A note to our readers

Dear readers, well wishers and supporters:

Due to my multiple engagements in Pakistan in print, electronic media and policy work; and the later unfortunate transitions since middle of 2014, I have been away from PTH. My idea was, and remains, that PTH should be an online space for Pakistanis and those interested in Pakistan to contribute their thoughts, concerns and ideas. In many ways we have been successful. Many of our posts have been cited across the globe, a number of bloggers here have entered mainstream media and global opinion industry; and most importantly, young writers are sending their blogs almost on a daily basis. This is heartening to say the least.

In recent months, we have had major issues with the commenting culture here. Too many negative and abusive comments were stifling the debate on the platform. In order to keep PTH an open discussion forum that celebrates diverse viewpoints, we have moved to a new comments moderation system. This will help us in maintaining the quality of discussions and also offer a cleaner comment interface for our regular visitors. Please do sign up and contribute.

Your voice matters!

19c6832Secondly, I am pleased to announce that Jehan Naseem – A passionate writer, graphic novel enthusiast, a self confessed digital evangelist – joins PTH as an assistant editor. Jehan has been contributing to PTH and she is well known for her thoughtful writings and musings in the various publications.

I am now returning to PTH and hope to take it to another level with your support. We shall have more content in Urdu, more reporting, multi-media posts and present themes that the mainstream media is shy to air or print.

Please feel free to contact me with ideas and new writers, poets and artists are welcome to share their work. Let me also thank Omaid Malik who has been an invaluable support to PTH by contributing his time to the blog as well as a fast growing Facebook page. Omaid will continue to work with PTH.

Stay with us, as always

Raza Rumi


For new contributors, may I suggest that we are a very small team – working voluntarily – and do not have the resources to edit your pieces. The chance of your submission making it to these pages increases if you send us error-free contributions. Also, we do not accept published work so whatever you send us – even if it is a few paragraphs should be exclusive to PTH.

  • RHR

    Dear All

    In continuation of the message of our Chief Editor, I would like to welcome the newest edition to our team, Ms Jehan Naseem.
    Secondly, we are in the process of making some important changes, which would be announced soon

  • Omaidus Malik

    A warm welcome from me to Ms Jehan Naseem in our team.

  • Kamath

    The new format is good. It helps one direct and to reply quickly. Also the new editor’s job is most welcome. But as I said earlier do not hesitate use “DELETE” button whenever needed !

  • Kamath

    Where are regular contributors to PTH like Saadh Hafiz, Majoomdar,!, YLH, Maxim Gorki etc. Etc?

  • BJK

    The importance of what you guys try to do can not be emphasized enough – and so often it is at the risk of great personal peril. I wish you guys all the best and Godspeed! I get the feeling that things are slowly but surely beginning to turn for the better in the subcontinent. It is important not to lose hope!

  • RHR

    We will bring them back. Don’t worry

  • Kamath

    RHR Sahib: Ms Jehan Naseem , with her winning and friendly smile on her face, can she be tough on rule breakers?

  • RHR

    Yes, she will be!