What did you do America?

Ahmer Muzammil



Naahh..this aint America’ fault. This one is on democrat establishment. So before we start the catharsis and how world will end, lets first acknowledge the fact that Majority of Americans voted AGAINST trump. Yepp, I went there. I know it seems like I am clutching at straws, but this is important because it tell us that a huge majority of Americans are neither racist nor bad people. And that includes even people who voted for Trump in this election cycle.

Those who understand the science of American presidential elections know that president is elected on the basis of Electoral College. What that basically means is that there are handful of states whose outcomes decide the fate of American presidency, By now we all know which states those are.

For the sake of keeping this short, I am not going to list down actual numbers of what happened in those swing states. Whats important to recognize however, millions of Americans/whites who voted for Obama in 2012, voted for trump this time around. When you look at county by county results in Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, OHIO and Michigan, this trend is consistent, and in my estimation, this is where Ms. Clinton lost the election. Ms. Clinton also lost the demographic of white college graduates by huge numbers. This is a demographic that Obama did really well with. So before we go ahead and tag all trump voters as KKK members, we need to get off the high horse of morality and acknowledge that millions of people who voted for trump, voted for Obama in 2012. So although its easier to find these excuses, its lazy to paint people with a wide brush.

The real failure here is that of democrat establishment who got high on their own kool-aid. They didn’t realize that this country is still about 70% white and it’s dangerous to alienate such a huge voter-base. People genuinely didn’t like Ms. Clinton and democrats had a better candidate in Bernie Sander. I am not suggesting that she is evil or even a criminal. What I am saying however is that perception is important in politics. She is perceived as someone who would go to any extent to win an election. I am not suggesting that race, misogyny and fear-mongering didn’t play a role (and a vital one at that), I am however saying that there is more to it than just that.

In interest of moving forward, its important that we take defeat with grace. Its never a good idea to become bitter and angry to the extent of becoming dysfunctional. There is enough good news in the fact that Hilary won the popular vote and progressives and democrats should build on the Bernie momentum. USA is a changing, it will be more and more non-white and the progressive movement isn’t kaput. This is a shock and major blow for sure, and enough time should be accorded for mourning and grief. But as Americans, we have faced far worse and eventually came out on top. This should be no different. Interesting days ahead.

  • Nuree

    As the current system is, Mr. Trump won fair and square based on the Electoral College (EC). However, the EC system was devised almost 200 hundred years ago and each state were given EC value based on its population. Accordingly, Wyoming with a population of 800000 gets three EC votes and California with 39 million population gets only 55 EC votes (instead of 199 EC votes as per population). So American liberals have some legitimate gripe.

  • Nuree

    There are two main takeaways from the 2016 American presidential elections. First, the problem isn’t so much with the concept of liberalism or liberal values as it is with those who call themselves liberals and then do everything to undermine the ideology they claim to adhere. Second, the intolerance, even hatred, that the liberals display towards anyone who differs with them and who doesn’t agree with their airy-fairy, ivory-towered, elitist, cavalier, sometimes even anarchist, worldview is an attribute common to the so-called liberals across the globe. One doesn’t really need to be enamoured of Donald Trump to point out the ungraciousness in defeat and astounding intolerance of the so-called liberals.

    Except for the fact that in India the so-called liberals accepted the verdict of the people in the 2014 elections and didn’t take to the streets to protest the election result as is happening in the United States after Trump’s victory, all the other attitudes displayed and arguments made to undermine and delegitimise the Trump presidency are remarkably similar to the sort of campaigns carried out to question the legitimacy of Narendra Modi in India.

    Take, for instance, the bit about Hillary Clinton being a nose ahead Trump in popular vote. Even though the US presidential election is decided on basis of an electoral college, which Trump won fair and square, the popular vote bogey is being used to question Trump’s victory, just as Modi’s legitimacy was questioned on basis of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) winning 31 percent of vote in the first-past-the-post system operating in India. None of those raising questions about BJP’s 31 per cent mandate ever questioned Manmohan Singh’s mandate to govern India even though in both 2004 and 2009, the Congress vote share was below 30 percent.

    In the liberal scheme of things, the electoral system is kosher if the candidate they are backing wins, but the same system is broken if their opponent wins. In other words, if the result is not what they wanted then it is unjust and unacceptable and the goalposts must be changed. As far as the liberals are concerned, it is a perfectly liberal thing to do to call for the assassination of an elected President or Prime Minister, burn and vandalise public property to protest a defeat, wish and pray for the plane crash of a PM who you dislike and so on and so forth. Just as many self-proclaimed intellectuals in India threatened to leave the country if Modi won, so too in the case of Trump.

    It is of course another matter that no one left India and it is unlikely that anyone will leave the US – Americans will certainly not settle in Mexico just as none of those who felt Modi unfairly portrayed Pakistan as an evil dump will ever want to settle there – but it betrays the illiberal mindset of the liberals.

    Then there is the scaremongering which invariably involves drawing parallels with the Nazi party winning elections in Germany. This is the standard, if also dumbed down, reference point to demonise the object of liberals’ hate. Of course the so-called liberals have never really been able to explain what makes the Left so right and the Right so wrong, especially since Leftist icons like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong were responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people, and yet the ideology they espoused is seen as progressive. It is also another matter that none of the doomsday predictions of the liberals ever come true, while all their fanciful notions about how the world functions inevitably crash on the rocks of reality. Even so, this fear-mongering and demonisation of their opponents by the liberals is relentless. The positions that both Modi and Trump took to further the interests of their own people and country on issues ranging from illegal migration to foreign policy were disparaged as xenophobic, communal, isolationist and nationalist – the last being a four letter word in liberal lexicon, which strangely enough, when thrown back at liberals by calling them anti-national, results in the usual litany of complaints of how there are being unfairly labelled.

  • Mustafa

    @disqus_5POn6OGM0H:disqus : Stellar analysis! I agree 100% , and I actually look optimistically to Trump Presidency. I personally felt Jill Stein was the best choice but if forced to choose between Trump and Hillary , would take Trump anyday!!

    Anyhow your analysis on the election and the liberals is spot on!

    I just don’t like Narendar Modi and his inflammatory communal remarks. Despite the media portrayal of Trump , he is a nationalist and he is not racist.

  • Nuree

    Which Modi’s communal remarks are you talking about ?

  • Mustafa

    His general attitude towards Muslims and Pakistan. It is well known that he is from RSS background

  • Harun

    Will you be more specific sir? Modi is PM since 21/2 years, Will you please tell us, what actions/remarks/policies of Modi has harmed Muslims?
    Please don’t being up Gujarat riots, though I am sure you will, as nothing has been proved against him.

  • Asadi

    The majority in a few cities might have voted against Trump but the very vast majority in the United STATES voted for Trump, get your units right, popular vote means crap because the United STATES is not made up of individuals, it is made up of STATES- that is how the majority is calculated. Dont be a moron like septic tanky