Should I be proud that my country treats women like cattle?

By Syeda Sana Ahmad


May 3rd, 2016 – ‘A 13 year old girl was gang raped and then set ablaze in Chiniot’, the Ary news website informs me the next day. I scroll down to see the comments but there are none. I then go to the Pakistan Times website but there aren’t any responses there either. No one has commented, shared or discussed this tragedy. That is when, it once again, dawned on me how we have truly become an indifferent and heartless nation. A mere act like rape and murder of a young girl is so common that we don’t bother giving it any thought. We are far more preoccupied by our political troubles and economic issues to focus on something as trivial as a rape and murder case of just one girl. Seriously, Pakistan has much bigger things to focus on. The death of just one girl is frankly no big deal. If a dozen girls were raped and burnt alive then yes, it would have been news worthy but for now, we have to focus on far more important happenings and putting cheap Bollywood songs while reporting the conflict between PMLN and PTI. We are very serious when it comes to news reporting.

While the news of a young girl snatched of the rights to her own body and freedom is well entertaining but frankly, it must be the girls fault. She must have worn provocative clothes to seduce the men or given them the wrong signal. Men are not stupid, they must have gotten some signal and then decided to fulfill the girls wish to be gang raped, such gentlemen. Dear girls, memorize this, It is always your fault. Once you leave the security of your house or even in your house men are allowed to violate your safety whenever they desire. Also, what are these rights you speak of? Women have no rights over their bodies. Women have no rights, period.No matter what you wear, we know you’re trying to lure men. Jeans? well be prepared to face the consequences ; Shalwar Kameez? that’s just tempting the eastern side of men ; shuttlecock burqa? now you’re just begging for attention.

The article also disclosed some details. Apparently, the girl screamed and begged for them to stop but of course that was part of the act. She obviously screamed because of how enjoyable the experience was for her and of course her asking them to stop was just part of the role play and who cares if she kept saying no, a woman always means yes when she says no, that is what we have always been taught. Besides, why would she ever not want to be treated like a worthless animal. Surely, that is what every girl desires and dreams of. Whoever says women should be treated with respect and love are just plain stupid. They are the property of men and they should be allowed to treat them however they desire.

It’s clear why this news or any news related to rape and domestic abuse is not given its due attention because this will only encourage the women. God forbid they think they are of any value. Doing this will only come back and bite us in the back in the form of naive women deciding to rise for their rights and whatnot. I for one am very proud of my country for keeping women bound and in check just like their cattle.

  • Amatul Shafi

    Good article. It’s sad but this is the bitter reality of Pakistan right now and we must do something about it.

  • Arzu

    The fight is to be fought at home by every individual irrespective of religion across this Indian subcontinent…. nothing can be achieved by protests on the road or even by hanging culprits if the mindset remains the same back at home. Confront your mom and pop for encouraging macho male concept , imposition of traditional roles for women etc..

  • Mahmood Malik

    Pathetic .This is in the land of the pure. People there are too busy declaring “kafir” other kalima believing Muslims who do not subscribe to their interpretation of Islam and Quran. Who cares for a little girl who is raped and killed mercilessly? Her only crime is that she was born a girl. Doesn’t this remind of a period when the girl was alive because she was a girl?

  • Mahmood Malik

    *buried alive

  • Hasan Ahmad

    What you describe in your article happens in all countries in varying scale. Seeing that pakistan is as detached to Islamic values as any other country in a true sense this is a predominantly cultural and genetic thing where culture tells them that there is no equality and genes contribute to them using their physical advantage to override their emotional disadvantage and think of themselves as superior. It’s why Quran addresses men the most when talking of suppressing anger and men also when talking of treating all as equals spiritually , emotionally and culturally.

    One part women can play is to act as the teachers of true faith to their children so their faith overrides the culture and good men emerge. Then the culture will shift itself back to true faithful culture. From birth to adolescence, the time when the brain acts as a sponge and all the characteristics of a human are developed if the mother or woman can take advantage when the male is attached to the mother the most, that would override any influence the adult male has from a society which otherwise is misogynistic.
    It’s literally a grassroots effort which men who are evil cannot stop once they face a man educated by his mother

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree. Men do not realizes the struggles women face in Pakistan and all over the world. It is time that we are allowed to feel secure in our own homeland without the fear of violence and torture. Even the act of throwing of acid on a woman’s face is taken so lightly and it is very rare that the victim get due justice.