Yes you are supporting Qandeel Baloch!

By Syed Foaad Hassan


I am shocked and feeling ashamed being part of a society where people share videos of a stripper wearing Pakistani flag among their social circles, whether it is Facebook or WhatsApp. I know most of my friends will criticize me after reading this but yes! There are limits! I always spoke against cyber-crime bill, still I do not support any kind of monitoring by Government but I want FIA to take action against that specific page.

In my friend list very respectable people are sharing it on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter just for fun’s sake. Everything is not funny when your youngsters, kids and families can access it so easily because if something goes viral to this extent, you cannot control it and then it has to be stopped.

Now due to these perverts if FIA or PTA takes action they will ban everything as we all know what kind of people are sitting there, they banned Youtube for years! So why don’t we act as a sensible society and condemn that girl who is sharing her videos while stripping wearing your country’s flag and you are sharing it just for fun! I live in a country where I changed my display picture to French flag during Paris attacks and everyone abused me, called me fascist and lot of stuff, people openly supported a self-confessed murderer (Mumtaz Qadri) on Facebook and we couldn’t even respond because we were scared, people are being caught on minimal issues like comments against military, society openly abuses minorities and we quietly see banners and stickers against them everywhere around but we do nothing, Women protection bill was condemned openly and now Government holds notification but we did not act because we were too busy in sharing Qandeel Baloch’s strip dance videos and creating that a top trend on social media, If you love that so much why don’t you wear a flag and strip like her, Go do it and share your own video!

Being leftist, this is one of my most awkward piece but these mistakes lead to huge draconian laws. They can ban Facebook, many other pages which are not under category of porn or adult stuff because people in IT ministry are not capable enough, If you want to watch her, please don’t try make it top trend and share it to the extent that it gets viral, it should be part of your personal life and interests. As far as today’s new trend is concerned that is totally unacceptable and that page should be banned by authorities and all those who are sharing a stripper’s dance in Pakistani flags must try it out in their rooms instead of sharing it.

Lahore based Journalist, Consultant Publicist and Advertiser and can be reached on twitter @foaadhassan