My virginity, my choice!

By Fizza Abbas


At the verge of demolition,

life often gives you mysterious surprises,

fascinating hopes, glittering dreams, battered ideas,

just to distract you from the current happenings;

a heart, that is already torn, broken and pierced

by a whole set of presumed consequences,

scatters all over the universe,

creating a whole passage for humanists

to come and fix this heart

by replacing the damaged arteries of your heart

with other vessels of your body,

so that they don’t hurt you more

by making you realize the significance of your secrets

that you once hided there,

and to forget them forever,

you soaked yourself into the River Lethe,

but when you failed and left with no option

other than agreeing to their replacement

in the form of a coronary artery surgery,

they baffled you with an exquisite realization

that damages are the pathway to novelties–

a region that is peppered around secrecy

in the kingdom of isolation,


How can they call my pains a mere deceptionfiza

when only they can see is my shroud,

not my skin!