NAP- without Abdul Aziz

By Dr Muhammad Hassan Auj


The National Action Plan failed to deliver in the areas associate with religious extremism and is fizzling out in the air. Though its efforts should be applauded to whatever success it has made, but it failed to strike in the areas that were crucially needed. Eyebrows will be raised and questions will be asked to the one implementing NAP, not on the attack of Bacha Khan University and Charsadda where 21 people got martyred and many injured, but on the statement of the religious cleric sitting under the canopy of the capital and military establishment.  Where his voice is echoing louder and clearer in the support of Saudi Arab and confining the attack as an obvious reaction to be silent and reluctant to be on its side. Is he the one who is going to decide our foreign policy? Isn’t it an open threat to the state? Recent and multiple suicide attacks in Afghanistan starting off, along with the one near the Indian consulate and later at Pakistan consulate showing a whole new picture. Pointing fingers at India and RAW cannot be ruled out, especially when we already know the potential reactions from Afghan borders.

The disappointing fact is that they attacked the university in the name of Bacha Khan, who was the founder of the nonviolent movement in KPK and with an Afghan background. The Pashtun nation is born to fight and it is in their genes to be active on the field, however he preached them to be peaceful. Imagine the guts, it takes to even think and proceed in that direction. He dreamt for peace for his Pashtun brothers in particular, unfortunately he was an unsung hero who should have been part of our text books. It was a symbol of peace that was targeted.  However, NAP’s efforts to brighten the Karachi again with peace should be celebrated – lights are illuminating again, flowers are blooming life after almost 7 years of bloodshed, hatred and racism. Carrying out an operation in the city where the language based politics does not let anything beneficial take place, in such a precise and subtle manner demands a sensitive mind to play the game to keep everyone on board.

Despite the fierce criticism by MQM, the operation was politely passed as a prominent milestone. MQM suffered the most and took it with stride to keep the nation united under the NAP. The bias decision was evident when you search the head quarter of MQM and taking their big guns under custody and present them in court in a humiliating manner – yet you provide extra security to the extremists of Lal Masjid. Even the large scale arrest of Mr. Asim Hussain, which was a loud message that the NAP intended to change the course of history. Alas, the cleric sitting under their nose, remained untouched regardless of his idiotic statements and vulgarization of Islam in the name of Jihad.

The moral credibility of NAP suffered the biggest blow not in the face of attack on Bacha Khan University, Charsadda, but when voice of civil society remained unanswered. A week prior to the attack, civil society activist Mohammad Jibran Nasir posted the evidence Mr Chaudhary Nisar wanted against Maulana Abdul Aziz, to each and every Member of Parliament and yet they were silent except Saman Jaffrey from the MQM, Shireen Mazari from PTI and Farhatullah Babar also raised the bar in senate.  However, everyone else remained silent.

The State failed to act in the spirit of NAP and was targeting selective criminals shows its interest in the nurturing of these hate mongers and suicidal factories, as they can be used when the time is ripe for them, probably in Kashmir. The KPK government though charged with ignoring the repeated warnings of the impending terrorist attacks in the province. Charsadda in particular should be praised for its damage control tactics that were already implemented there or the magnitude of the victims could have been much greater. Karachi can be controlled, corruption mafia in Sindh can be exposed, but it all would bear no fruit without the arrest of the one leading the pack of wolves from Islamabad. These questions cannot be answered until a satisfactory answer is presented.

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