Paris Attacks: Raza Rumi tweets as the Story unfolded on social media

  • tajender

    According to the Paris police, there were “two suicide bombings and an explosion outside the national stadium during a soccer match between the French and German national teams.”

    Within minutes, “another group of attackers sprayed cafes outside a concert hall with machine gunfire … As police closed in, they detonated explosive belts, killing themselves…

    “Dozens were killed in an attack on a restaurant … and several other establishments.”

    “People inside the concert hall were begging for help on social media but the police did nothing for 2 hours. This allowed two gunmen to shoot dead around 100 people”

    This suggests that the Paris Attack was an inside-job?

    Some of the accounts of this event seem somewhat contradictory – Black Friday- Paris Terror Attacks.

    Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, told AP that ISIS may have carried out the Paris attack.

    ISIS works for the CIA, Mossad and NATO, apparently.

  • ISIS officially claims responsibility for the #ParisAttacks calling attackers soldiers of caliphate.

  • tajender

    Zionists believe in creating murder and mayhem as a matter of policy…

    Because Lubavitcher outreach offices are located in some of the most important political, corporate and university centers throughout the world, the Lubavitchers have put together a network that is incomparable for corporate and international espionage as well as for the secret exchange of information…

    [According to a Jewish writer] “…I have visited Chabad houses and encountered senior Israeli government or military officials (and probably intelligence agents). One can easily imagine that Neocon intelligentsia trying to develop a relationship with Hindutva (?????????) intelligentsia or politicians might have used the Chabad Nariman House as a meeting place…”

    The Jewish writer… himself asks the question: WOULD MOSSAD HAVE KILLED THE RABBI AND HIS WIFE IN NARIMAN HOUSE?

    Zionists have always used dead Jews to build sympathy for Zionist goals and as cover for Zionist crimes against humanity.

  • What pissed off Islamist extremists the most about Europe? It was watching their very humane, moral response to the refugee crisis.

  • hellfire

    It is said that the true character of a man becomes apparent when faced with crisis. The character of the french people, calmly evacuating while singing the french national anthem in the midst of a terrorist attack is a true testament to their character, moral standards and humanity.

    Thoughts and prayers for the innocent victims and their families. Vive la france.

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  • tajender


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    Taj son, if you are going to declare a mortal enemy you should at least learn how to spell it correctly. Its “Israel” not “Isreal”. You should also educate yourself a bit on the meaning of the word.

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    Just to clarify that I am not an Ahmedi.

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