Indian PM Modi’s flash visit to Pakistan to meet PM Sharif

#Modi trends in Pakistani twitter sphere and #ModiInPakistan trends in India following PM Modi’s tweet about his visit to Pakistan on Friday afternoon en route Delhi from Kabul. Many also used the hashtag #BirthdayDiplomacy. Here are some of the reactions. Some responses:

  • Kejriwal Shook Hands with Lalu
    Kejriwal Hugged Corruption
    Modi Shook Hands with Nawaz
    Modi Hugged Terrorism ?

  • dunkirk

    to Kaal

    Nawaz needs help to get rid of terrorism and Modi is telling him that he will get it only from Modi and India.

    Kejriwal is not helping and not going to help get rid of corruption in Lalu´s backyard. Their joy is about defeating BJP – that is their only joy and joyous program.

  • tajender
  • Kamath.

    Don’t read too much into this abrupt change and unpredictable foreign policy. Personal diplomacy (such as touching the feet of prime minister Sharif’s mother) has limits and it is not going to change hard bargaining ahead. There is a well known saying that says,” people live by friendships, whereas nations by self interests only”. Neither Kashmir nor Sir Creek is going to be handed over to Pakistan anytime!

    But it is a nice thing, ice is slowing breaking. So wait and se!

  • dunkirk

    Embracing Nawaz brimngs nothing – Nawaz is just a puppet. So long the pak army boss does not realize the need for peace and sincerity in relationship to India – nothing will work. The pak army boss – whoever he is – will continue to think in terms of good and bad terrorists and of doing the islamic-arabic job of exterminating non-muslims from the indian subcontinent – that is what Pakistan was made for by the quislings of islam.

  • engrich