Shameful Attack on Marvi Sirmid and Even More Shameful Reaction on Social Media

Raza Habib Raja

The fact that Pakistan has a dismal record with respect to gender is not a new thing. But it seems that now we are hell bent on achieving new lows.  Marvi Sirmid, was attacked and abused on live TV by a Mullah. He started to obstruct the moment she tried to speak and used language which is shameful. We are pasting the link of the video so that all of you can see for yourself.

The Mullah did not even let her speak. She had not even said anything when he started to interrupt. He told her that he wont even let her speak. Then the verbal skirmish between them started culminating in his efforts to physically hit her.

What happened is shameful but the reaction of some of the Pakistanis on social media was even more shameful. We are presenting some screenshots of the kind of endorsement which treatment meted to Marvi Sirmid received.

In my opinion, some of the reaction is perhaps even worse than the act itself. It shows how deep rooted the problem is and how some men think that a liberal woman actually deserves it.


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And this is the latest in a series of incidences. In the past few months, we have seen honor killings and those who  indulged in such killings, have actually boasted and taken pride.  The Council of Islamic Ideology actually recommended that wife beating should be allowed. Our “honorable” federal minister Khawaja Asif called a sitting female legislator as “Tractor Trolley” and refused to apologize! Ironically the party to which that female legislator belongs is also known for its own misogynist and sickening behavior. Trolls belonging to that party have abused Malala, Mariyam Nawaz, Benazir, Asifa and a number of female opponents. And yes they abused that female legislator and her daughter when for a short duration of time, she left that party!

As a nation, we are sick and yet in denial. We get angry over Shirmeen Chinoy for presenting a negative image of Pakistan. Negative image? She presented the real image. Those who think that Pakistan is just like any other country and it is in negative spotlight only because “traitors” like Shirmeen Chinoy are presenting it in negative light need to know some facts. In 2015, Pakistan ranked as second last in Global Gender Gap Index well below several countries with similar level of economic development. Guess what: Only Yemen was below us! And Yemen is a completely failed state!

Rather than calling those who point an obvious reality as “enemies” of Pakistan, maybe we need to take a good hard look at the way, half of our population is treated. May be we need to understand that fake national pride aimed at presenting a glorified and misplaced image of Pakistan in the international arena is not the answer. If all we need to perhaps introspect and understand that there is a problem with the way we treat women.

Dear Pakistanis, we have a national problem and calling liberals who point out towards that as fake liberals or being on anti Pakistan agenda is not going to solve it

  • Kamath

    This kind of Shameful Attack on Marvi Sirmid is indeed shocking. the courage of these women to plead against these outrageous fanatics risking even bodily-harm is amazing. The question is plot some solutions and strategies. IF these men/women are to fight without honest encouragement and participation by others, the battle can not be won single handedly. . So only the politicians and the legislative body who can bring some slow but steady must be pressured and if they do not act , must be rediculed to act.

    Changes in attitudes and social, cultural behaviour have been brought by brave women in developed countries like in USA, Canada or say UK. Mrs. Sanger in USA were harassed for her plea for family planning rights is a good example. Slowly men began to join her in her efforts. So one can not loose hope.
    So Rest of humanity should stand by her in the struggle.

  • mohanrr

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  • Majumdar

    I would like to correct one of the gentlemen Mr Muhammad Ali Malik quoted here. He says “tum Hindu apni auraton ko apne shohar ke saath zinda dafan kar daitay they”. Actually we Hindus burn our widows with their husbands, not bury them.


  • mohanrr

    I know you guys have taken a heavy toll on you mind, living in Delhi governed by Shree Kejriwal. That’s why you are not up to date with the change which has happened with this ritual. Indian Feminists have become very powerful and now husbands immolate themselves at the pyre of their wives.

  • Harun

    Our Vanishing Hindus

    ‘For most people in Punjab, Hindus especially, are a breed they read about in books, since hardly any remain in the province.’

  • BJK

    Jum, no need to warm your hands over a very sadly destructive fire!

  • BJK

    Marvi seems to be the only “man” left standing in Pakistan!
    I remember yasser once called her a bandariya! I wonder who the real bandariya was!

  • Kamath

    Good many Muslims still quote, ” There is no compulsion in religion” !

  • Harun

    Attention LGBT: Muslims openly admit they want to kill you. Stop being willfully ignorant!

  • Ahmed Akram

    I’m a Muslim. I openly admit I ‘do not’ want to kill any of the LGBT community. I do beleive its wrong though.