Diary of an Apologist

By Kapil Dev

Dear Country Fellow,

I was born as normal human like Nadeem Paracha, Asma Jahangir and Pervez Hoodbhoy, but with the grace of race I come from and mercy of book and facebook, I am now a certified Apologist. I consider myself a legitimate child of If and But.  Though, However, Hence, Thus, And are my close relatives. They often support me when I am trolled by liberal fascists.  I too support them in return if and when needed.

I can be found anywhere irrespective of religion, caste, class, gender, color, ethnicity, and nationality. I am in my mid twenties. I am also popularly known as Apolgia by my friends who are also known as youthia. I am not the first breed of apologists, but I am from the same pedigree of youthia-cum-jamaatiya. I enjoy same perks and privileges which they do. Only difference is I am little known to newer generations of liberal fascists.

Liberal fascists often say that I am suffering from Saudipus Complex and Dhamaal Syndrome, but I never buy such allegations. I smell a conspiracy of Juice, sorry Jews, Hindus, Christians of Israel, India and Amreeka for feeding these Liberal fascists. The country is suffering because of paranoid behavior of Liberal Fascists who are afraid of Right Path which I being a certified Apologist believe in. I am confident that whatever I say is truth because whatever they say is wrong. When they debate with me on anything, I just call in my parents If and But.

Just take an example of recent Sehwan Blast, all liberal, secular, progressive Yahoodi agents thought it was a terrorist attack by Talibans, but I beg to differ. First, the attack would have never ever happened, if people have not gathered for a Dhamaal which is against the religion, culture and values.  Dance is not our culture, be it Dhamaal or on Mehndi. Second, the blast was not carried out by any Taliban for I believe no Muslim can do this.

Before Sehwan blast incident, these same liberal fascists condemned Lahore blast, blamed lack of security and Taliban for attack, but I argued then that if people had not gathered there for protests, there was zero percent chance of any terrorist attack there. It is purely a conspiracy of India, America and Israel to disturb the mega CPEC project. India is doing this all due to its historic hostile attitude of Hindus towards us and more strongly to create fear among international players for PSL Final to be played in Lahore.  So, the Lahore attack was purely a war between IPL and PSL. It has got nothing to do with religion because no religion teaches to kill any human.

Not only this, what I believe is that all terrorist attacks, bomb blasts, fidayeen attacks – liberal fascists call it suicide – be it Army Public School massacre of children, Quetta carnage, or targeted attacks on our soldiers and policemen would have never ever happened if they had not assembled at one place.  I honestly believe if these Liberal fascists had not been born, words like terrorism, suicide attacks, blasts would not have been in the dictionary. In fact, I believe if those who have been killed were not born, the attacks would have never happened.

Why don’t these liberals and secular people understand that death is the ultimate reality and no one can deny it? Every individual has to die, be him or her being a liberal, secular or conservative, Rightist or Leftist. These terrorist attacks are mere excuse for eternal life. So, in actuality this is not a death, but a journey towards eternal life. But I am sure these fascists will never understand the reasoning and logic of an Apologist.

But one thing I tell you everyone, these liberal are in minority and we Apologists are in majority, hence they can never win any argument with us. No matter what they say, argue or contest on behalf of America, India and Israel, their defeat is destined. Only an Apologist is true winner in the society because he is widely accepted by all sections of the society.

While I am finishing this blog, a Liberal fascist posted about blasts in Charssadda court and again as usual condemning Talibans, but he will never ever condemn as to why so many people gathered in the court? There is no need to create rush in courts, markets, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and processions, especially for Shias. If they avoid such public gatherings, they can avoid attacks. This is simply the mantra to have security and safety, and rest you leave it to God who is merciful.

I am an Apologist, so apology in advance, especially to Liberal Fascists, if you disagree with my views.

Writer is a communications consultant who writes on minority rights and social issues.