Asexuality is NOT a Disease

By Laiba Zainab

In our everyday life we always hear that “sex and sexual appeals are natural”. We are always told that opposites attract each other and by “attraction” it is always considered “sexually”. Well I am glad to let you all know that this is not how it works for every human being in this world.

We get to know very little about “asexuality” and “asexuals”. To be very honest people don’t even accept that there is anything like “asexuality”. Due to stereotypes in our society very few people are able to even public that they are “Asexual” because if anyone does that they are always told this is not natural and they only have fear of sex nothing more than that. You get one million suggestions to visit a psychologist for treatment. Well Asexuality is not a disease to be treated.

Asexuals are people who do not like and enjoy “penetration”. They are attracted to people but not for sex (only the penetration one). They do like love making and slow romance but sex is not their goal. “Foreplay” is what they actually enjoy and want with their partner. They are not suffering from any physical or mental disease. It is not only their choice but THIS IS HOW THEY NATURALLY FEEL.

Unfortunately in our society only a bunch of people really know about LOVE MAKING and SLOW ROMANCE and even in them there are very few who don’t have the goal of PENETRATION in their mind. This makes difficult for asexual people to go for any intimate relationship with anyone as they have the fear in their mind that no one would understand what they are looking for.

Just think once that you are with someone who is asexual and they are actually not interested in having sex with you but they want to feel every part of your body, they want you to enjoy the heaven of touch without thinking about next step, they want to play with every inch of your being without even wanting to just have sex and end the moment. With the tip of every finger they want you to remember the curves of their body and with every breath they enjoy the feel of fragrance your skin has. They don’t think about PENETRATION and they don’t want you to convince them for this.
So, whenever you find someone Asexual just give them a chance to let you know about their feelings and don’t ever think that they are NOT OK BECAUSE ASEXUALITY IS NOT A DISEASE.