The real story of US Politics is the rise of Bernie Sanders

Raza Rumi posted a ten tweet series explaining how Bernie Sanders is the real story of US politics and not Donald Trump who is always in the media.


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    Bernie Sanders’ Bizarre Idea of Fair Trade

    Bernie Sanders, it is often noted, has never met a free trade deal that he liked. But in his recent interview with the New York Daily News’s editorial board, the Senator from Vermont outlined the trade terms he might find acceptable. His statement should be absolutely chilling to the developing world.

    Daily News: Another one of your potential opponents has a very similar sounding answer to, or solution to, the trade situation — and that’s Donald Trump. He also says that, although he speaks with much more blunt language and says, and with few specifics, “Bad deals. Terrible deals. I’ll make them good deals.”

    So in that sense I hear whispers of that same sentiment. How is your take on that issue different than his?

    Sanders: Well, if he thinks they’re bad trade deals, I agree with him. They are bad trade deals. But we have some specificity and it isn’t just us going around denouncing bad trade. In other words, I do believe in trade. But it has to be based on principles that are fair. So if you are in Vietnam, where the minimum wage is 65¢ an hour, or you’re in Malaysia, where many of the workers are indentured servants because their passports are taken away when they come into this country and are working in slave-like conditions, no, I’m not going to have American workers “competing” against you under those conditions. So you have to have standards. And what fair trade means to say that it is fair. It is roughly equivalent to the wages and environmental standards in the United States.

    With those last few words, Sanders has effectively written off trade with any country that is not already rich and prosperous—which is simply inhumane.

    It is one thing to argue that we should not do business with nations that actively manage or manipulate their currencies, as Sanders sometimes does, since exchange rates are supposed to be the market’s main mechanism for balancing trade. It’s also entirely reasonable to support workers’ rights to unionize abroad or push for stricter environmental protections. Indentured servitude and slavery, which are more widespread than many realize, need to be wiped off the face of the earth. Those are all issues that trade pacts should absolutely address.

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    United States is not yet ready to accept a revolution of ideas in democratic socialism as Bernie a Sanders says. It is too disturbing for an ordinary American.

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