The Sky is Home: Areeba Tipu Khan

Misal Shahzad


“To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.” Anonymous

Pakistan is a country full of talented people, previously we used to hear such news once in a blue moon, but today 1 in 10 homes are bringing up these bright stars. Here I am addressing the talented commercial pilot Areeba Tipu Khan, born in Sialkot and raised up in Punjab. Areeba comes from a family who’s affiliated with the armed forces of Pakistan. Areeba always had this passion of getting into this field, she says: ‘When I used to see birds flying up in the air, I always wanted to fly up in the air too’- Areeba khan

Completing her Bachelor’s degree from University of Punjab, Lahore, Areeba decided it’s about the right time to make the best move of getting into Aviation. Where she started her career in 2010, in the Hybrid Aviation Department and still working, it’s been 7 years today Areeba cannot stop making us proud of how blessed a Pakistani nation is.

The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.”  Walter Raleigh

Areeba has also served as a ground instructor in Askari Aviation, and now serving for PIA since 2012 as a Pilot. Areeba is not just a talented pilot, but she’s one of the best cooks too. There are many talented female pilots in our nation who are born to make us proud and we as a Pakistani nation should support them and encourage our girls and daughters to rise and shine like them.

Flight is the essence of the spirit. It nurtures the soul. It is awesome. Often ethereal. Glorious. Emotionally wondrous and all-pervading. Intangible.”Louise Thaden

Pakistan is a country full of capable people, particularly talking about women like these pilots there are thousands in number and increasing. We need to respect and raise the morals of the gems of the nation. They are the true representation of Quaid’s Pakistan, true representation of women empowerment, true picture of our talented nation. We are blessed with a land full of talent and knowledge, we should motivate and encourage our children to be role models for the nation, not like the cartoon heroes e.g. power puff girls, Superman, Spiderman, Barbie dolls instead encouraging them towards following the real role models e.g. Areeba Tipu Khan, Mariam and Erum Masood, Mariam Mukhtar, Ayesha Farooq and many more. Be that one who is the role model, who is remembered for the lifetime.