Hanging of Mumtaz Qadri: Justice Has Been Served


By Babur Ali

Mumtaz Qadri, the man who shot PPP leader and ex-governor of Punjab Salman Taseer 28 times in public, was executed on Monday early in the morning at Adiyala Jail Rawalpindi. His death has created a very strange situation in the country which is already polarized. Govt. has played a remarkable role in all this scenario. Discussion over the legal perspective and scenarios created before and after Qadri’s Execution is given below :


MUMTAZ QADRI : The legal Perspective

In the wake of Mumtaz Qadri’s death , one often wonders about the fabric of Pakistani Society. Such rumination leads to a simple question : What does it mean to be a citizen of Pakistan? The answer, in fact, is amazing simple. Pakistan , like any other civilized country has it’s own fixed set of rules. Anyone  who claims himself as a citizen of this country must follow those set of rules. Therefore, any debate on Mr. Qadri’s actions should be foreclosed by the fact that Mumtaz Qadri shamelessly violated the law. Arguing over the morality of his decision is redundant and not more than waste of precious time, at least from a legal or constitutional perspective.

Any criminal, irrespective of the morality of his actions, is liable to be punished and Mumtaz Qadri is certainly no exception. To have pardoned Mumtaz Qadri would have meant to forego the constitution under the pressure of those fanatic factors who want to damage the law and order situation of the country, thereby rendering the law of Pakistan ineffective and impotent. We must realize that what separates us from our enemies, the Taliban, the West and all those who doubt our ability to lead law abiding and civilized lives, is our belief in the fairness and equity of our laws and their application to all citizens, blind to all difference in race, creed or status.

The circumstances before and after Qadri’s Execution.

1). NAP :

After the notorious APS attack, the govt. launched it’s very famous 20 point plan named as National action plan (NAP). This plan was supposed to be implemented by both the military and civilian side. With military courts regularly disposing of cases of hardened militants, passing and implementing on death sentences, the civilian side was under even more pressure to take responsibility. This very brave act of Nawaz Sharif’s govt. is admirable and it can be seen as a signal by the civilian side to army establishment showing that they are also “in the game” to remove religious fanaticism.

 2). The Journey of NS from ” right ” to ” left ” :

Some recent decisive and meaningful actions of Nawaz Sharif show us that he is reforming and evolving.  He is no more a “Pro-conservatives” which he used to be in Zia’s regime. Mr. Sharif attending the sacred event “holi” of Hindu family, appreciating the efforts of Sharmeen Obaid and passing the bill on this issue , passing the bill on women protection are such steps which should be admired by those who want to see Pakistan as a progressive state. Recent killing of LeJ chief also shows us that govt. is working to eradicate the seed of terrorism with zero-tolerance policy.

Keeping in view all the records of previous elections which Nawaz Sharif has won, he always used his conservative ideology as a trump card. But now the case is different. No doubt his vote bank will be largely affected by these decisions but in other side he is getting the sympathy of liberals.

3). Point Scoring by ” conservatives ” :

Many of the conservative politicians can be seen on the roads of the country specially in the capital uplifting banners and placards in supports of Qadri. Keeping in view the position of religious community to which Qadri belonged is in majority. So for the politicians it is an opportunity to gain the sympathy of that particular community resulting in an increase in their vote bank. Most of them (Conservatives) are availing the chance and doing their best to show that they are standing with Qadri. The massive crowd on the funeral of Qadri depicts the reality of how seriously the “Mullahs” are taking the matter.

 4). Role of Opposition :

Opposition like PPP and PTI merely gave opinion on this very sensitive issue. But JI and JUI (F) can be seen on the high node. They are pressurizing the govt. in every possible way they can. Current statement of Fazl u Rehman demonstrates his stance in which talked about de-railing the govt. on Qadri’s Execution and passing of Women protection bill in assembly.

Conclusion :

” Justice has been served. “

That can be the best conclusion to all this never-ending debate. A man who brazenly violated the law of country no matter what his idea was in the background got his punishment. It is a very admirable action of the govt. demonstrating that no one has can bypass the law by using the religious card.

The author is an electrical engineer and can be contacted at babur.bb7@gmail.com


  • muaq

    We have to follow the Law institution of the country according to the Islam and also according to the citizen.

    Now there are some things those are prohibited in Islam and some are Prohibited in your country Law.

    The most important thing is you have to take care and respect both of them at the same time. But if something goes beyond its limit then you have to chose one thing you cannot follow both as per the nature.

    Now Islam says not to dis the other religions and other people and a person who killed a one man is a killer of humanity.

    its almost same as your country law.

    Now if the country law try to over take the sensitive part of the religion then this will happen. India separation was for only one reason and that was Islam.

    Now in Islam Quran Allah Tabarik o Tala says: O you who have believed, do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet or be loud to him in speech like the loudness of some of you to others, lest your deeds become worthless while you perceive not.

    That is the order of your God and there are a lot of Ahdees Mubaraka in which muslims kill the person on the spot because of they are were doing the same as Salam Taseer…

    Also you need to understand what Taseer was trying to do and why he jump into that case when court of Law gave the judgement against the Lady he was protecting…

    If you want the evidence from Ahdees Mubaraka there are several are available on request.

    Now you have time to decide what is right or wrong… You are living your assigned life and Day of Judgement is not for away…

    You have to answer your good or bad deeds…

    But you can analyse your self now by asking your self what you are doing in this world and your acts are with or against the Allah Ahqams…

  • Nuree

    After 28 years, Bangladesh revives case to drop Islam as state religion

    Legal action to drop Islam as Bangladesh’s state religion has been revived after 28 years, and the High Court has agreed to hear the case later this month.

    Bangladesh’s 1971 constitution originally declared all religions were equal in the eyes of the state. However, military ruler Hussain Mohammad Ershad amended it in 1988 to make Islam the state religion.

    Ershad’s action led a group of 12 citizens to file a writ with the High Court to overturn the amendment. But Shahriar Kabir, who convened the group, said the members soon decided not to go ahead with the case.

    “After filing the case, we realised that the bench would not be favourable for us, so we did not move further,” Shahriar told Reuters on Monday.

    Then the current government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, again amended the constitution. The new amendment reinstated the principle of secularism but also reaffirmed Islam as the state religion.

    The court action brought by Shahriar’s group essentially seeks to resolve that contradiction. The High Court will hear the case on March 27.

    “It will take long time to get any decision,” said Rana Dasgupta, a government prosecutor. “The nature of the case is time-consuming. The High Court will continue to hear from both parties and then will deliver its verdict.”

    The move to reaffirm Bangladesh as a secular nation comes amid a wave of militant violence in recent months, including a series of bomb attacks against mosques and Hindu temples.

    Some of the attacks, including the killing of a Hindu priest, have been claimed by Islamic State. The militant group has also aid it was behind the killings of a Japanese citizen, an Italian aid worker and a policeman.

    The government denies that Islamic State has a presence in the Muslim-majority country of 160 million people.

  • engrich
  • engrich
  • dunkirk

    Muslims don’t know anything about this Day of Judgement or whatever old-fashioned theme they try to believe in. Muslims are not better humans due to any belief in this day of judgement. In fact they deceive and kill more since they are convinced that this arab allah favours them and their fascism, arrogance and self-deceits. More muslims means more deceits and violence to exterminate non-muslims. After non-muslims are decimated the muslims start killing each other maximally.
    Islam’s long-term goal is to exterminate not only non-muslims, but also those muslims who wish to be honest and lead honest, non-aggressive lives.

  • engrich

    sumbit some proof of ur bullshit.

  • dunkirk

    A blind(ed) follower (like engrich) of this arab religion cannot ever accept any proof of anything that goes against his “love” for this fascist arab-imperialist religion.

    To ask for a proof is something which only open-minded people can or may do.

    A muslim is one who has become a mental slave of islamic totalitarianism-fascism and arab imperialism.

    Giving proofs makes sense only in case of people who are not mental slaves.

  • muaq

    Sir with due respect you are getting hyper and not understanding the fact that we have to love each other weather you are muslim or non muslim and the thing you are pointing out we are muslims doing bla bla bla

    Please open your eyes are look in the past people of Jesus and those were belongs to other religions they killed more humans then muslims and the problem in this era is only muslims are getting point out…
    There are many examples but i don’t want you to spend time in finding history books and all that so I guess just one example is enough and that is World War 1 & 2 and Iraq War, Afghan War, Innocent Philistine…

    i want to ask you who is behind the Alqaida and ISIS and where they came from…

    If you say killing of Salam taseer was a terrorist act… no it was not because in our religion we have been told respect others Gods and don’t try to bash em and if somebody try to bash your then give them a shut up call what ever it takes… So it was a shutup call to all Parliament who was talking about the change in Shariah Law.

    and you will find many religion lovers in other religions as well just try to bash their God or beloved and wait what gonna happens then…

  • muaq

    You are living in the fantasy world for the seeing a reality you have to come out of it.

    Why everywhere Muslims are dying… because its not about religion…

    Its about a propaganda against Islam…

    Alqaida and ISIS both are backed by Musad and CIA…