Pakistan’s ‘Shake and Slap’ policy

We are posting this article to generate a debate. This is a guest post from an Indian perspective. Many in Pakistan will not agree entirely. Please send your reactions as blogs, or short comments. It is important for a dialogue to take place – eds.

By Ayushman Jamwal


When history repeats itself again and again, we must understand that there are set objectives and ideologies that maintain a certain course towards the future. Handshakes, overtures, unified appeals for peace and even condemnation of violence have little effect to deter national goals perpetuated by potent politics which are rooted in legacy.
The recent terror attack in Pathankot in the wake of Prime Minister Modi’s outreach to Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif shows that India-Pakistan ties are still slaves to history. They are still ruled by the ideological inheritance of the powerful institutions of both nations.
No matter what regime has ruled Pakistan, the military and non-state actors have been mobilised against India. The Kargil war, the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the Udhampur and Gurdaspur attacks of 2015, all erupted post outreach from India. In the case of the Kargil war, Pakistan honoured its soldiers only years after denying their nationality. With other terror attacks, the Pakistani state has been able to maintain plausible deniability, the age-old advantage of using non-state military assets. The Kargil war was initiated behind Nawaz Sharif’s back during his earlier term as PM, and the over-arching influence and power of the Pakistani military is still alive today. It perpetuates the nation’s vintage foreign policy towards India no matter which party’s PM shakes hands with an Indian PM.
Despite the terror threat from the Pakistani side of the LoC, India’s position in the global stage compels it to repeatedly reach out to Pakistan. As Prime Minister Modi pushes his foreign policy agenda in nations across the world, focusing on creating an international coalition against terror, he faces the pressure to engage what the world believes are the moderate elements in Pakistan. Yet, the outreach is nothing more than an attempt to establish a legacy of international statesmanship. Given Pakistan’s consistent strategic agenda, what is India’s advantage in strengthening bilateral ties beyond the notion of aesthetics? India and Pakistan do not enjoy great trade or people to people contact, so could the focus on outreach be a Nehruvian hangover, which looks good on the international stage but strategically improbable?
It seems the Modi government is still in an experimentation mode with Indo-Pakistan ties. It has laid down red lines over Pakistan’s engagement with J&K separatists, held talks with representatives of the Pakistan military, while maintaining traditional dialogue with the civilian leadership. As always, India’s Pakistan strategy remains in flux to achieve the right calibration, but could disengagement be prudent at this stage? Can Pakistan’s ‘shake and slap’ policy prompt the Modi government to suspend talks and stick to a rigid stance?
India can choose this stance, but Pakistan will only be marginally affected. Both nations continue to be chess pieces in the game between the United States and China receiving billions in investment and aid, while India does not wield enough global influence to increase diplomatic pressure on Pakistan from other nations. Pakistan continues to be in a win-win situation, while India struggles to adjust its policy jostling between its global image, foreign policy legacy and geopolitical realities.
There are big questions facing the establishment and peaceniks in India. Should India come to terms with the fact that, while a hardline approach may not produce results, it would show the nation as reactive and conscious of the post 9/11 geopolitical realities? The Indian establishment has always looked at Pakistan with hope, but is it time to break the cycle of history by recognising that it could be false hope?

  • Nuree

    Pakistan has waged undeclared war on India through proxies for years. By engaging with Pakistan, without punishing it, India emboldens it.

  • Nuree

    India: Only country where National Anthem can be linked to a religion but terrorism can’t.

  • Nuree

    Pathankot is Pakistan army exploring Modi’s redlines and resolve. If no ‘response’ next attack will be bigger

  • Nuree

    Sharif: “Won’t allow Pakistani soil for terrorism against India”. 09/01/16
    Musharraf : “Won’t allow Pakistani soil for terrorism against India.” 06/01/04

  • Nuree

    Islamic cleric threatens Hindus of India. Shahi Imam Noor-ur-Rehman warns Hindus on live TV saying, “We Muslims have not done anyhting yet. Once we decide to act, you Hindus will find it difficult to live in India”

  • engrich
  • engrich
  • engrich

    naxals and rss are not muslims.modiji is amending national anthem.

  • engrich

    so live with peace and make india equal to china in technology.

  • mohanrr

    In retaliation to Pathankot attack, Modi saffronises Pakistani women.

  • engrich

    hat’s @audreyTruschke’s context? Three months after we end 65 years of Aurangzeb from Delhi, she writes he was OK

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  • engrich

    rhr,tarek says,
    Alarming. Canada defence minister @HarjitSajjan poses with refugee boys but pic reveals Islamic clerics in back row
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  • dunkirk

    We have to ask what islam’s long-term goal is. And Pakistan is the instrument of this goal.

    Islam’s long term goal is to exterminate non-muslims and impose arab imperialism and racism on mankind.
    Anyone who denies that is a naive ignorant person or a typical muslim agent of this islamic totalitarianism.

    Pakistan (and indian muslims also) can be understood only by applying these criteria.
    1400 years long muslims are trying to implement this program and now they have the weapons, population and money to do it.
    Terrorizing non-muslims is part of kuran’s “holy” instructions.

  • engrich

    aurangzeb kept his own son in jail for 18 yrs on graft charges.dara revolted ,was punished according to law of land.history of bohras and khojas is not verified one.

  • Nuree

    Pakistan : Good terrorism, Bad terrorism

    Bengal : Good riot, Bad riot

  • Nuree

    Kashmir is being repeated in Malda and not surprisingly, liberals are hiding their heads in sand.
    Pamphlets like in Malda were distributed in Kashmir in 90s also by the Muslim population to drive out KashmiriPandits.

  • Nuree

    Secularism in India is about turning a blind eye to minority communalism. Dadri was hyped up to create a false equivalence

  • engrich

    tarek fatah says,from US to tell us Aurangzeb killing BohriSyedna, TejBahadur & DaraShikoh ws OK
    jahil maharaj,teg bahadur was non commissioned officer of army of mir jumla.bahadur is moghul title.sikhs last name will be SINGH his killing was conspired by RAM RAI brother of another guru.detailes of his execution was written by historians 150 yrs after his death.

    his of bohri syedna is not authentic . darashikoh revolted was punished as law of land.
    all these incidence were presented in bad way by britishers and their local bootlicker like u to tarnish the image of great indian king.

    all glittering temples of chitrakoot were built by aurangzeb.he paid for their contruction.
    ashoka built 63000 budhist temples after conversion.later demolished by vedics.same ayodhya.

  • engrich

    bullshit.dadri was planned maharashtra result has come after delhi gurat and bhar see their performance.

    zhoot kee tahni kabhee phaltee nahee
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    kashmiri pundits were removed by jagmohan in a planned to communalize kashmir issue.they are given and jobs.main was to save them from pain of round the clock curfew.that curfew killed lot of muslim women.

  • Nuree

    The Arabic gang-rape ‘Taharrush’ phenomenon which sees women surrounded by groups of men in crowds and sexually assaulted… and has now spread to Europe
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    It refers to sexual assaults carried out by groups of men in public places
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    Police say attacks in Cologne marked Europe’s first instance of taharrush

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    The men first surround their victim in circles. Some then sexually assault her, while others not directly involved watch or divert outsiders’ attention to what is occurring.

    Read more:

    Europe was warned but their leaders buried their heads in the sand. This is just the beginning.

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  • engrich

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