Terrorist LUBP’s hateful and murderous campaign against me bears fruit

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

A few years ago I wrote a piece on Majlis-e-Ahrar in which I quoted Munir Report as saying that the Majlis-e-Ahrar’s president Mazhar Ali Azhar was a Shia. This prompted the hate blog LUBP to not only post a rebuttal (which was their right) but to accuse me of “running a hate campaign against Shias”. This is ironic to say the least because not only have I never written anything hateful against Shias but have always spoken up against Shia genocide and always pointed out that Pakistan’s founder was a Shia. 

Well today, I received a phone call from an undisclosed number. The person identified himself as a “Shia” (though I doubt it to be the case) and made specific reference to the article on the web that says I am “an Ahmadi rights activist running a hate campaign against Shias”.  The person threatened to make an example out of me.  It was an unsettling phone call. I had not expected anyone to take LUBP seriously enough but it seems that there are enough people incited by this vicious blog.

Let me for the record state a few things clearly:

  1. I am not an Ahmadi. Speaking about their rights does not make me an Ahmadi.
  2. I am not running any hate campaign against Shias. My family is predominantly Shia. I am myself non-sectarian. I have always spoken against the murderous campaign against Shias in Pakistan. I have also always pointed out that Jinnah the founder of Pakistan was a Shia.
  3. If anything happens to me, I nominate Ali Abbas Taj, the US-based terrorist editor of that vicious and vile blog LUBP, as being responsible for it.




  • Arun

    Stay safe!

  • BJK

    Good luck, and stay safe.

  • Kamath

    Sympathy and words of comfort of your readers is of no use. There is no protection for an individual with outspoken views, in a society which cares little or nothing for common man. So watch out and stay safe. Don’t move too far into mine-field. Good luck!