Malda Riots and Shocking Silence of Indian Liberal Media


PTH is grateful to Abhinav Pandya for contributing to PTH on request. This article has been posted to invite much needed debate about the role of the liberal media in India. Is the Indian media selective in only highlighting Hindu extremism? Are politicians turning blind eye when extremist Islamic organizations incite violence. This is an important area which needs to be discussed with respect to the secularism in India.   PTH does not essentially agree with all the points made in the article.

By Abhinav Pandya

Amidst the allegations of increasing Hindu intolerance under Modi government, one event in Mamta’s Bengal went quite unnoticed by the left-liberal media stalwarts. Neither Ashok Vajpayee came out to return his awards nor Uday Prakash came out. Neither Barkha nor the Shekhar Gupta was found with their usual ranting against intolerance. And, I did not even get to see Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s boring article on the event. Had it not been for the social media, we would not have known much about it. The event was the carnage and arson that followed the aggressive demonstration by more than 10,000 Muslims in Malda asking for a brutal death punishment for Kamlesh Tiwari, a petty Hindu Mahasabha leader who questioned the sexual orientations of the Prophet in response to Azam khan’s statement against RSS, calling its cadres homosexuals. The mob turned violent and set fire to the police station, and burned 16 vehicles.

Well, Tiwari has already been booked under NSA for his speech in a country which claims to be democratic and celebrates freedom of speech, and Hindu Mahasabha has already disowned him. But, the larger question here is of the increasing Islamic extremism in Bengal during Mamta Bannarjee’s tenure as Chief Minister. The said incident could easily be swept under the carpet as a routine occurrence in India and something not specific to Muslims, but the issue at stake is much deeper and much more serious. The very fact that state government has played down the role of radical extremists like Jaimat and refused to recognize the incident as a case of communal violence points that state government is turning a blind eye to said ominous developments. There is a complete trail of events in the last 10 years which puts the state government’s credibility under doubt, and the dangers of Islamic extremism in the state loom large, with the Hindu and Buddhist population already being persecuted.

Mamata Banerjee refused to meet the US charge d’affaires ambassador,Kathleen Stephens during her visit to Kolkata because she got a call from Mohammed Noor-Ur-Rehman Barkat, Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque of Kolkata. Jamaat-e-Islami leaders had warned her against developing business relations with Americans. Jamaat leaders were openly canvassing support for Trinmool in 2014 elections. Jamaat leaders even organized a major anti-India protest in Calcutta, in which they openly criticized India’s role in the independence of Bangladesh. The absence of any strong legal actions against such demonstrations by the law enforcement machinery raises some serious questions about the integrity of the political leadership of the state.

It is alleged that the state government tried to stall the NIA investigations in the Burdwan blast. The NIA had pointed that 500 recognized and 4,000 unrecognized Madrassas are engaged in indoctrination, recruitment, training and sheltering of extremists. Further, the state government has initiated lots of populist schemes which include special allowances for Imams and Muezzins, giving recognition to unorganized madrasas, reservation in jobs and exclusive Islamic townships.  Despite the negative police reports against the SIMI state leader Hasan Imran the ruling party got him elected as a Rajya Sabha MP form West Bengal. Jamaat’s rise has led to increase in communal violence in the state. In 2013, 106 communal incidents took place where Hindu homes and businesses were targeted. But, sadly, the left-liberal media and intellectuals were found wanting in their criticism of the said ominous developments.

In this entire episode, the silence of left-liberal media and intellectuals is disturbing. Sagarika Ghosh said in her recent interview that if one does not criticize jihadi extremism, then he loses the right to criticize Hindu extremism and the Hindutva brigade gets after his or her life. My answer is that that it is not the question of favoring the extremism of one religion over the other. It is a very faulty assumption that in democracy there is only majority extremism. Extremism is a state of mind which comes with an irrational clinging to one’s belief or ideological world, and a minority can also have its share of extremism. In India, since the Hindu society has myriad faultiness along caste, sect, region, political ideologies and culture, and these fault lines are more pronounced vis-à-vis the fault lines in the Muslim society. In the backdrop of increasing Hindu nationalism and, a general positioning and also the portrayal of Muslims as somewhat hostile to it, leads the Muslims to vote as one block whereas Hindu vote-bank is fragmented. The politicians are bound to pander to Muslim community for electoral gains and that might involve turning a blind-eye to the threat of extremism to appease the orthodox clerics and leadership within the Muslim community, for short-term electoral gains. It happens in all democracies, including the most advanced ones.

But the silence of media over Islamic extremism, and blowing things out of proportion in the case Hindutva extremism, is condemnable and dangerous for a democratic and multicultural society like India. The media’s reactions over some minor ink-spilling incident of Shivsena or a statement of Mahesh Sharma or beef ban in some BJP governed state were disproportionately loud, spiteful and hateful vis-à-vis their biased and unethical silence over the incidents like Malda, Mamta’s reading of Shahadat Kalima in public, and death fatwas against Tiwari. It smacks of crass opportunism, sheer hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.

As journalists and intellectuals they are expected to be honest and objective in reporting. And, the question is of the implications of keeping silence. The silence over jihadi extremism under the excuse of Hindu extremism could have grave consequences. The state could become home to some of the worst terrorists of the world. Therefore, the media is expected and requested to take a balanced and responsible stand on the all the cases of extremism, irrespective of their religious or ideological origins.

To conclude, I would say that it is high time Dobhal and his team took some serious action against the Jihadi networks developing in West Bengal. In fact, I would go on to the extent of investigating the role of state government in sheltering the extremist organizations.

  • RHR

    Ok Kaal sahib, in case you see this article please comment. Your presence is being missed. I would also request HP, Vajra, CM, FF, Arzu to please see this article.
    Mohan you also.

    I hope you people indulge in an important debate

  • mohanrr

    I have always been saying on this board that Indian media reports selectively and Indian ‘liberals’ outrage selectively.
    There were more than 100,000 Muslims, not 10,000 as, this article claims, who came out to ask for death of Tiwari and destroyed public and private property, mainly properties of Hindus. Not only Bengal government has not done anything to punish the culprits, they have also refused to compensate the people whose property was destroyed in this riots. Many of them have lost their livelihood.
    Three days back, Ambia Sohrab, son of a prominent Muslim TMC leader, driving a Audi, killed a young IAF officer. As usual, Media has not reported this news, liberals have gone on silent mode and Bengal police is doing nothing to catch him. According to social media, this TMC leader owns more than 20 luxury cars.
    Bengal is turning into next Kashmir.

  • engrich

    result was not eve a single hindu died or was clash between bsf and crowd mainly consist of muslim..bjp is giving it communal kashmir around 400-600000 muslims were mascared between 1945-2015.few hindus also died.pundits were removed by jagmohan in a planned way to save them fro pain of round the clock curfew.are given house to every family.progenies got jobs in and around delhi.inspite of this most of elders want to go back and live with their before.

  • engrich

    allah aapkee tammana pooree kare.

  • engrich

    abhinav pandya,

    …….ब्राहमणों के इतिहास में केवल मुसलमानों की बुराई बतलाई जाती है और ब्राहमणों की
    बुराई छुपा ली जाती है,”‪#‎Know_The_Truth‬”
    1. शूद्र महर्षि ‪#‎शम्बूक‬ की ह्त्या किसने
    की थी ? 2. ‪#‎एकलव्य‬ का अंगूठा किसने काटा ? 3. विघटनकारी चार ‪#‎वर्ण‬ किसने
    बनाये ? 4. मगध राज्य पर हमला के लिए ‪#‎सिकन्दर‬ को किसने बुलाया था ? 5. भारतीय
    इतिहास का स्वर्णिमप्रुष्ठ लिखने वाले ‪#‎ब्रहद्रथ‬ मौर्य की हत्या, ‪#‎बौद्धो‬ का
    नरसंहार व विश्व विध्यालयों पुस्तकालयों को किसने ध्वस्त किया ? 6. हिटलर को भी
    बौना व फ़ीका बनाने वाली काले कानूनों की किताब ‪#‎मनुस्मुति‬ का लेखक कौन था ? 7.
    ब्रह्मा सत्या जगत मिथ्या के मिथ्यावाद की आड़ में ‪#‎गुप्तकाल‬ के स्वर्ण युग की
    विनाश लीला किसने की ? 8. प्रुथ्वी को ‪#‎इक्कीस‬ बार क्षत्रिय विहीन किसने किया ?
    9. सोमनाथ के मंदिर का झण्डा झुकाकर ‪#‎मोहम्मद‬ बिनकासिम की विजय किसने सुनिश्चित
    की ? 10. ‪#‎सोमनाथ‬ के मंदिर का जो फ़ाटक हाथियो से भी नही टूट्ता उसे मोहम्मद
    ‪#‎गजनी‬ के लिए किस गद्दार वा लालची ने खोला ? 11. मोहम्मद ‪#‎गोरी‬ को ‪#‎जयचन्द‬
    की चिठ्ठी ले जाने वाला कौन था ? 12. बंगाल का वह गद्दार राजा कौन था जो मोहम्मद
    ‪#‎बख्तियार‬ के डर से महल के पीछे के दरवाजे भाग गया था ? 13. ‪#‎अकबर‬ की भंडैती
    किसने की,तथा भारतीय बहू बेटियो के मीना बाजार किसने लगवाया ? 14. महाराजा
    ‪#‎रणजीत‬ सिंह व ‪#‎दयानंद‬ सरस्वती को भोजन के साथ जहर किसने दिया ? 15. सतगुरु
    ‪#‎रैदास‬ की वाणीं को किसने जलाया तथा उनकी हत्या किसने की ? 16. ‪#‎शिवाजी‬ का
    राज्याभिषेक बगैर नहाये बाये पैर के अंगूठे से किसने किया ? तथा उनकी व उनके
    पुत्रकी हत्या किसने की ? 17. पेशवा ‪#‎बाजीराव‬ कौन था,जिसके डर से सुन्दर महिलाये
    जहर खाकर आत्म हत्या कर लेतींथीं ? 18. स्वामी ‪#‎विवेकानंद‬ को शूद्र कहकर विश्व
    धर्म परिषद में जाने का विरोध किसने किया था ? 19. महात्मा ‪#‎ज्योतराव‬ फ़ूले की
    हत्या के लिए हत्यारे किसने भेजे थे ? 20. भारत का ‪#‎बटवारा‬ किसने और क्यों
    करवायाथा ? 21. ‪#‎गांधी‬ की हत्या किसने की ? 22. बाबा साहेब ‪#‎अम्बेडकर‬ को
    किसकी साजिश से जहर दिया गया? 23. ‪#‎इन्दिरा‬ गांधी को अकाल तख्त उडाने व हजारों
    सिखों की हत्या करने के लिए किसने उकसाया था? 24. इन्दिरा गांधी को किस ‪#‎पन्डे‬
    ने मन्दिर परिसर मे घुसने नहीं दिया था ? 25. वो ‪#‎जनरल‬ कौन थे जो दवा कराने के
    बहाने भारत #चीन युद्ध का मैंदान छोडकर दिल्ली भाग आया था?26. बीस साल तक विभिन्न
    मन्त्रालयों के अति गोपनीय दस्तावेजों की मोटी रकम लेकर विदेशों को बेचनेवाला कुमार
    नरायन #अययर कौन था ? 27. #राजीव गांधी की हत्या किसने कराई ? ये सभी लोग मुस्लिम
    नहीं बल्कि देशद्रोही थे !

  • Nuree

    Durga Puja is not allowed in many areas of Bengal and now this –
    Another dangerous Islamist action by Mamata. Local Muslims not allowing name of Bakerswar temple in a government plaque also carrying Muslim shrine.

  • engrich

    progenies of bhasmasur adivasis and dalits dont celeberate durga per legend she mascared them in large.neverthless carricature of durga was brought by a kayasth from shanghai brhmns converted her in to goddess armed with deadly weapon.

  • Nuree

    Ink thrown on Kejriwlal by a woman. Now prepare for Arvind 5 drops Ink attack coverage: 24 x 7 x 7 days and compare with the
    Malda Riots 24 x 0 x 0 coverage..

  • Nuree

    Holy smoke! Cremation, hawan, agarbatti to blame for global warming. Chhattisgarh university study.
    These liberals won’t allow Hindus to die in peace also.

  • Raj Kamal

    Characteristics of Pseudo-intellectuals on day of Terror Attack
    In India, you can identify so called pseudo-intellectuals on MSM with some characteristics which were greatly on display on the day of Pathankot attack.

    1. They are Modi haters:
    They will find reasons to blame Modi for everything. If Modi talks to Pakistan, their argument would be not to engage. If he doesn’t talk to Pakistan, there argument would be that Modi is not thinking out of the box. They are still not able to accept democratically elected PM of India as their PM. They would have preferred someone from Lutyen’s Delhi that’s why they would often say “their PM”, “BJP’s PM” etc.

    2. Their agenda is above national interest:
    On days of terror attacks if they can link it to failures of Modi, they get a new weapon. When there are terror attacks in the west like Paris, people get united and journalists don’t get into starting the blame game on the day of terror. They just report facts and let experts talk on such sensitive matters. Paris attacks triggered twitter trends like #JeSuisCharlie adopted worldwide and people were expressing their solidarity. In India, even terror attacks are used by mainstream media to further deepen the divide.

    3. They are self proclaimed experts of foreign policy and national security:

    Only in India will you find so many journalists that are foreign policy experts. Immediately after terror attacks, they exclaim- see I told you so. India shouldn’t have engaged with Pak. Modi shouldn’t have gone for tea with Sharif etc. Almost all leading English TV journalists in India are so called experts of national security too. They won’t hesitate to even place their advice on how counter terror ops need to be performed to one of the best NSAs India has had – Ajit Doval.

    4. They can not handle criticism on social media:

    When such leftist seculars are challenged by critics who one could best denigrate as smart trolls, they feel threatened. Many of these so called liberals in their 40s and 50s haven’t understood the power of social media. In the prime of their youth, they became opinion makers on Indian TV. They are very used to one way building of narrative. We tell you our opinion and you follow is what they think is their birthright. There was no question asked, no criticism before social media. So India’s leading MSM TV intellectuals are not used to being questioned about their opinions and narrative. Hence they feel threatened.

    5. They will call you bhakts when they don’t have answers:

    And when they feel threatened, they will call you names- sanghi trolls, morons, bhakts and so on. Indeed, there are abusive internet trolls everywhere. This is the nature of Internet and action must be taken against those. However these intellectuals take advantage of this fact and generalize all of their critics into “trolls” or “bhakts”. What they don’t understand is, that if Modi was voted in by 31% (vote share), and given that BJP vote share is more urban than rural, you are bound to have about 50-60% opinions favoring Modi on social media or questioning them against their hate. Can you afford to ignore opinions of this large majority on social media? At your own peril if you do!

    Here is what Vir Sanghvi calls some twitter followers :”Moron Bhakts”, “Sanghi trolls”, “ignorant morons”, “chaddiwallahs”. This writer was recently blocked by…… well you guessed it right!

    6. When there is nothing else there is “intolerance” weapon:

    So when they can’t handle your criticism, they will finally come back to the false narrative they have built : “intolerance is rising”. Its not intolerance that is rising, its their inability to handle criticism that is rising and that has exposed these pseudo-intellectuals.

    7. They will rejoice even on day of terror if they can attack critics:
    Sagarika Ghose on day of terror attack takes it out on bhakts (note “their very own govt“)

    Poor Bhakts, seething inside, let down by their own govt. but all they do is gaali galoch to media – Sagarika Ghose

    I sense that Bhakts are angry with Modi but avoid speaking. Is this true? Do you want them teach lesson to Pakistan? – Nikhil Wagle

    So how do we summarize this? I couldn’t come up with anything better than Sadanand Dhume, a WSJ columnist on this whole inability of these pseudo-intellectuals to deal with democratization of discourse; in my favourite tweet of 2015 !

    Freedom of expression is doing just fine. It’s monopoly of expression that’s under threat – Sadanand Dhume

  • Raj Kamal

    Haryana’s daughters tell us how Haryana’s Sex Ratio at Birth jumped dramatically

    Haryana is relatively infamous in India for having poor sex ratios. Just last year a reportsuggested that Haryana had the 2nd worst sex ratio at birth (SRB) in the entire country. Sadly, this had been Haryana’s story for a long time now. In the early 2000’s Haryana’s SRB was a lowly 807. The story didn’t change much even till 2009 when the SRB was recorded at just 849 earning it the rank of 2nd lowest SRB among big states in India.

    And then just a few days back we learnt about a very heartening news: the SRB in Haryana had crossed 900 for the first time in a decade. Haryana CM Khattar proudly announced that the sex ratio at birth in Haryana had shown an upward trend, as for the first time in 10 years, in December 2015, it had crossed the 900 mark with 903 girls per 1,000 boys.

    We wondered what could be the cause of this sudden positive change in trend and we got responses from 2 daughters of Haryana who explained to us the underlying causes:

    This is what Garima has to say:

    Being born in the district of Rohtak, and brought up in Hisar by doctor parents, (a gynecologist mother), I very well know how the rural and business classes of Haryana are fond of a male child. My mother has struggled for years through the stress of refusing to do abortions. The reasons for unwelcoming a female child have primarily been – more financial burden, the carry forwarding of family name & business and the belief that boys take care of old parents while the girls are not able to.

    Irrespective of individual political inclinations, people must come forward and appreciate this ‘focused assault’ on discrimination against girl children by the Haryana government. The state government implemented with zeal, the call for “Beti Bacho Beti Padhao” (BBBP) by PM, Narendra Modi, launched nation wide on 22nd January, 2015.

    The formulation of state & district level task forces, leading to implementation of BBBP guidelines and strategies right up to village level seem to have been effective in bringing this change. As per the records and statements in Haryana Government and state WCD ministry websites, the CMOs, DCs and Panchayats’ cooperation and involvement was ensured, and villages which showed positive change were suitably rewarded.

    Under the Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques Act ( PCPNDT) which prohibits sex selection, and Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, about 130 FIRs wereregistered since June 2015, and 7 people were even convicted. Sealing of ultrasound machines was done to punish the misuse of technology for gender selection.

    Haryana government sought the cooperation of corporates, local NGOs, teachers, CII, FICCI by means of events to spread the general awareness of this campaign and bring sensitivity. Parineeti Chopra was appointed the brand ambassador of ‘BBBP- Call to Action’ by Haryana CMO. About 2500awareness rallies and more than 1800 activities (like nukkad nataks etc), like the recent ‘Sashakt Beti Sashakt Bharat March’ were undertaken to effect change.

    Schemes like ‘Aapki Beti-Hamari Beti’ which ensures life insurance policy for girl children, ‘Beti Bachao Asha Protsahan’ and ‘Sukanya Samridhi Khata Yojana’ encouraging people to invest in daughter’s name at higher interest rate and lower taxes, were launched. The overall perception of girl child being a burden is gradually undergoing a change at grassroot level. Haryana Govt also set up a ‘Haryana Kanya Kosh’ where individuals and organizations can donate for this cause.

    Another daughter of Haryana, Veenu says this:

    I have always believed that when something is done from heart, it does work. I say so today because something that seemed impossible for a decade has been achieved. It makes one curious as to what changed that we such an unexpected improvement. Yes, the government did change both in the centre and the state and new schemes were conceived.

    When ‘Beti bachao beti padhao’ (BBBP) scheme kick started in January 2015, rightly from Haryana which has the lowest sex ratio among states, everyone was skeptical about what can be achieved through it. This project is believed to be something close to PM Modi’s heart. He has worked for betterment of girl child since a long time. He as a CM of Gujarat started ‘Kanya Kelavani Nidhi Fund’ from money generated by auctioning of gifts received by him. This money was used for funding of education of girls.

    BBBP has many aspects with work spread over many ministries. It is one of the best mass awareness spreading drive which instills a sense of pride to have a girl child. One of the video of this campaign shows the effort of a ‘Divyang’ girl with congenitally missing arms. She not only learnt writing with her feet but also now teaches in a local school. Her struggle and courage inspires everyone that once encouraged females can achieve anything. Instilling such emotions are pivotal in creating awareness among audience.

    I would not like to miss out mentioning another emotional initiative ‘selfie with daughter’. In June 2015, a sarpanch from Bibipur village in Haryana posted on facebook a selfie with his daughter. He also organized a competition for best selfie after observing that not many people of his village has pictures with their daughters. Even PM Modi has appreciated this innovative idea in his monthly radio address as well as in his overseas speeches. The Sarpanch himself believes that such appreciation boosts confidence of people working at grass root and spreads more responsiveness.

    ‘Sukanya Samridhi Account Yojna’ another aspect of BBBP scheme removes the traditional “burden” tag from the girl child. This account ensures proper opportunity for education, untroubled future prospects and provides a financial freedom to both the girl child and their parents. Building of separate functional toilets for girls in schools was another part of this amazing ‘BBBP’ scheme to limit school drop outs.

    This scheme has uncountable merits which makes it a blessing for a girl child. As a female born and brought up in Haryana, I have not seen such all encompassing schemes and more over such a ‘will’ for their implementation. As I said in the beginning, something done by heart works, Khattar Government has worked a miracle by adopting the heart of a brilliant scheme. I am confident we are to see more such improvements in future. When I see a 5 year old telling his friend not to hit a girl classmate because “only bad boys hit girls”, I sense a change and see a bright future.

    There is a new found optimism among Harayan residents and it can be seen in the CM’s statement as well. Khattar has now said a target to achieve sex ratio above 950 within the next six months had been set for the entire state. This may seem very ambitious but given their success in a short span of time, it is time Haryana takes up harder challenges and leads the way.

  • shafiz1

    Course correction by Saad Hafiz

    The production and
    innovation record of public sector enterprises runs from mediocre to poor with
    low productivity, dependence on government subsidies and being prone to

  • Raj Kamal

    A young 17 year old Hindu boy was burnt alive by three Muslim boys in Pune. Did anyone of your hear about this from our liberal media? Did anyone outrage as they had when Dadri happened ?

  • Raj Kamal

    Read the detailed account of Malda incident

    Bengal is a graveyard of Hindus thanks to Muslim appeasement policy
    The Kaliachak attack is a natural corollary of the Islamic shift in the demography of the state.

    The attack by Islamists at Kaliachak in Malda district of West Bengal has received some coverage at least in the national media in the last few days. But, the account is part of a bigger picture, that of Islamisation of West Bengal. The state, which once was known for its rich and vibrant culture across the country, has recently become the graveyard of Hindus thanks to Muslim appeasement policy being followed by all political parties for decades.

    From Left to Right, no party ignores the power of 30 per cent vote bank which is on the rise with the passing of every single day. Infiltration from Bangladesh and non-existence of family planning are the two important reasons which are resulting in the growth of the Muslim population in the state of West Bengal. As per the latest census data of 2011, three districts – Murshidabad, Uttar Dinajpur and Malda – of West Bengal have already become Muslim dominated. Besides these three districts, Muslims have significant presence in other districts like North and South 24 Parganas, Nadia, Hooghly, Howrah and Birbhum. Out of 294 Assembly seats of West Bengal, more than 100 seats are such where Muslim vote is the major factor to determine the outcome of poll.

    Perhaps as a natural corollary of the Muslim dominance of the demography, Hindus are being repeatedly targeted by Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Muslim-dominated areas of India like Kerala, west Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir.

    Now, let’s look at what happened at Kaliachak, a town close to the Bangladesh border. As per last census report, the total population of Kaliachak is 3,92,517, out of which Hindu population is only 41,456 while Muslim population is 3,50,475, which is 90 per cent of total population. However, interestingly enough, one of the very few places in the district where Hindus are in substantial numbers is Kaliachak-Baliadanga region, where they make up around 30 per cent of the population.

    That the attack should have occurred in a town where the Hindus are still in substantial numbers is interesting and ominous. In the last week of December 2015, a leaflet was widely circulated in the area with an appeal to Muslims to assemble at Kaliachak Taxi Stand to protest against Kamlesh Tiwari’s alleged derogatory comment about the Prophet of Islam. The police and administration was aware about the leaflet, yet they neither took any action to stop the unlawful assembly nor initiated any action against the publisher of the leaflet.

    On January 3, when 1.5 lakh Muslims assembled near Kaliachak taxi stand, provocative speeches were made by some Muslim leaders to instigate the mob. It is interesting to ponder where this Muslim mob of 1.5 lakhs emerged from. The total population of Muslims in one block of Kaliachak is 3.5 lakhs, including women and children, as previously mentioned. The total number of Muslims of in Kaliachak-Baliadanga town is around 10,000. It is clear that a very considerable number of Muslims were brought in from elsewhere, and that this was no flash mob. Muslims were urged to unite against “dushman” (enemy). Lakhs of people were on road with placards in their hand demanding death of Kamlesh Tiwari.

    The Muslim mob, at first, blocked the national highway and ransacked vehicles parked there. A small number of police personnel, posted there, became absolutely helpless. The mob didn’t even spare the van of the Border Security Force (BSF) and set that on fire. Later, they turned towards the police station. Huge number of people entered into the station premises and damaged many police vehicles. Witnessing such a violent attack, all police personnel ran away from police station to seek refuge at district headquarter at Malda. The rioters took control of the police station and set that on fire. Important documents pertaining to important cases were gutted in no time.

    After destroying the police station, the Muslim mob turned their attention towards properties belonging to Hindus. They selective attacked Hindu houses and shops, damaged the properties, looted their belongings, molested Hindu women. Absolute lawlessness loomed all over the area for several hours until huge police force along with RAF were called from district headquarters and deployed in the area.

    Despite such a largescale attack on public properties and people in general, the state administration managed to arrest only nine accused by the next day and of them, six got bail immediately as the charges framed against them by police was not serious at all.

    Just like previous occasions, this time too, all vernacular media had imposed self-censorship. Few national media units, however, investigated the reports put up on social media by a state-based Hindu organisation, Hindu Samhati, and covered the issue given the gravity of the situation. Local media has remained largely silent.

    This is not the first time that the news on atrocities against Hindus in West Bengal has been suppressed. Be it attack on Hindus at Deganga in 2011 or at Kaliachak in 2016, no vernacular media has published anything about it. A Hindu organisation, Hindu Samhati, had put up on social media facts and visuals pertaining to the incident. The outrage that followed on social media forced the national media to investigate the reports, and cover the incontrovertibly verified parts. Given the coverage, the administration and intelligence of West Bengal government – that had completely failed to gauge the nature of the protest rally which turned violent – has now invented narratives that anti-Indians who are operating fake currency rackets and are engaged in poppy cultivation were responsible for the violence.

    The incident was not “communal”, according to several politicians, even though the attackers shouted slogans like “Islam Zindabad”, “Nara-e-Takbeer”, and “Hang Kamlesh Tiwari” repeatedly.

    Our question is: How long these politicians are going to be captive of ballot boxes which make them blind to a critical law and order situation? Why did the intelligence fail to foresee the event and take cautionary measures to prevent such incident? From Azad Maidan attack to recent Kaliachak attack, all these attacks are ignored as stray incidents by the so-called “seculars”. These kinds of communal incidents, where Hindus are targeted, have been increasing rapidly.

    Now, the fire of Kaliachak has spread to neighbouring Purnia. Times Now reported that a JD(U) MP, president of Idara-e-Shariya, had called the rally, which he denied in a telephonic conversation reported by the channel. It is amazing that even though India has no blasphemy law, Kamlesh Tiwari was arrested and he is now in jail for a comment on Prophet Muhammad. He was arrested on the grounds of inciting enmity between communities. However, Kaliachak attackers are roaming freely as state has refused to admit that it was a communal incident. On the contrary, those who had spread the news of Kaliachak violence was called by the state CID, and they were asked to delete the photos, videos and write ups portraying the violent Islamic attack on government and private properties of Hindu owners.

    Now that the spinning job has been done carefully, every political party is now blaming the poppy cultivation and fake currency rackets for the incident.

    But the question persists: If this was true, then why should the organisers of the events not be summoned and questioned on how the poppy cultivators and fake currency racketeers used their rally to destroy documents at BDO office and police station.

    The BJP’s fact-finding team and CPM MPs were prevented from entering the area while some were also arrested when they wished to visit the place. Having failed to visit the area or talk to the people, they now have surrendered to the official version of the state government that there was no communal attack but it was a deed of anti-nationals.

    Are they not portraying the peace-loving Muslims as anti-nationals who congregated on that day to protest? Poppy seed cultivation, arms dealing, fake currency rackets with slogans of “Islam Zindabad”, “Hang Kamlesh” and “Nara-e-Takbeer” remind us of Taliban-ruled Afganistan. Now this is happening in India too. Are we going to experience the “Direct Action Day” once again in Bengal when peaceful Islamic organisations will have no control on the Muslims who are going to attend their rallies and turn violent to attack others?

    In the meantime, Ghulam Ali came to Kolkata for a performance promised by none other than chief minister Mamata Bannerjee, after Shiv Sena had stopped his programme in Mumbai. But the timing is perfect as Mamata can be called a modern day Nero, who is enjoying music while West Bengal is burning.

  • Raj Kamal

    Farooq Abdullah today said, ‘nobody will go with a begging bowl to request Kashmiri Pandits to return’.
    Will atleast one intellectual/liberal outrage on this insensitive sick comment ?


    Standing in a Chinese store in Houston few days ago, I heard the same words again. Mymother explaining to the lady in the Chinese grocery store in America “It is long and usually white in color. In my home, in Kashmir it is widely available. You know Kashmir? India?”

    The Chinese lady in the store stood there expressionless. I jumped in like I always do whenbreakdown in conversations is imminent – ‘Lotus roots, I said loudly. Do you have any lotus roots? Smile returned to the lady’s face, and she pointed in the direction where wecould find lotus roots. My mother saw the lotus roots and immediately disapproved. This is not like what we get at home.’

    We nevertheless bought some Chinese lotus roots and in the car for next half an hour mymother went over the same routine that I am so used to hearing after such shopping trips. ‘This is not what is found in Kasheer. Around Shivratri, I used to buy several bunches ofnadru. Shyamaji, our neighbor, would call me whenever the grocer would stock new produce. Together we would go to Habba kadal and buy”. And she goes on and on.

    This is the story I have heard hundreds of times. In sabzi mandis across Delhi where mymother lives and often goes hunting for lotus roots and haakh ( collard green), she looksfor that one lotus root that will look and taste like the one she use to cook and eat in Kashmir. All her stories start with ‘In my home in Kashmir’. She has lived in Delhi since 1990, butthe home remains only in Kashmir. All stories start with ‘In Kashmir’. 25 years later she stilljudges the weather by what I call Kashmir thermometer. ‘Today it is so hot, Kasheer neverused to get this hot’. Or ‘Today is so cold, just like Kasheer”.

    Kashmiri Pandits in exile have discovered a unique way of greeting each other. After customary Namaskar, the first question usually is ‘Where did you live in Kashmir’? This is invariably followed by ‘Did you also flee in 1990?’

    It has been 25 years today since we fled our homes. My parents’ generation was the worsthit. We were the children of conflict, but our parents became survivors and providers during conflict. T his generation got sandwiched between their parents who were old andcould do little else but grieve and their children who were too young to understand anything. They had no time to grieve; they had no time to protest, and no time to scream injustice. They were busy providing for their children and parents. They were busy ensuringthat their families may have lost everything valuable, but their values should not be compromised with. This generation had only one objective. Every child in exile must be sent toschool, every child in exile must be independent, and every child in exile should be able tostand on his /her own feet. Every child should be raised with a sense of dignity. This was ahuge task, and they did it remarkably well. In the process, they suffered deeply. Many people get uprooted because of natural disasters; many people get uprooted because of personal tragedies but those few who are forced to flee for honor and life and in that order, itis very difficult to make peace with the world.

    ‘Do you remember the halwai who used to make lotus root pakodas near Bray Kujan?’Mother asked me. I nodded not looking at her. ‘You should learn how to make lotus Rootyakhni, I will teach you‘. I nodded again not looking at her. I was driving on an empty roadon the way back home from Chinese Store. This road looks like boulevard in Srinagar. ‘No mom, it doesn’t. This is not boulevard by the Dal Lake. This is Houston. We are thousands of miles away from home. Nothing looks like home here. Stop comparing everything’ Isnapped. My mother didn’t say anything.

    We reached home. I opened the gate with remote control, parked my car in the garage. Inabsolute silence, my mother and I unloaded the groceries. My mother looked at the Lotusroot again and said “This is not what lotus root looks like in Kasheer“. I looked again at herand said nothing this time. ‘Mom, look at the curtains I just got for the windows in the living room’ I tried to distract her. ‘There is too much water in these chinese lotus roots’ Shereplied. For next half an hour, I watched her washing and cooking lotus roots and singingan old kashmiri folk song in a kitchen thousands of miles away from home.

  • engrich
  • Nuree

    Dadri pattern is emerging in Rohit’s suicide case. Media, liberals and intellectuals blaming BJP/Modi/RSS/Hindus for his suicide without the facts.

  • Nuree

    India is the only country in the world where people of particular religion can’t go to their homes. 26 years ago Kasmiri Hindu pundits were thrown out of their homes and they still can’t go back.
    Calling displaced as KASHMIRI PANDITS and not HINDUS is clever media ploy to project as violence against a caste & not religion.
    Shame on we all Indians for the plight of Hindu Kashmiris.

  • Nuree

    India is trying to do impossible.
    India is still trying to win the ‘hearts & minds’ of those very people who brutally uprooted Hindu Pandits & threw them out. Shame.

  • engrich

    nobody uprooted hindu is lie created to increase janghi vote bank.

  • engrich
  • Nuree

    Rajdeep Sardesai ripped apart by this girl on his statement of Malda violence

  • engrich
  • Nuree

    Big Expose: Exclusive Conversation with NDTV on why they said NO to cover Malda

    When Dadri incident happened, News channels like NDTV and ABP were in full swing covering 24*7 the news of Akhlaq and also trying to spread that “There is intolerance in India”

    When a high intensity riot like situation happened in Malda, where 2 lakh Muslims burnt shops, torched police stations, fired bullets on common people and made life hell. Also when the same incident was repeated in Purnia in bihar, The same channels NDTV,ABP etc went mum on it. Even if they covered, it was hardly a 30 secs one liner as if nothing has happened.

    This hypocrisy of Media is already known to all of us. However, few common citizens try to call up NDTV and ABP to find out the reason, why did they not cover Malda as extensively as they did Dadri considering Malda being 100 times more serious riot like issue then Dadri. The abusive response of NDTV and gripped under fear response of ABP is what proves that these media pimps receive money from political parties and/or NGO specifically to show/not show a news.

    These media houses justify the name #Presstitutes and have made our 4th pillar of Democracy as a rotten pillar.

    Here are the phone recordings.

    Its extremely shameful that NDTV journalist calls a common man that its “None of his Business” on what the media house do. This is what the condition of Media house in a democratic country. Also shameful that ABP news representative even fears to announce his name citing expose over Social Media.

    Note: These recordings were sent to us by a fan over personal message on our facebook page.

  • Nuree

    There is no more intolerance in India.
    Nayantara Sahgal and nine others awardees agree to accept Sahitya Akademy awards they returned in protest against ‘growing intolerance’

  • engrich
  • engrich

    after dadri many incidents has killed many muslims and evven one hindu by the gondaas of gao rakhas samiti.non state actors should not be allowed to work.police is there to act.

  • Vibhu Khanna

    Looks like the left liberal media were all over it. They even called it minority appeasement. And as stated in the article the incident clearly has two sides, both which are communal. Muslim and Hindu communalist politicians inciting hatred and feeding off each others’ extremism, and gaining popularity and news coverage from the resultant violence.