Ishtiaq Ahmed – the “novelist” hatemonger

By Yasser Latif Hamdani


Two days ago Ishtiaq Ahmed, the novelist who once attempted unsuccessfully to get his name registered in Guinness Book of World Records for being the most prolific author, passed away. Since then my Facebook and Twitter timelines are full of eulogies, praise and admiration for his work.  Hence record must be set straight even though there is no controversy in death:   Ishtiaq Ahmed was a foulmouthed bigoted fanatic who abused and attacked Shias, Ahmadis and Christians in his novels. I am reproducing some of his “detective literature”.  For those of you who can read Urdu can appreciate the real intent behind the filth and garbage he wrote.  For those who can’t read Urdu, you should count your lucky stars but I will give the broad contours of his novel “Wadi-e-Marjan” in which the protagonist “Inspector Jamshaid” – the hero with near super hero powers- takes on the evil residents of a valley along with his family.  Essentially the evil residents – supposed to be Ahmadis- are building up a super secret Army to take over the country from their valley and convert forcibly the people of the country to their faith.  You get the picture.

Here are some nuggets from the author

“Shiaism was a Jewish Conspiracy!”  – Source editorial in “Bachon Ka Islam” or “Islam for Kids”


“Ahmadis are actually Jews and they work for Israel.”   In this piece Inspector Jamshaid the great detective and our equivalent of Sherlock Holmes determines the guilt of two employees by establishing that they are a Christian and a “Qadiani”.  “Christians are in any event enemies of Muslims and “Qadianis” are actually Jews because they work for them in the Israeli Army.”


Ahmadism was a religious conspiracy by the Jews against Islam. Source “Wadi-e-Marjan”.



These are only a few of the selected nuggets I randomly chose from his works.  His books, writings, and articles are full of such hate and abuse against minorities in Pakistan.  It qualifies as hate material and far from having our kids exposed to such nonsense, it is about time the government BANNED his books under the National Action Plan.



  • RHR


    I still have not gotten response from you as to what do you exactly smoke?

  • Kamath.

    Khurram Waheed

    “Well… whatever he wrote, he is gone forever….”
    But wait! His writings will be available in print and for millions of readers for generations to come. So flames of ha tried is kept alive!

  • Hameed

    Same with Hakeem Saeed who is considered a humanitarian and he spread similar hate through his Nonihaal children magazine.