Pangs of Conscience

By Abuzar Wp


The duality of standards in modernized Pakistan can be seen in some walks of life. In my own perspective, every human is a hypocrite. The values that have been hurled at every individual since birth and the degree of his conduct in later life often shows stark differences.

The one type of hypocrisy I have noticed lately and cringing on at the same time is the change of behavior towards social circle, especially towards a friend.  Whenever an idea or thought of family honor against morality comes, we often side with honor.

We often times accept a romanticized form of a relationship between a friend and of a girl that we do not know of, but I am sure that the same type of relationship our sisters were involved with our friends, it would be unacceptable. Consider a close friend of yours shares a strong bond of a loving relationship with your sister and you will, in my point of view, straight away reject the relation. This in my opinion is hypocritical approach. While in a neutral and impersonal approach the sister is just another girl, who can and should have every right in a pluralistic and feministic society that I have longed for and debated for.




Seeing honor in my family members is ingrained into my morality, it is instinctual. The morality that we the liberals and pluralists brag about is many times conflicts with our instinctual morality. The idea of honor that has been censured and vilified by moderates and liberals is often time seen intact when it comes to the honor of the family.

Every girl is free to act upon her will (in a society I aspire for), but the female gender has succumbed to cultural norms in the society we live in and quite a few moderates or liberals sub-consciously approve that norm for their sisters and other family members, however for every other girl we all are in the front line for championing her rights to act freely.
I am lost in defining whether this whole idea of freedom for girls on the whole is an un-ethical and immoral idea or am I lacking it? As a human being so pre-occupied with thoughts that have been instilled in me right from birth, by culture, tradition and religious interpretations – but my conscience is in qualms against these whole ideas of gender-caging.

Or simply I am a hypocrite who is conservative for his family and a liberal championing rights for people I do not know of, because of the charm and serenity I find in fantasizing a liberal society, based on tolerance, pluralism and feminism.

One thing which can be defined and structured well, is that if some idea or some act I abhor for my sister I should be abhorring it for all the girls.

I am open for education on this issue and requires guidance from my learned readers.

Abuzar Wp is a Quetta-based student who believes that a tolerant and progressive society is a prosperous and inclusive society, he can be reached at

  • Kamath

    Authored by Abuzar Wp and written by Jehan Naseem! Tell me who is the real author? Or is it something PTH invention?