis.

Even though we are in minority, us liberal Pakistanis have a huge presence on social media. And we know well that the best way to fight the intolerance that the right-wing majority has nurtured over the years across Pakistan is to speak louder than them. So, to drown out their hatred and bigotry, I invite you all to send an e-hug to fellow Ahmadis in Pakistan through #ProfileForLove.

If you believe that Ahmadis should be equal citizens of the State and you are willing to call them your brothers, there is no better way to show your strength against the religious fascism that has made them into second-class citizens. Lets show the self-declared custodians of Islam, that our Islam is one of love for all; and hatred for none.

Tag us too and we might share your tweets in an upcoming blog. God bless Pakistan. #Pakistan4All

  • kaalchakra

    Good luck, brother. If you succeed, we should follow it up with a profileforlove between kafirs and Muslims. We don’t need to hate each other. We can respect each other. Best.

  • bjk