Part I: Pakistan’s Foreign Policy & Global Shifting Trends

By: Muqeet Tahir Malik

What is the foreign policy? What are the new treaties, and institutes constituted? Hace Pakistan’s diplomatic missions done enough to speak up for our role? Is it justified to provide India a position among the nuclear suppliers’ group members? Is Pakistan a rock solid lobbying country for its demands in context of Kashmir? Have you heard about the Shanghai Corporation (SEO)? Did you ponder over the transforming alliances trend? What are the ramifications for Pakistan?  Why is the Uri Attack being projected as Pakistani aggression? Let’s address these inquires.  “The foreign policy is fundamentally defined as the art of dealing diplomatically with other countries by a peculiar frame of action. Our history is abuzz with unsuccessful agreements.”* International affairs by Dr, Safdar


The Shanghai Corporation is a sole economic body whose objective is to oversee multilateral opportunities for all Asian States. This is a pivotal point in history for us to lobby for a joint Mega project in Industrial, Agricultural or Water sectors. China Pakistan economic corridor itself is a corroboration to benefits of mutual relationships being enhanced. Pakistan should not let oligopoly to take seat in SEO. Oligopoly, a term in this context to describe the dominance of one or few powers over one organization shall be condemned.  Eschew from harm, Pakistan can plan cultural troupe along with study exchange programs to facilitate a harmonious working environment.  India, obviously a country with greater population (100 million) has a remarkable marketing power. Lobbying with social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, economist, and numerous others has projected Indian viewpoints on several issues in a quadruple manner. For instance, the Kashmir cause for which Muslim world renowned people are speaking up on Facebook or twitter is being censored. You must have heard about Peace ambassador Jibran Nasir, his account was barred from access. His crime was that he disguised the faces of Bollywood stars in form of Kashmir victims. His target audience were the spiritually dead people around the world who are silent upon encroachment of Human rights in Kashmir. Third will be dealt with detail later on but Pakistan should emphasize to diplomats, and ambassadors abroad to advocate for a positive image of Pakistan in media.

Consequently, it would lead to burgeoning foreign investment, tourism, security yielding a favorable environment for Pakistan. It will aid us in deliberating our viewpoints multiplying our lobbying punch. In the past, we have been a member of RCD, SEATO, CENTO, OIC, but all in vain. Both of the defense pacts were aimed at helping a member nation if attacked but US did not aid in 1965 or ‘71 as East Pakistan withered into Bangladesh. We did not realize that as one member dominates a group, that institution has fairly more tasks other than its prime duties?  In this aspect. United Nations Security Council, has not been able to resolve the Syrian conflict, Kashmir issue, Massacre in Burma, Japanese Islands, South China Sea, and several others in the pipeline. It owes to the Veto club which diminishes the influence of other nations. A reformation to ascent permanent Security Council members has to be in hot pursuit by Pakistan, one of the most afflicted by the controversial UN role in 1971 war. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was upright, and honest in his speech on 15th  December at UN regarding the failure of such an organization which came to legalize occupations. * *



Now coming towards the methodology to Pakistan has to build a reputation of integrity and then open avenues particularly with small countries. A vote is a vote so taking together small countries in majority will aid more in passing resolutions. Our technique should be three layered. In Phase 1, seminars, conferences, and meetings be deliberated in all countries where our diplomats are sent. They are to be tasked with the responsibility of discussing imperative issues abroad like the role of CPEC in reducing freight for Central Asian goods. Human rights violations by using pellets in Jammu Kashmir be widely aggravated, and circulated. In Phase 2, our achievements in developing sectors like education, health, metropolitan laws, and policing power be projected to people around the world through foreign office with statistical data corroborated. In the last phase, eminent scholars, legislators, and analysts could be sent all across the globe to address the core disputes that hang us in a bowl of war for decades. It shall be independent in its workings, and drafting recommendations jointly with other luminaries. Albeit, rectification for its approval will be sought with the government of Pakistan. ***


The shifting of the trends will be discussed in Part II of the article.



* International affairs by Dr, Safdar

**Pakistan US relations from book by Nigel Kelly, Ministry of trade and commerce ref to Shanghai economic agreement

***UNSC structure as envisioned by its members, Amnesty International report on Kashmir violence and perpetuation of crimes



Muqeet Tahir Malik, currently pursuing civil engineering at Military college of Engineering, Risalpur, NUST has an inclination to join Pakistan’s finest civil services or Army to utilize his skills for Pakistan’s prosperity. He tweets @muqeetmalik1996.