I Guess, it’s Gonna Be Trump!!!!

trump   PTH is grateful to Abhinav Pandya for this post. We do not endorse Trump and nor  do we essentially agree with the points made in this article

By Abhinav Pandya                                                   

 Just about six months back Donald Trump was hardly taken as a serious contender for American Presidency. A New Yorker, who spent his life building casinos, golf courses and hotels, and hosting reality shows, would be the most unexpected candidate for the American presidency. Many a times, while visiting UN headquarters, I had strolled outside the premises of Trump Tower and always a strong sense of intuition informed that it’s not just Trump, rather it’s a Trump phenomenon setting the course for America in the “interesting times” coming ahead.

Over the last six months, I have been a witness to the class arrogance, snobbery and elitism of left-liberal intellectual class and media in their understanding of Trump phenomenon. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell states that Trump is “completely uneducated about any part of the world.” The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson finds Trump’s “ignorance of government policy … breathtaking.” Tara Setmayer of CNN says Trump is “wholly unqualified” to be president, while the New York Times editorial board finds Trump “disturbing” and “shockingly ignorant.” And, in the process he has become stronger and now he seems invincible. The rise of Trump reminds me of the rise of Narendra Modi in India who was almost banished by the intellectual class and left-liberal media for his controversial role in Gujarat riots. However, this denial and banishment after a point sounded racial, spiteful and politically-motivated. Now, It seems that history is repeating itself but in a different continent. I feel that now it’s much more rational to understand the Trump phenomenon and accept his political existence. Even if one hates him, he has no choice because a reasoned opposition of Trump can only come out of this classic acceptance of Trump phenomenon.

The rise of Trump is not just an ordinary rise of a presidential candidate i.e. he isn’t just another kid on the block. His rise has much deeper meanings. His rise signifies a big question mark by American populace on the neo-liberal regime characterized by free-trade, large-aid programs and military interventions to foster democracy and American values, and self-imposed onus of world policemen, often demanding a huge economic, political and military investment in return. This regime has been in existence since the end of WW II. And, after all, these aid programs and military interventions have brought nothing to America except unpopularity, huge loss of men, material and prestige, be it in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan or Africa. Further, U.S. with its post WW II global military infrastructure and diplomatic presence has not been able to contain the rise of China and lately, even Russia has alarmed US and Western Europe with its aggressive footprint in Ukraine, Syria and new bonhomie with countries like China, Iran and Pakistan.

In a cab-journey from Hagerstown (Maryland) Washington DC, I got a chance to interact with Marc who is an Afro-American war veteran and now drives a cab. To me he appeared a simple, god-fearing middle-class American. I realized that despite his bluster and bullying, Trump has emerged as a hero for many ordinary Americans like Marc, which include Mexicans, Afro-Americans, Asians and the white citizens. In my interaction with common citizens like Marc, I felt that Trump has an extraordinary insight into the art of political communication and he talks straight to people’s heart. In many other such interactions, I also realized that most of his adversaries lack this quality; especially Hillary who in my understanding fails to connect with America. She is perceived as someone who is too mechanical and has no conviction. Further, she is perceived as military enthusiast who in all likelihood will continue with the interventionist foreign policy with respect to Iran and Syria.  And, the people are fatigued with never-ending wars, increasing American bases and forward troop deployment. The only democratic candidate, who connects with people with his ideas on poverty and inequality, was Bernie Sanders but it is more or less clear that he is out of the race now.

Trump’s bold and forthright stand on Islamic extremism vis-à-vis democrats’ obsession with political correctness reflecting in the use of terms like “violent extremism” does not go down well with the common people. His political adversaries are perceived as going to extraordinary lengths in their appeasement to Islamic extremism countries like Saudi Arabia which are playing a crucial role in spreading radical Islam.

So far, it seems that the political counter to trump has hovered around his mockery and there is no substantial counter to his views on foreign policy. His ideas in foreign policy are revolutionary and mark a significant departure from the past whereas Hillary has nothing new to offer in the said field. Rosa Brooks writes in FP that despite the braggadocio, the bullying, and the bluster — despite the contradictions, misstatements, and near-total absence of actual facts — Trump is, to a great extent, nonetheless articulating a coherent vision of international relations and America’s role in the world. And, this new line of thinking is making sense to people despite its vagueness. In my informal interactions with his supporters, I found that a good number of them do not take his extremist ideas like “building a wall on Mexican border”, “reviving water-boarding”, “banning Muslim immigrants” seriously. However, they do find the core essentials of his vision on foreign policy sensible and worth considering.

Trump’s vision for America’s future is realistic. David Sanger and Maggie Haberman capture it will in their New York Times interview with Trump, “In Mr. Trump’s worldview, the United States has become a diluted power, and the main mechanism by which he would re-establish its central role in the world is economic bargaining. He approached almost every current international conflict through the prism of a negotiation, even when he was imprecise about the strategic goals he sought.”

In effect his foreign policy mean that he would be willing to stop buying oil from Saudis if they are not serious in fight against the ISIS; restrict China’s access in US markets if she continues with her strong-arm tactics and bullying in South China sea and stop economic aid to Pakistan if Pakistan continues to support terrorist groups in India and Afghanistan. Further, from his apparent vagueness and contradictions it appears that Machiavellian unpredictability is also going to be the core principle of his diplomacy. In his interview with NYT he says, “You know, if I win, I don’t want to be in a position where I’ve said I would or I wouldn’t [use force to resolve a particular dispute].. I wouldn’t want to say. I wouldn’t want them to know what my real thinking is.”). It is not surprising if someone who has spent his life building casinos and hosting reality shows, imports the gambler’s bluff in international relations.

I don’t know if I really want to see him as President or not but yes, I do want to venture into wonderland of Trump’s America either out of trust, attraction or just simple curiosity. I feel that he has a charisma and an intuitive-mystic like persona. My thoughts on Trump’s America are just as unpredictable as his persona. At this stage, I can just that it will be a new chapter in America’s history, hopefully for good, if he wins.

  • Arzu

    Abhinav Ji,…. Good attempt..
    I really want him to kick some Indians brown and dirty asses living off America and enjoying the safety , security & freedom it guarantees all the while hating its predominantly white population who actually made it happen.
    Trumpism is nothing but manifestation of the fear factor( and rightly so) of this dominant community. Out of sheer goodness this community let the scums of the world migrate and enjoy the benefits and they in turn loose no opportunity to slander them, call them racist, exploiters and what not….
    USA and Europe is all set to go the India way… migrants shall try and change demographies.. they shall pressurize to ignore their criminals… their terrorists.. and shall reduce USA to mediocrity driven society instead of excellence and innovation driven society that it is today..

  • mohanrr

    These self proclaimed liberals are getting exposed everywhere.

  • Arun

    Right, Indra Nooyi, Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Manjul Bhargava, Sri Srinivasan, Narayana Kocherlakota, the winners of each year’s national spelling bee — all epitomes of mediocrity!

  • Arzu

    Arun ji … new on pth or new avatar … anyhow
    Yes agree that these nadellas and pichais needed the structure of USA which support brilliance and innovation .. they probably couldn’t have achieved the same levels had they stayed back in India… precisely my point that this wave of migrants , vote bank policy & political correctness shall undermine all such institutions.
    Few good and brilliant individuals exist in every age Their are numerous examples of such brilliant individuals from Ramanujam in early 19th century to Gautam Buddha in 6-7th century BC but despite them India remained a mediocre and stagnant society.
    However to raise an entire society out of mediocrity, driven by performance and innovation needs structural and mindset change.This change is delivered by processes and institutions irrespective of individuals and like it or not but this has only been achieved in White race dominated societies in most cases.
    USA and its dominating society now under pressure to hold on to its institutions or give away.. lakhs of desis are peddling their meanness and primitiveness under the shadow of these few brilliant individuals

  • Arun

    Moving the goalposts. You called them dirty asses living off of America; and when I pointed out that they are contributing to America and not mooching off of it, you point out structural deficiencies in India.

    From your style of thinking, you identify yourself as being of Pakistani origin.

  • RHR

    Arzu is an Indian and a firm Modi supporter

  • Arzu

    No sir i moved nothing … you picked up exceptions out of probably half amillion strong community..

  • BJK

    Good piece, but off the mark! There are significant differences between T-man and Modi.

    1. Modi is an excellent orator whose phrases are well-thought out and make his audience pause and ponder. Trump is a repeater of nonsensical phrases designed to evoke deep-rooted fears and little else.

    2. Modi’s ascension to power was well-predicted, Trump got bigger because he was not taken seriously by his opponents, who made many wrong moves accordingly.

    3. Modi is considered incorruptible, Trump continually drips sleaze from – wherever!

    4. Modi never had an unfavorability rating of Trump’s order.

    5. Modi has had mainstream support, Trump only has that from the disaffected right-leaners.

  • Nuree

    President Obama got a call when Modi was addressing US Congress.

    Obama – Hello

    Kejriwal – Obama ji, mein Kejriwal bol raha hun. Please phone mat katiyaga. Kya aap Modiji se
    uski degree maang sakte hain?

    Chaiwala from India, PM Modi made the seat of the world’s mightiest power to give him ovation after ovation.

    From “Chaiwala to PM of nation”, From ”We will not give visa to standing ovation in US congress”, Journey of Narendra Modi is incredible.

  • Nuree

    You are well-known for your bipartisanship. I have also witnessed a similar spirit in Indian Parliament, especially in Upper House: Modi

  • Nuree

    Modi presented a copy of “The Gujarat Files” to Obama

    Obama loves novels of the humor genre

  • Nuree

    Support to India for NSG from:


    No Support to India for NSG from:

  • MOhanRRRR

    This was just before 2014 elections in India.
    Nidhi Razdan of NDTV ripped by British MP Barry Gardiner over Narendra Modi being invited to UK

    Indian prestitutes have still not changed their profession. They are still talking the same shit which they have been doing since very long.

  • Kamath

    You forgot to mention that all societies and great nations produce extraordinary visionaries, or scoundrels, America included.

    Trump is an idiot who is admired by millions including Indians in America. He made fun and derogatory remarks about Elizabeth Warren about her Native American lineage , called Federally selected judge as ‘that Mexican’ and so on.. But Trump’s grand father came from Germany turned a business man in state of Washington and in Canada. It included owning brothels. So goes the lineage of Trump in smoke.

    Oh Yes, lots of Bhakts ga-ha over his bumper-sticker slogans re: Make America Great again, Will get you jobs back,[from his pants pockets of course], Send in the Marines to China BS”.Even John Wayne would cover his face in embarrassment at these remarks of dumb Trump.

  • Kamath

    A comment to Mr. Pandya :

    Before you accuse media and intellectual of America as snobbish, arrogant etc, read a bit more about birth of American heritage derived from era of Enlightenment and many other sources. Familiarise about its achievements in arts, literature, music, philosophy……..etc. That would be a start. Otherwise you will be writing and spewing balderdash and poppeycock BS.

  • Kamath

    This time, in USCongress, Modi didn’t mention how Vedic Math and ancient India’s surgical speciality could sew Elephant’s head to humans. Thank God!

  • Arun

    I see, only if someone makes the news they are worth something?

    BTW, the 2010 US Census placed Indian-Americans at 2,843,391.

    Per the US census bureau, the 2013 per capita median income of Indian Americans was $100,547 (the overall US median was $51,939.)

  • Arun

    Arzu is must be a fake then.

  • Arzu

    People are confusing Tump with Trumpism.. Trump may or may not win, he could be termed unintelligent, loud mouth , misogynist , racist or whatever but he has brought to fore the topics previously considered taboo in American elections. A significant number of people among its majority population is now fed up of PC within their borders and outside of it.
    USA today is suffering from too much of openness and liberalism… it has reached a point that recent migrants are questioning the authenticity of the very community/residents which allowed them in ( legally, illegally or asylum seekers) , gave them the freedom to live with dignity, earn and heck even vote, supported them till they find job. Arguments like ” You were a migrant too” against the community who gave you so much generates backlash and the situation is bound to get uglier in future..
    So .. may not be trump but someone more articulate, knowledgeable and a firm believer in trumpism will rise within a decade and sweep usa soon, It took modi 15 or so years to make people see thru congi-commie-media nexus in India but it happened .. and it shall happen in US too , trump has sown the seeds and the movement will gather momentum sometime…inshallah

  • MOhanRRRR

    Modi haters are not able to digest his popularity . They would love India losing as long as it brings bad name to. Modi. His popularity all over the world has made even a sensible person like Kamath, a lowly troll.

  • Arzu

    Cnn headlines ” Anti trump revolt”… the phenomina is so strong fhat leftie liberals & media are not able to digest.. going all out to defeat and discredit trump .. he shall be defeated for sure this time but times have changed ..this victory sall be shortlived …trumpism is strong and here to stay

  • Harun

    BJP MP gives list of 346 families who left Kairana to support his ‘exodus’ claim


    Another exodus of Hindus.
    And our hypocrites liberals are quiet as usual.

  • RHR


    With due respect, Kamath has been extremely critical of Muslim fundamentalism and has even criticized me when he thought that I was not as harsh as he wanted me to be.
    In your eyes, he was ok as long as he was not critical of Modi but the moment he said a word against him, you have started to call him a troll!
    I am sorry but compared to him, you fit the definition of a troll much better!
    He is an honest person who can actually indulge in self reflection. To this date, I have never ever even seen one sentence from you which is even remotely critical of BJP and Modi.

    Feel free to abuse me and call me a Musla and a fundo after this.

  • Nuree


    Read this detailed coverage on Church denial of last rites to Priyanka Chopra’s grandmother:

  • Nuree

    DNA: Analysis of why Hindus are compelled to migrate from Kairana – Part IIhttp://youtu.be/eKQ4DQqkhEE

    Another Kashmir in making and MSM is not talking about it.

  • Nuree

    How ministries are using suggestions from PMO-prompted study to address citizen grievances

    What all are citizens complaining about & how Modi Govt is getting to its root.

    Read more at:

  • Harun

    While Mumbai burned, home secretary, other top officials were busy enjoying Pakistan hospitality

    This pretty much describes UPA/Congress approach to terrorism before, during and after 26/11

  • Harun

    Watch this and be scared. Be very very scared for your future generations.

  • Harun

    Like Kashmir, Hindus were the affluent, prosperous class in Kairana. Forced to leave behind properties worth Crores

    Vote for Sickular parties and they give virtual immunity to Jihadi elements.

  • mohanrr

    Calm down and watch this brilliant ad from Pakistan in Ramzan.

    MOhanRRRR from US is some other Mohan

  • Arzu

    Saw the incident in Orlando… this is what I mean when I say that recent migrants (most) are not good fit , they are not loyal or even appreciative of the culture they are exploiting for personal gains. These migrants from south asia carry their primitiveness , carefully try to conceal it but of and on a mateen comes along and explode..
    Now liberals will get into overdrive… blame ex wife.. or sexually exploited childhood .. RACISM in college.. His father has an opportunity to become a hero among south Asian circles if he can somehow blame TRUMP for the despair and action of his son … Happy Ramzaan to everyone in Orlando…

  • Rahimsadhu

    After reading tweets by Indian liberals and journos, I Hae reached the conclusion that Modi is responsible for a Muslim fanatic, influenced by ISIS, killing 50 people in US because British Govt introduced section 377 in 1860.

  • Nuree

    “Gays must die,” said this Islamic scholar in Orlando, Florida just in April this year. Did anyone protest? No.

  • SalehKumar

    Just found out that Urdu newspapers in Pakistan have been hailing Orlando PulseClub shooter as a Hero. Sickening.

  • SalehKumar

    Orlando shooting: Instead of rehashing apologia, we Muslims need to unite against the radical ideology
    When you’re carrying out attacks on innocent civilians in the name of your religion or after getting motivated by your religious text, your terrorism, and extremism, has a religion

    ‘Some Muslims think Islam is an ideology, not a religion’ – Very insightful article. Must read.