Why I Will Not Be Celebrating Pakistan’s Independence

by Haider Rifaat


Pakistan does not bleed green anymore; it bleeds red.  I know what this country stood for in the past; freedom, happiness, a brighter future for our children, but it does no longer. What is there to celebrate about? Despite Pakistan being freed from a tangled web of hypocrisy and hatred, this country has not lived up to its strength. Millions of Pakistanis gallivant off to celebrate Pakistan’s independence each year and discount the victims of hate crimes, social injustices, domestic terrorism and desolation. A nation should only celebrate its independence if it has lived up its motto. We have lashed out the slogan ‘Unity, Faith & Discipline’ all the way.

We have taken Quaid-e-Azam’s motto for granted for decades and nothing has been done to relinquish its core essence. Pakistan is regressing day by day and the bitter reality remains disclosed; hypocrisy and blatant lies. As a nation, we are well aware of Pakistan’s struggle in view of political, social and economic unrest. Despite that, no one cares to rectify the mistakes. My country might have green and white embroidered on its flag; but hypocrites running this nation do not deserve to raise the flag in the air. Pakistan has become a breeding ground for terrorists. This country never stood for democracy. None of the previous governments have been answerable to the people. They have only accomplished their own agendas. While children are abducted each year, the authorities and responsible agencies hold their fire for tons of cash to get the job done. Sadly, Pakistan has been exploited, misused and subjugated all these years.

My home country is not the same anymore. It has become a money-hungry, corrupt and hypocritical nation. After completing four years, a new government assumes the office and the monotonous routine continues to blemish the identity of Pakistan. The colors green and white have been misrepresented these past decades. There is nothing holy or sacred about Pakistan. Islam is misinterpreted while minorities are murdered each day for practicing their religion. There is no freedom whatsoever. Honor killings, rape, child abuse, hypocrisy and poverty are on an all-time rise. Similarly, the elite class bathes in black money and so does the media. You know who is bound to celebrate independence? Those who have seen their country blossom each year, not wither.

The PM’s presence in the office is of no use by the end of the day. Nawaz Sharif’s agenda is his own. It is not for Pakistan’s progression. Our government has lied to us all these years and we still haven’t learned from the past. Pakistanis are no different. They have assumed a similar role as our government, opting for paths that are dark and gloomy. The sad reality, however is that we have no regrets. Pakistan was dead a long time ago when the Army Public School in Peshawar was attacked by homegrown terrorists. Pakistan lost faith in its people when Osama Bin Laden was found in Abbottabad, Pakistan. We do not deserve Pakistan. For me, it is a utopic fantasy. I dream about Pakistan each day and wonder, who am I, really? Am I Pakistani? Pakistan has distanced itself from all of us and we deserve it.

  • Kamath

    What a sad story. In Spanish language there is a saying ,’ hope is the last thing to die..’ So before any thing turns better, things do indeed get worse. So don’t loose hope!

  • Harun

    Pakistan’s Hindus Protest Forced Conversions of Girls to Islam

  • Purushottam Kulkarni

    So true.
    But who cares?two nation theory on which Jinnah got pakistan was dead in the beginning only as pakistan was snatched by muslim league with aid of british.
    The pakistan story stated going out of hand the moment Bangladesh was born mocking at two nation theory on which pakistan was founded.
    The wars going on in Syria,iraq,afghanistan once again prove that religion can not bind people together.
    Though sad the prediction that one day pakistan will get divided in many countries like Baluchistan,sindh,punjab and nwfp.