The Neglected Land

By Ahmad Karim
Imran Farooq murder case registered in Pakistan is taking its course with an aim to further shock MQM’s leadership. The recent confessional statements by Khalid Shamim and Mohsin Ali, who were being arrested by Pakistani LEA’s a few days after the assassination of Imran Farooq in London, not only put the MQM on back foot but also developed a milieu in which PPP’s leadership is susceptible to mega set-back.
On Thursday both the alleged perpetrators recorded their confessional statements in front of deputy commissioner Islamabad. Moazam Ali, who was also being held by LEA’s, didn’t confess, who is considered to be the prime suspect of Imran Farooq’s murder.
The leaked confessional statement of Mohsin Ali, aired on a private media channel of Pakistan, is devastating for Muttahida. He said that he and his accomplice Kashif Kamran, in a university hotel in London, orchestrated a plot to kill MQM’s leader Dr. Farooq.
He said he monitored the MQM’s leader movements to savvy his routine. As by him on the day of murder he grabbed Imran Farooq and Kashif stabbed him and then battered him with brick to ensure his death.
Khalid Shamim said he was a diehard MQM supporter wherefore he consented to murder the leader. He said Muttahida’s leader Muhammad Anwar gave him the order to mow down Dr. Farooq.
MQM’s reaction to this latest development in Imran Farooq murder case is pretty clear. In a statement, it said none of its workers had anything to do with the assassination of Dr Farooq.

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“The MQM is aware of reports in the media that individuals held in detention by Pakistani authorities have purportedly confessed to the assassination of Dr Imran Farooq. We categorically state that no party personnel have had anything whatsoever to do with the tragic death of Dr Farooq. We mourn the loss of a man who was our friend and colleague for many years,” said a statement issued in Karachi on Thursday evening.
I am not in a position to predict what is going to happen next but one thing is for sure, that Sindh is being treated vehemently by our security establishment. Both the confessors look like future approvers. This political stifle in Sindh is not only excruciating for PPP and MQM but also for maimed democratic institutions.
Dr. Asim of PPP is also a bone of contention between Sindh Rangers and Sindh government. The federal government previously was captivated by this fracas but now they are concerned. Concerned not for PPP or MQM but concerned for PML-N. PML-N in Punjab. What will we do if the train’s next station is Punjab? They ask themselves.
There are numerous independent reports of proscribed sectarian outfits operating freely in Punjab. Haven’t the media covered the ‘Jalsas’ of leaders of banned outfits accompanied by Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah [even Shahbaz Sharif]? Aren’t these outfits influence elections? And just because of that is it fine to distance from them? It’s conspicuous that Punjab government hasn’t decided to take any action against them. So what Raheel Sharif is eyeing at? Focusing on FATA and Sindh only?
Pardon me but there are many critiques of Zarb-i-Azb too. Even the former COAS, Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani said in a statement about two months back that ‘Z-i-A isn’t effective.’ Well some mainstream political parties are also raising serious questions. Pakistan’s most favorite country America also has some reservations. To them the discrimination of good and bad Taliban is still alive. So what is Raheel Sharif thinking?
The recent Iran-Saudi row has also put Pakistan in a complicated situation. On one side is Saudi Arabia, with whom our security establishment and current Prime Minister has historical cordial relations, on the other is Iran, which is not only immediate neighbor of Pakistan but also future economic partner.
It’s a popular sentiment that Pakistan must remain impartial and neutral but how can this be attained if sectarian outfits in Pakistan are living freely despite being proscribed? Is there any guarantee that they’ll not take part in latest Sunni-Shia ideological warfare?
Killing of Muhammad Ishaq is not the answer to sectarian violence. The ‘Lashkar’ is still working scrupulously under the nose of Punjab government.
For the past few weeks, we’re being listening that IS is trying to impregnate this land for its heinous purposes. Many of its members are being arrested in past few weeks from Lahore and Sialkot. They have a good chance to nourish here when the same identical ideological beasts are operating in Punjab. How can this menace be damned when their hosts are eagerly waiting for them? The hosts are the ghosts of darkness.
A few months left for Raheel Sharif’s retirement. He still has time to take decisive action against militants [sectarian outfits] irrespective of their political affiliation. It’s the need of time to take action against banned sectarian outfits in Punjab.
Let’s hope this land is not neglected anymore.