Are Karachi & Hyderabad RAW’ Stronghold?

By Ahmer Muzammil

For the 167th time in last 25 years, the establishment of Pakistan and the Punjabi intelligentsia has been trying to convince the rest of the country that MQM is RAW’ B team. This is troubling, because during this same time frame the MQM has continued to enjoy mandate of Urban Sind. It is interesting that Pakistan’s Army was at helm of affairs for all intent and purpose from 1999-2007 and during this tenure MQM enjoyed unprecedented relevance in the power corridor. Therefore, we are left with dichotomy of sorts and its high time some honesty is communicated to the people of Pakistan.

From the book "The Struggle for Pakistan"
From the book “The Struggle for Pakistan”

Like any other country of 200 million, there are five thousand and one problems with Pakistan. However, the fundamental issue in my opinion, is not that of terrorism or corruption but rather confusion. Confusion on who should be ultimately in-charge. Don’t take me wrong, I understand that there is ‘democracy’ in the country and that there is constitution of Pakistan, but seriously let’s not kid ourselves – we know who is ultimately in charge on important matters. For instance when we have one thing for the show and another for all practical purposes, it creates confusion and brings a country to a debilitating halt like it has Pakistan for decades on.

What is the solution? I believe is that we go back to the people of Pakistan and have them vote for a new social contract. What does that mean? It means that we put ourselves thru a referendum. Question should be, “Who do you think should govern Pakistan moving forward?”

The three options are:

1) Army thru hardcore martial law.
2) Civilians thru an all-powerful parliament, will have final say on EVERYTHING (defense, economy, real estate, foreign policy etc…).
3) Continue with the status quo of the hodge-podge that we have right now.

I am convinced that option three is the worst. I am also convinced that we have never tried option two. If we as a nation were either respectable amongst the fraternity of other nations or on the path to it, I would say since we are familiar with one and three and to persist with it. Nonetheless, since we are abysmal in every sense of the word, why can’t we throw a hail-merry and try something crazy like option two?

However, I am just one person. Let’s leave this up to people of the Pakistan and see what they have to say. I see no other way for us to move towards any semblance of progress. It will always be one step forward and two steps back until we settle this fundamental issue as a nation once and for all. As they say, the truth will set us free.