The myth of sex objects

By Ali Bhurgri

Societies metamorphose with time. From the Paleolithic period to the current century. We keep adapting different ways to live in this world. Our attires, our way of eating. Societies evolve through vicissitudes. However, we have witnessed one constant, in the shape of male chauvinism. It’s popularity differs from society to society but it’s existence is firm. Some people base this ideology of men superiority on theology and some attribute it to their physical aptitude. The question that arises is, Why is there this obsession with sadism? When I say a woman, I hear all kind of different voices from society. But The one i hear the loudest is a dogmatic view of a sex object. Read More: Muslims, Islam and terrorism
Women are seen, as fulfilling the prophecy of lust and pleasure for men. Since they are physically inferior and can provide for sexual intercourse. This is largely the reason, why the male in the family is considered to be the figure who earns for the rest of the them. As women are considered weak and more like inestimable belongings than free human beings. This mentality is appreciably eradicated to large extent in modern societies. But in subcontinental countries, Misogynist over power the rest. And not to be mistaken when I say misogynist, I include women in that category too. Some are influenced by the society while some are pressurized but women have played similar role as men for future generations.

Read More: Muslims, Islam and terrorism
There are different characters of society with different moral or religious limits, however their views regarding women, are astoundingly similar. Parting the exceptions of course. Hypothetically, if some characters of society could speak their minds, the results would be flabbergasting. Rapist- Hey, I am a Man and I would blame a woman for rape because she incited me. From clerics to ordinary individual you will find more people on my side than yours. Because I have the privilege of being called a man. Read More:Pakistan: Patriotism and its hoaxes
As an average man in Pakistan. I can stand up for political issues. I am more than willing to protest for almost anything but I am not going to raise a voice against a rapist even though, someone from my family could be next. As parents – We are going to have an outrage if we read teenagers having sexual intercourse. We are going to confine our daughter and deprive them of all education and basic rights. Because, the most important thing in the world is for a girl is to celibate. The attire a woman wears is what judges her character. Anyone involved in sexual intercourse will be classified as a harlot because if a sex object is used once, it loses its value. The same spectacle is not used for married women. Since they acquire a license. These are the astounding, atrocious and appalling popular perceptions, as loathsome as it sounds. That is the realism of this society. Woman face sexual harassment in all parts of the world at some point or not.

Read More:Pakistan: Patriotism and its hoaxes

However, I feel there is a chance of change to this one constant dogmatic belief. There are certain taboos that we need to overthrow to objectify the idealist society. Women are seen as sex objects, because of the singularity of sex. The first step in resolving this issue will be the rise of homosexuals. Sex must not be labeled to women universally. The second steps is to, abolish the faddish idea that women need to be guarded by men. I have seen people from modern societies, who although believe in feminism but they are hijacked by the idea that women in general need men alongside to be secure. This in fact empowers the ideology of sexism. These two changes are interconnected. They bring gender equality. When both sexes are viewed as having equal potential in terms of consummation and strength. The mentality of society will start changing, with the changing circumstances.
It’s a man or woman, asking for a job at a particular work place, if they cannot be seen with a different spectacle sexually, it opens gates for viewing different sexes on equal merit. The acceptance of homosexuals, is when the world realizes that sex is not reserved to a gender. Today, if a woman talks to a man. The first thing he will associate it with, is sexual intercourse. However, with the acceptance of homosexuals. There will be no two spectacles to view different sexes. Men and women would have the same thing to offer. Which eventually will change mentalities.
The acceptance of the fact, that women don’t always need men is when the world honors their place in society as more than just belongings. There are major obstacles in applying these changes. But this is our best chance to start moving forward and give women the place they ought to have. Women can go on the streets without worrying, about being viewed any differently. Some might argue. This is already in some societies. The flaw however, is that we still have to specify societies for something as substantial as this.
The universal acceptance of these two changes together will have huge influence on the way future generations will build their perspectives. We will not change, but our future generations will. Different people with different moral and religious limits might find one of my suggestion to be outrageous. But I am a strong believer of realism. And this is the closest our society can ever be in resolving this mentality. It’s not a consummate solution but it has the potential of being efficacious. Homosexuals are already an integral part of this society. However, viewing them with this spectacle, will just not empower them but also, free woman from the confinement disguised as protection. I don’t know, if such will readily be accepted anytime soon but the day it is, it has the potential of changing the way entire mankind sees women.

  • Nobody

    An extremely badly written, idiotic piece of crap. Objectifying women as sexual beings did not being with the paleolithic era, it began relatively recently with the agrarian era, 6000 years ago, and it had material precidents and it was linked to reproductive labor as the exclusive domain of women. Liberalizing homosexuality will do nothing to change that relationship, ending KKKapitalist patriarchy that has taken objectifying women to a whole new level will. As for rapes they following the objectification pathway, and AmeriKKKa has a much greater volume of attempted and completed rapes and oppressing and beating women.

  • Ali bhurgri

    @Nobody. Well, gentleman i value dissenting opinions greatly. But i am afraid we have more to agree on than disagree. The reason paleolithic period was mentioned, was to show the process of evolution, and not to specify the time objectifying took place in history. As far as the issue of patriarchy is concerned, you are absolutely right, it needs to end. And liberalizing homosexual has exactly the potential of doing that. Your last point is very vague. But in any case i do not endorse any country specifically in this article, including the united states. Your opinion is valuable. Thanks for your time. Have a good day.